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Time for some California Dreaming! Los Angeles is a huge city, so much that its neighborhoods are basically cities of their own. While it might not have the romantic charm of San Francisco, it’s still a great American metropolis with so much to offer. There are seemingly endless things to do in Hollywood LA, as all the movie glitz and glamour cover the town. There are also plenty of hipster places Los Angeles to try new flavors, hang out and even find celebrities!

What I love most about this big California metropolis is its contrasts. Throughout LA, you can find the luxury celebrity experience as well as a more low-key hipster vibe, and it’s all part of the local feel. Trends are born in the City of Angels, and interesting eateries and boutique hotels are never-ending.

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Los angeles from Griffinths Observatory
LA from above – quite a sight!

3 Things to Know Before Booking

    • Los Angeles is a very vast city and it’s not built for walking. If you want to get to see all the fun things to do in Hollywood LA, you’ll need to rent a car. Add some Tinsel Town glam by renting a convertible!
    • I’d recommend staying in LA for at least one week, as it’s very broad. Stay in at least two different parts of the city to experience the Angeleno diversity. I’d recommend Hollywood/Beverly Hills for some movie glamour and a few nights at Venice Beach or Santa Monica to experience the hipster places Los Angeles. Do not miss my Full Venice Beach Guide!
    • Millions of people live in LA and millions more come to visit every year, especially in the summer. Eateries are usually full, so it’s best to book all restaurants to best experience all the fancy and hipster places Los Angeles! But also check if you need a visa via iVisa for below. Quick and easy!

venice beach sunset
A Magical Venice Beach Moment!

Things to Do in Hollywood LA & Beverly Hills

For many people, Los Angeles has an instant synonymous: movies! As the worldwide mecca of filmmaking, LA is well known for its luxurious and celebrity-filled spots and activities. Many of these are located between Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the heart of movie glamour. Below, you’ll find my favorite things to do in Hollywood LA!

walking through rodeo drive is one of the things to do in hollywood LA
Hello Rodeo Drive!

1. Your First Among Things to Do in Hollywood LA: Cruise Through the Beverly Hills Mansions

While there are plenty of hipster places Los Angeles, the best thing you can do is start with some movie glamour. Get the star feeling by cruising among the luxurious mansions over at Beverly Hills, home to the biggest celebrities in the world.’

Things to do in Hollywood LA - cruising the roads in a convertible
Happy guy cruising the hills of Los Angeles!

Start off at Rodeo Drive and just get lost in the little streets around the area. The more you climb, the more impressive the homes become. Up on the hills, where the view is incomparable, you’ll find the most beautiful celebrity mansions.

things to do in hollywood LA - look at all the celebrity houses
Beverly HIlls, here we go!

See how the most famous people in the world live with this Los Angeles: Hollywood & Celebrity Homes Tour from GET YOUR GUIDE!

2. Take a Snap at the Beverly Hills Sign

If, like me, you were a fan of Beverly Hills 90210, you’re going to want that pic with the Beverly Hills sign. Park your car near the Beverly Gardens Park and walk around this iconic sign, enjoying the area and the TV memories that come with it.

Picture-taking is an essential part of my trips, and I love finding fun tours that make that easier. Check out this Melrose Instagram Tour!

things to do in hollywood LA, take a picture next to the beverly hills sign
Nostaligia for a Beverly Hills fan like me!

3. Pretty Woman It Up at Rodeo Drive

So many things to do in Hollywood LA revolve around movies, and Rodeo Drive has a clear reference: Pretty Woman. Rodeo Drive is where the premium brand flagship stores are all located, and it’s a hub of luxurious shopping. Even if you’re more into hipster places Los Angeles, this is an unmissable stop. Feel like Julia Roberts even if you’re just window shopping.

Exercise your way through this amazing city with this LA in a Day Bike Adventure!

Things to do in hollywood LA - shopping at Rodeo Drive
Rodeo drive is definitely on the “places-to-visit-list” in Los Angeles.
things to do in Hollywood LA, the rodeo drive walk
Julia Roberts vibes!

