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iguazu falls

From city life to the middle of the Argentinean jungle – the setting changes quickly during this trip. It was time for a wild Iguazu Falls boat ride!

Jungle Hotels

In an area of 3 hectares of forest with trees over 400 years old and numerous protected endangered species, we found our lovely little lodge – the eco friendly hotel La Cantera Jungle Lodge. Here we spent two nights, falling asleep to the sound of the jungle outside the door!

iguazu falls
Which way should we go?
The amazing hotel room
Enjoying the sunshine
Anyone up for a swim?


What to Do in the Falls

The main attraction of this trip was the Iguazu Falls, located on the border between Argentina and Brazil. Made up of a chain of around 270 waterfalls, it is the largest broken waterfall in the world. The highest waterfall is not only higher than the Niagara Falls but this is area is also a truly breathtaking place!

The journey started by a train ride and trek to the Devils Throat, the biggest waterfall in the area. The beauty and power of this place is hard to describe or even capture in a photo. It is pure magic – created solely by nature, but also a bit frightening with the furious water tumbling down this 80-meters fall.

Iguazu Falls
You wouldn’t want to fall in there!


There’s something so majestic about it


Amidst wonderful nature, you find the middle and lower trek with viewpoint after viewpoint – one better than the other – giving you the opportunity to admire the falls from all angles and levels possible!

Some amazing viewpoints
Iguazu falls boat ride
Beautiful moments


Except for Macchu Picchu this is by far the most beautiful and amazing place we have seen. It is one of the 7 new natural wonders of the world!

Iguazu Falls Boat Ride

And why not end the day with some true adventure?! A crazy Iguazu Falls boat ride, taking us even closer to the waterfalls – yeah, into the waterfalls we went… Enjoy our wet adventure below!

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