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Costa Rica

It is said that a personal adventure awaits you behind every corner in Costa Rica. This is very true. There are so many things to do in this relatively small country from river rafting, hoarse back riding to zip lining. But Costa Rica is also heaven for nature lovers with a its biodiversity and rich variety of forests, plants and animals. Here you can find big luxury resorts but also small laid back paradise beaches and villages like Montezuma. Due to the diversity and its relatively developed tourism, Costa Rica is a perfect place for a round trip experience both the volcano and the mountains the centre of the country as well as the beautiful coast line and beaches.

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river rafting costa rica

The Costa Rican Adventurers!

Activities to do in Costa Rica Finally we arrived to the green paradise, preparing for all the activities to do in Costa Rica! Better late than never… Imagine our happiness when we after 20 hours of travelling reached our hotel, Arenal Volcano Inn. Here, we found a big luxurious bungalow…