4. Have Lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel

One of the most iconic landmarks in town, the Beverly Hills Hotel is synonymous with celebrity life and movies. A gigantic pink beauty built before the city, paying a visit is a must among things to do in Hollywood LA. Book a lunch and you’ll get access to stroll around the pool area. Chances are you’ll see a celeb or two, on your way to visit hipster places Los Angeles!

having lunch at beverly hills hotel hipster places los angeles
If I had a backyard at home, I would want it to look something like this

5. Walk the Steps of Giants at the Hollywood Boulevard

The Hollywood Boulevard, particularly around Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, is the most famous Walk of Fame on Earth. The area is a little touristic for my taste, but it’s still a must when figuring out things to do in Hollywood LA. Be sure to find your favorite star!

Celebrity vibes at the Beverly Hills hotel in Los Angeles!
Celebrity vibes at the Beverly Hills hotel!

6. Wine & Dine Between Sunset Strip & West Hollywood

One of my favorite things to do in Hollywood LA: treat yourself to an evening of glamour among the stars! Begin the evening at a Sunset Strip rooftop, the ultimate party and restaurant street. We went to the Hotel Beverly terrace, where we had a few drinks in a quiet and deluxe setting. Afterwards, we headed to New York Steak House The Church Key – although that one’s unfortunately closed one. Still, do not despair, there are so many hipster places Los Angeles to try out in West Hollywood, you won’t be disappointed by the food.

Want to see the chillest side of LA? Book this Hollywood Cannabis Tour!

church key restaurant hipster places los angeles
Wondering about the things to do in Hollywood LA? Try out as many restaurants as you can!
drinks at a bar hipster places los angeles
End the night with some drinks and talk about all the exciting things you’ve explored

7. Stay at a Luxurious Boutique Hotel

Cute design hotels with a lot of personality are a highlight when I travel, and I found many of them in LA Whether you’re looking for hipster places Los Angeles or hubs to play the things to do in Hollywood LA, there’s a lot to choose from!

A Few Boutique Faves in the City of Angels

The Palihouse West Hollywood is part of a boutique hotel chain I’ve come to really love. A design lodging thought with luxury and comfort in mind, this beautiful spot is at the center of things to do in Hollywood LA. An oasis that never loses its urban feel, it’s very Los Angeles without being overwhelming. Book it HERE!

things to do in hollywood LA - stay in a luxury boutique hotel
The Glamorous Beverly Hills hotel!

The Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood is one of the funkiest lodgings in the City of Angels. With colonial vibes that will bring you back to Europe and even Marrakech, there’s a very careful mystique to this hotel. Focused on the weird and extravagant, the Ermitage made it a point to become of the ultimate hipster places Los Angeles. BOOK IT HERE!

The Mondrian Los Angeles offers one of the most luxurious experiences in town, and it’s right on the Strip. With breathtaking views and near all the best things to do in Hollywood LA, the Mondrian seems out of this time. Book your stay HERE!

Bathroom at Beverly Hills Hotel Los Angelels
Glam, glam & glam everywhere!

There are plenty of other lovely hipster places Los Angeles to stay. The Standard, on Hollywood Boulevard, is a very popular party hotel. Lovely views and settings, you can book it here!

I’d also recommend checking out the new art deco quirky spot, the Carlyle at Beverly Hills. Just around the corner from all the things to do in Hollywood LA, this thoroughly modern darling is a feast for the eyes. Book your stay HERE!

Do not miss my favorite Venice Beach Boutique Hotel. Check it out HERE!

8. Pay Your Respects to the Hollywood Sign

No trip to Tinsel Town is complete without the ultimate pic next to the Hollywood sign – and here’s the best way to get it. Just outside Hollywood stands the Griffith Observatory, one of the most beloved landmarks in town. It’ll take you about 30 minutes to get there, depending on traffic, and it’s well worth it. Just make sure to drive up there early, as otherwise, you might end up in a queue for hours. If you’re lucky, you can park near the sunset spot!

things to do in Hollywood LA - visit the Griffinth Observatory
Just breathtaking!
things to do in hollywood LA visit hollywood sign
Gorgeous views everywhere!

This magical place was inaugurated in 1935 and it has become a favorite for tourists and locals alike. Lately, it got another bump into pop culture, as it was the backdrop for a beautiful scene from Hollywood musical La La Land.

