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This post somehow disappeared, but now it is back again, almost in same shape:)!

From a 12 million city that never sleeps to my little home town – Kalmar -scenery changes quickly nowadays!

The minute of the touch down in this little gem, all stress and problems disappear from my mind. This has always been the case and is why I love to come here, if it is just to relax and get some energy, the start of the summer vacay or just to get some comfort when life is tough. This is where my family and “oldest” friend live and where I finally found the love of my life. Kalmar is and will always be my true home!

So what can be better preparation for our upcoming adventure than spending som time here! A night out with our lovely brothers and girlfriends at Kött & Bar, filled with top notch whiskey sours and food as well as coffee time with Malin. The one an only “julbord” we will have this year and some afternoon and evening time in the coach with my families talking about vacation memories and watching Lars Winnerbäck singing, and for once also talking some!

Thank you Kalmar, family and friends for these lovely days! See you all again in January!

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