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Located in one of the most upscale areas of Stockholm, the Story Hotel Riddargatan is a star in the Swedish capital. It stands out among the design hotels Stockholm, which is saying a lot, considering Scandinavian design. The Story is filled with lovely details and really interesting art, and it’s endlessly satisfying to just bask in the ambiance. A worthy member of the club of the best hotels in Stockholm!

Story Hotel Riddargatan – A Gem of Design Hotels Stockholm

The well-thought-out design mixing industrial, fashion, modern furniture, and original older details make the Story Hotel Riddargatan unique. Although modern and hip, this place doesn’t put design before comfort, and it’s definitely focused on providing guests with a very cozy experience. Here’s my takeout from this beautiful lodging in the best hotels in Stockholm category!

Story Hotel Riddargatan
Industrial chic with an artsy vibe!

Overall Rating of One of the Best Hotels in Stockholm

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
2. Rooms & Other Facilities: 5
3. Food & Drinks: 4
4. Service: 4
5. Location: 5

Design & Boutique Feeling

It’s easy to see there was a lot of love put into the design of Story Hotel Riddargatan, a jewel among the best hotels in Stockholm. The modern feel and décor are simple and soothing, with earthy tones taking a leading role in the look and feel. There’s a well-balanced mix of industrial design and art, fashionista elements like the open wardrobe in the rooms combined with the original features of the building. The Swedish capital is probably the most notorious hubs of Scandinavian design, so it’s tough to be among the top design hotels Stockholm. Yet the Story makes it look seamless and is for sure one of the best design hotels Stockholm.

The Story Hotel Riddargatan also has a restaurant and a very hip bar. Each of the areas has a very distinct feel, without neglecting a more general setting for coherence. In all, I really loved the design altogether, particularly the room!

Design hotels Stockholm Story Hotel Riddargatan
The beautiful Story Hotel

Rooms & Other Facilities at this Design Hotel Stockholm

The rooms at the Story Hotel Riddargatan are downright breathtaking. On their website, this boutique hotel in Stockholm brags about the “high standards on their rooms,” and they definitely deliver! Hotel rooms in Stockholm are generally quite small but the extra large double ones at the Story Hotel Riddargatan feel spacious with enough space to make you feel at home. A key contributor of making it one of the best hotels in Stockholm but also one of the best design hotels Stockholm.

I loved the open wardrobe, the beautiful stone wall and, mostly, the art: the decorators went the extra mile on the rooms, adding collage-like superimposed paintings around the bed, which also happens to be huge and very comfy. The room also includes a beautiful full body mirror and a hipster desk.

The bathroom is lovely in pastel colors and with pink, black and beige tiles. In all, the décor made me fantasize about setting up a photo shoot here. No wonder it’sone of the most notorious design hotels Stockholm!

Best hotels in Stockholm Story Hotel Riddargatan
The photogenic rooms

If you are one of the best hotels in Stockholm, the rest of the facilities need to deliver too. And they do! The facilities of the Story Hotel Riddargatan impress just the same. There’s a cozy restaurant and a very hip bar, for an all-around unique boutique experience. Both the bar and restaurant, are popular places for lunch and evenings and in the summer they have a cozy little yard, perfect for after work!

One thing that really caught my eye is the fact that there’s no reception per se, just a few computers where you can check yourself in. They’ve also done away with room keys: you just have to use a code!

Food & Drinks

The Ling Long, the restaurant of the Story Hotel Riddargatan, is actually one of the top eateries in Stockholm. The cuisine is Asian fusion, particularly Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Indian, with a lot of interesting options; however, their morning menu is more on par with Swedish breakfast. The food is excellent and the service and ambiance are top-notch. The drinks are also very good, with auteur cocktails which makes many people hang out here at one of the best hotels in Stockholm.

Story Hotel Riddargatan
The food at Ling Long is delicious
Story Hotel Riddargatan
I love the fusion of flavors


The service is really good and Swedish meaning that you do not get the biggest smile when you enter but still good. Being one of the best hotels in Stockholm,  I missed the true personal feeling needed to score a 5 on this one!


Absolutely perfect location, near everything. The Stockholm nightlife and Stureplan is right outside the door and the area is filled with restaurants for different tastes. It’s also a great area for shopping, with the luxury Biblioteksgatan right around the corner and if you want some fresh sea air, have a morning walk along Strandvägen! A location worthy one of the best design hotels Stockholm.

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