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Only 7 days left… Next Sunday we will be on our way to Copenhagen for one night at The Hilton and then it will all start – the trip of our lives!!! Or at least we hope so!

Yes, maybe it is crazy to just take 3 months off and leave everything behind when you are so old… (close to 40). And I know that some mothers and our bosses are not super happy about this trip – but we are! This has been a dream for so long, and this one will actually come true, and sooooo soon!

Fredrik has had somemore time to prepare and mentally get into the mood and now the bags are fully ready to leave Moscow for Kalmar – tomorrow!

I, on the other hand, have not had a second to prepare for this adventure. A workaholic as I am, all focus has been on finalizing everything at work. But now when writing this, it is all starting to get real…7 days left!!

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