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Have you ever asked yourself this question? Well… at least we have…. many times! With today’s society and technology there are so many opportunities and choices out there, but it is only you that can take the decision and make the change.

For us freedom and flexibility have for a long time been a key ingredient of our lives – the possibility to be in control of your time, to travel and work from different places! Three months ago, we finally dared to make a bigger change, to take a break from our everyday lives, work and obligations to explore a new part of the world during three months. A journey we will never forget!

And now the great Swedish Nomad network Svenska Nomader has written a nomad portrait about us, our trip and our view on the Digital Nomad Lifestyle! A truly amazing trip, opening so many doors we did not even know existed! We are so happy we did this and hopefully our story will encourage you and your friends to dare to take that scary step…

Read all about our journey at Nomadpoträtt Linda Voltaire (Swedish)! English article below!

What is your dream? How do you want to live your life? Please share…!


After having worked hard for many years, Linda Voltaire and her boyfriend felt that it was time to take a break. After three months of traveling in Florida, South and Central America they are now back to their everyday life… in Moscow.

Where are you now?

We have just been coming back to a cold Moscow (-21 degrees) where we currently live and work. Such a shock with 50 degrees difference in temperature versus our last destination – Miami!

Where were you before?

We have just been out traveling for three months in Florida and South & Central America – a well needed break from the everyday life. Though, not an easy decision given work and all the obligations at home bur for sure one of our best! It has been an amazing adventure.

What is your next destination?

We have not had so much time to plan yet but St Petersburg, Madrid and Rome are on our list and also a road trip in the US along Route 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles. We have an important birthday to celebrate in fall so then it will hopefully be a trip to some warm destination:)!

What interests you with the Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

The freedom, the inspiration and the experiences!

The freedom, being in control of when and where you want to work has become vital for us even though we are not there 100 percent yet. I have worked as a consultant or in consultant based roles during all my career and thus have had relatively flexible working conditions. Some days the office is the best place for work while other days I am most productive in my couch at home or in a cosy cafe.

Both of us have traveled a lot, professionally and privately. There is nothing better for your creativity than a city weekend. some relaxing days at the beach or to experience a totally new culture and part of the world. To travel gives you so much inspiration, new perspectives and it is usually during these trips, the best ideas or initiatives are born!

How do you make a living?

We are both employees at the moment but hope that some of our new projects also will start generate some money in the future!

How does a normal day look like in your life?

Currently, we are living in Moscow, a very different but exciting experience. A totally new world and culture compared to Sweden but once you have adapted to this new reality, Moscow is a really cool city!

Like in Sweden, our days here are filled with work, the gym, yoga and cosy evenings in our lovely apartment. Usually we spoil ourselves with some dinners and cocktails at some of our favorite restaurants or rooftop bars. The weekends are filled with long walks in Gorky Park, shopping or a visit to some art district or why not watch a ballet! And there are so many new areas in this city, just waiting to be discovered!

What is the biggest challenge with your adventure?

When it comes to our trip it was for sure the decision to take a break as such, something that was not always positively received and that has resulted in many discussions and questions. A decision like this is completely yours, a decision that you need to be brave enough to defend. Certainly, we have some way to go before the business world has fully adapted to a more flexible and digital way of working!

Are you currently working on any exciting projects of your own?

Our trip was a well needed break from the everyday life and has given us a lot of inspiration. A true boost of our creativity and some ideas have lasted until the end. Now it is just to execute them, maybe not the easiest part…. ha ha!

Our blog about our trip that in the beginning was mainly meant for our families, has showed to be a new passion and something we will continue to develop. I am also very passionate about women’s role in the business world and have some ideas in this area and then there are two more concrete ideas that we will work further on:)!

Where do you want to live and work in the future? Your favorite place?

Wow…..a very difficult question. There are so many fantastic places in this world but we both love the sun and a bit warmer climate so after Moscow it is definitely time for a warmer place. Bangkok, Miami and Barcelona are some of our favorite cities that we are more than happy to return to. Different in many aspects but all three offers a lovely climate and an atmosphere that inspire us!

What are your advice to people thinking about becoming a digital nomad?

Dare to take the step but do it on your terms – If you want to change your life, you are the only one that can change it. But do it on your terms, in your way. I have two colleagues that more or less changed from being an employee to a Digital Nomad over night. So impressive but for us a step by step journey felt better.

Create your own structure – I believe the key to a successful digital nomad lifestyle is to find some kind of structure and routines, even though it does not have to be a 9-5 structure. When traveling, there are so much that you want to see and do but a blog, an article etc does not create itself.

Where can we follow you in social media?

You can read all about our trip, future adventures and initiatives at our blog http://nouw.com/travellovers, or follow us on Instagram @lindavoltaire & @fredjonss and at Facebook, Linda Voltaire & Fredrik Jonsson.


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