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Looking for a cosy place to stay during a Skåne holiday, I found Åhus Gästis, a little gem. This fantastic little place has all the elements I find essential in a sweet countryside accommodation. It’s easily among the best boutique hotels in Skane! The hotel Ahus Sweden is characterised by a one-of-a-kind historical heritage you simply can’t miss.

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Åhus Gästis melds elements of Swedish tradition with the country’s modern outlook, all with a lovely homey feel.  Traditional elements coexist with Nordic and simplistic design, with sweet areas to relax. This place has a great location and price, so it’s no wonder this is considered one of the best boutique hotels in Skane!

hotel ahus sweden: beach
Åhus is such a beautiful place to spend some quality time at, just look at this

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Best Boutique Hotels in Skane: Åhus Gästis

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Room & Other Facilities: 5
  3. Food & Drinks: 4
  4. Service: 5
  5. Location: 5

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best boutique hotels in Skane: hotel ahus sweden
Åhus Gästis here we come!

Design & Boutique Feeling: An Exciting Mix of Times

There’s no denying that you feel at home the second you enter Åhus Gästis. I’m sure the place’s tradition of service has a lot to do with it. Long before it was considered one of the best boutique hotels in Skane, it was already a cosy guesthouse. As early as 1737, you could enjoy a meal for the price of 12 öre, the centesimal subdivision of the krona. Back then, renting a room for a night was just 4 öre. You can imagine that the prices are slightly higher now, yet the charm and soul remain!

best boutique hotels in Skane: hotel ahus sweden
A warm welcoming feeling at the reception

This impressive yellow inn leaves a stately yet homey impression, with beautiful views everywhere. On one side, the lovely terrace overlooks the river; on the other side, the beautiful houses await. The architecture is well preserved, while the décor is full of little details from past and present. Sturdy tradition and modern splashes of colour get together here for a home-like experience away from home!

best boutique hotels in Skane: hotel ahus sweden
Stylish interior
best boutique hotels in Skane: hotel ahus sweden
A mixture of colors and patterns, feeling very home-like

Room & Other Facilities – A Story on Every Room

The recently-renovated attic rooms are undoubtedly among the reasons Åhus Gästis makes the list of best boutique hotels in Skane. All attic 8 rooms were refurbished in 2019 under the eye of interior designer Lena Nyholm and local suppliers such as Ateljé Lyktan, who created a truly unique project. Each room has a unique concept, with exciting, and beautiful colour palettes.

I was honoured to stay in Room 17, the playful hipster gem of the bunch. The ceiling beams, the fun colour combination, and the cute desk overlooking the Helge river were the highlights!

best boutique hotels in Skane: hotel ahus sweden
Loved my stay here and couldn’t have asked for a better room

I had the opportunity to see all the other rooms and I was overcome with happiness. My favourite was the Flower Room, a dream in pink and purple hues but I also loved the forest room with inspiration from the jungle mixed with animal prints.  However, there’s enough variety for everyone to have their own pick. Just ask yourself, how do you want to sleep when staying in Åhus Gästis?

best boutique hotels in Skane: hotel ahus sweden room
My Favorite – The Flower Room

Staying at this lovely hotel in ahus Sweden feels a little like moving in with a friend. The entire building has a welcoming vibe, and there are many areas to explore. The bohemian living room full of books, the gorgeous reception, the stately dining room, and the harmonious conservatory; all magical. Head to the conservatory to relax with some tea, a book, or even some drinks – all under glass, to the rhythm of rushing water. 

Also, if you’re looking for a conference room in the area, the hotel has 5 full ones to choose from!

Food & Drinks at One of the Best Boutique Hotels in Skane

This hotel in Ahus Sweden has been known for its food for nearly three hundred years. All the meals are homemade and prepared with love and care, using the best products from either local suppliers or grown within the hotel grounds. The fact that this place has kept traditional cooking for so long is one of the reasons it’s on top of all lists of best boutique hotels in Skane. 

Go to the gorgeously decorated dining room and enjoy the view while eating a high-quality lunch or an à la carte menu with fine wine options. Their famous fish soup is a delicious must!

Service at This Hotel in Ahus Sweden

One of the marks of the best boutique hotels in Skane is an excellent service, and that’s just what you get at the hotel Ahus Sweden. Therese and Anders run the hotel to be personal, hospitable, and cosy. You couldn’t ask for better hosts!


The perfect location is one of the reasons why Åhus Gästis stands out among the best boutique hotels in Skane. Right by the “river walk”, it has a magical view of the Helge River everywhere. Pull up the blinds in the early morning and watch the sunrise over the glistening water. Morning magic!

Åhus Gästis Åhus, Sweden
Perfect location by the Helge River

This hotel in Ahus Sweden is also a walking distance from all the popular spots in town. Just around the corner, you’ll find the cute and picturesque cobblestone streets and the village’s main street.

Walk for 5 minutes and find Ahus Finest, a trendy interior design shop, and Insta-friendly café. You can also enjoy some mindfulness at nearby Ahus Finest Yoga.

In town, you’ll also find Absolut Vodka Home, a museum about one of our Swedish brands that’s now part of a French conglomerate. You can even take a cocktail class!

If you long for sand between your toes, cross the bridge, walk 15-20 minutes and enjoy the scenic beach at Revhaken sea bath.

Revhakens Havsbad Åhus
Beach Time!

In all, Åhus Gästis is a gorgeous gem offering everything you can possibly want when spending time in idyllic Skane county!

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