Visiting the Observatory is one of those inescapable things to do in Hollywood LA. The view is one of the most incredible, showcasing the Hollywood sign in all its splendor. Catch a sunset here and just become mesmerized by the vibrant LA life from above.

things to do in hollywood : take a photo nex to LA hollywood sign
Magical moment…
Sunset over Los Angeles
Gorgeous sunset!

If you’re looking to get into hiking, Angelenos’ preferred exercise, this is a great place to start. Check out this amazing GET YOUR GUIDE Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park 2-Hour Hiking Tour!

Hipster Places Los Angeles

Once you’ve covered the glitz and glamour, it’s time for the bohemian side of LA. Hipster places Los Angeles have many faces, and there’s always a great new spot to try out!

9. Feel the Vintage at Melrose Avenue

Melrose Place was my absolutely favorite series ever, so I had to visit Melrose Avenue when I reached LA. Although this is very close to Sunset Strip, the vibe here is so different from that flashy side. What I found there were many of the loveliest hipster places Los Angeles, especially designer and vintage shops. I found myself exploring this whole area, so I’d recommend bringing good walking shoes. Take your time and enjoy!

Hipster places Los Angeles: Melrose Avenue
Melrose Ave – the vintage & hipster street in Los Angeles!

10. Get to Know the Street Art

One of my favorite things to do in Hollywood LA (and in every big city) is enjoying the street art. For the coolest murals, head to the side streets, off the main avenues. Here, you’ll find the most entrancing colors, funky art, and the loveliest hipster places Los Angeles.

Right outside the Paul Smith store in Melrose Avenue stands one of the most iconic walls in town. A beauty in hot pink, it’s the ultimate selfie place for Instagram lovers and influencers. On occasion, the wall gets defaced, which just adds a layer of rock ‘n roll to the look. If you’re looking for an iconic photo spot that adds pink vibes to your feed, this is the place!

hipster places los angeles. Photo shooting at the pink wall at Melrose avenue
The iconic pink wall and a must photo spot in Los Angeles!

11. Visit the Original Farmers Market

Nowadays, there’s a worldwide trend of going back to organic roots and buying from farmers markets. As it happens with so many other trends, this all started in California! The Farmers Market is one of the ultimate hipster places Los Angeles, and it has been for many years. As a foodie, visiting this place was one of my favorite things to do in Hollywood LA!

A traditional area that looks straight out of a vintage Archie comic, the Farmers Market is a stark contrast. Surrounded by the loud and vibrant city, this place feels like a little haven away from it all. What’s even more impressive is how it’s right next to The Grove, perhaps the most iconic outdoor mall in Los Angeles. The Grove hosts a number of famous chains with different levels of luxury, including Nordstrom and doll store American Girl.

hipster places Los angeles: Visit the farmers market
The iconic farmer’s market tower!

Here, you can take a vintage trolley to the Farmers Market next door, seemingly stuck in time. You’ll find fresh produce from all over California, and some of the most delicious fruit you’ve ever tasted. There are also a bunch of little stands selling everything organic, including natural tea herbs. A great spot if one of your planned things to do in Hollywood LA is healthy eating!

Check out this Downtown Los Angeles: Food, Arts and Culture Walking Tour!

12. Eat & Stay at Hipster Heaven

One of my personal favorite hotels is Palihouse Melrose, and I cannot recommend it enough. Right on Melrose Avenue, a place full of the coolest things to do in Hollywood LA, you’ll feel at the heart of everything. Mixing old and new design in one of the most hipster places Los Angeles, the Palihouse you’ll feel at home.

hipster places los angeles: Stay in palihouse melrose hotel
Loved our hipster style room!
hipster places los angeles: the lounge at palihouse melrose hotel
The cozy & cool reception!

You can read my review of the Palihouse Hotel here. You can also BOOK YOUR STAY here!

You’ll find many hipster places Los Angeles around the Palihouse, including trendy cafés and restaurants. Start your day with a hearty brunch at the Hart and the Hunter at the Playhouse Hotel and then get walking. This gem of a restaurant is also a lovely spot for relaxed dinner. Or you can just pick another spot further down the street.

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