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The largest of the Balearic islands, this Spanish and Catalan-speaking southern spot is a favorite destination for Europeans looking to relax and enjoy the hottest months of the year. Surely due to the ever-growing tourism, there many options for design lovers to feel right at home in Mallorca. There are many a hotel Palma de Mallorca with boutique vibes! During this particular visit, we stayed on both boutique hotels Palma (the island’s capital) and Illetas, a small resort town only a few kilometers away from town. Here’s my take on two very different and still really satisfying Palma De Mallorca hotel experience.

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1. Barceló Illetas – My Feel Good Oasis

Overall Rating

 1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4

 2. Room & Other Facilities: 4

3. Food & Drinks: 3

4. Service: 4

5. Location: 5

Barceló Illetas
Pink dreams

Some details on this hotel Palma de Mallorca…

As part of a large hotel chain, it has seven types of rooms to choose from and plenty of variety all-around. Barceló isn’t technically among boutique hotels Palma – but it’ll fool you easily enough! The rooms, common areas, and other facilities are decorated with a loving hand. Luxury and extravagance were in the head of the designer of this hotel Palma de Mallorca.

The décor has a lot of whites and earth tones, a very modern setting that also creates a beautiful contrast with the Mediterranean’s blue hues. I recommend staying in one of the superior rooms with a front view or one of the junior suites and enjoy the windy balconies.

Good Morning with a View at my hotel Palma de Mallorca
The cosy bed - Barceló Illetas
The cosy bed, a staple of boutique hotels Palma…

Barceló is located on one of my favorite areas near boutique hotels Palma, in the smaller resort town Illetas. Here, you can enjoy the beach feel of the island in a much quieter way than you in the overcrowded capital. It’s even better if you’re visiting Mallorca during the low season, which is basically any time outside of the summer months.

Illetas – Boutique Hotels Palma

It’s quiet and beautiful in Illetas, and the hotel is ideally located on the side of a cliff, overlooking the sea. The side of the hotel Palma de Mallorca that overlooks the sea is perfect to just sit back and relax. Get lost in the sounds of the waves, enjoying the boutique hotels Palma vibes.

If you’re staying at Barceló, there’s hardly any need to go to any beach clubs because you have boutique hotels Palma. The pool area is very nice and the cliff one step down is my favorite hangout during the days! It’s also a 10-minute walk away from the Illetas beach and the Puro Beach Illetas club, so it’s always a great idea to walk up there early in the morning to see a beautiful sunrise!

The Cool Pool Area - Barceló Illetas
The Cool Pool Area
…in Full View Perspective

This hotel Palma de Mallorca has turned into a must-visit during my times in Mallorca. However, it does have its mild downsides: the food is only okay, except for the breakfast, and the service can be a bit slow. The reception leaves much to be desired, an experience you won’t get at real boutique hotels Palma.

One of the Restaurants - Barceló Illetas
One of the Restaurants at this hotel Palma de Mallorca
Spa Time

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2. Sant Francesc Hotel Singular – A New Diamond in my Boutique Hotel Collection

Overall Rating…

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5

2. Room & Other Facilities: 5

3. Food & Drinks: 5

4. Service: 5

5. Location: 5

Some details…

A  perfect, five-star experience: the Sant Francesc Hotel Singular is the best of boutique hotels Palma. The best hotel Palma de Mallorca for anyone who loves design and boutique hotels!

Sant Francesc Hotel Singular
The entrance to the hotel

Right in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, this gem among boutique hotels Palma was originally a 19th-century mansion, which has now been restored to maintain its historic heart while also offering the most modern commodities. A whirl of luxury, this place gave our holiday a majestic feel: at the junior suite, we enjoyed the breathtaking (and high!) painted ceilings, the lovely balcony doors leading to a view of the old plaza, the super comfy beds, and, of course, the modern bathroom with two basins and a super fab rain shower.

Our Beautiful Suite
Totally Fell in Love with These Boutique Hotels Palma Doors!
A Sweet Welcome

The location is a dream, particularly for those enamored with the charm of old European cities. In the picturesque old town, the hotel is in the Sant Francesc square, and right next to the 13th century Sant Francesc (St. Francis) Basilica, a true jewel of medieval Spanish architecture.

Me & the Gothic Beauty of Sant Francesc

Quadrat Restaurant Palma

As for the actual place, you couldn’t possibly ask for more of a hotel Palma de Mallorca. The Quadrat restaurant is a feast for the eyes, as well as the taste buds. It has a cave-like environment downstairs, it also offers an outdoor terrace to really bask in the beautiful Mallorca climate. The food also happens to be delicious, particularly their breakfast options, including pancakes, scrambled eggs, newly baked bread and a number of healthy options. They also have really great and freshly squeezed juices from the hotel Palma de Mallorca!

The Stylish Inner Courtyard
The Stylish Inner Courtyard
The Bar – Ready for a Cocktail?
The Quadrat Restaurant

For me, the highlight among all the areas of the Sant Francesc was the rooftop; a little cosy place with a small pool, fancy sun beds and an amazing view of the Palma rooftops. A great hotel Palma de Mallorca spot to relax after a long day, and even have a few drinks before dinner.

It’s impossible to leave out the incredible service of the best hotel Palma de Mallorca! The staff was always available and willing to help you in any way they could; without ever batting an eye and always with a smile on their faces. They were very accommodating and pleasant. I traveled with a friend with a lot of food allergies, and they were sweet (and professional!) enough to make a special breakfast for her every day we were there. This is the kind of flexibility and personal touch only a great boutique hotel can provide!

Sant Francesc Hotel Singular – the Rooftop
My Favorite Place – the Rooftop
Let’s Enjoy the View

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Final thoughts of the hotel Palma de Mallorca

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