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Often called the Cradle of Western Civilization, Greece is filled with timeless architectural and historical gems, and millennia worth of legends that have become the foundation for countless works of art all over the globe. Besides the giant historical debt the West has on this country, Greece also happens to be perfectly located within the Mediterranean paradise and specifically in the Aegean Sea, having turned into one of the most iconic beach locations in the world thanks to gems  like Mykonos and Santorini. Whether you’re looking to be dazzled by history, enjoy the sun or party the night away, Greece is the word!

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Mykonos Restaurant Review

My Mykonos Restaurant Review

Best Food in Mykonos As perhaps the most famous of all the Greek islands, Mykonos is profoundly dedicated to tourism – and that means lots of dining options! Time for my Mykonos restaurant reviews! The island offers a broad variety of restaurants catering to every taste and budget:…