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Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world, with millions of tourists flying in every year. While many choose to head to the Baleares during the summer, there’s a charm to the capital – and it’s just as fun year-round. Vibrant, metropolitan and beautiful, there are plenty of Instagram spots in Madrid to spend an afternoon taking snaps. From heavily touristic spots to hidden gems full of locals.  There’s something for everyone among the best photo spots Madrid!

Beautiful urban parks, churches from centuries past, street art and hip streets, Instagram spots in Madrid are very varied. Let’s take a look at the best photo spots Madrid and my full Madrid guide for you to get the best experience of the amazing Madrid!

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the best photo spots in madrid is in my blog post
Get camera ready!

Best Photo Spots in Madrid: The Tourist Attractions

As one of the most visited capitals in the world, there are several “mandatory” visits in Madrid. While these can get crowded, they’re no less beautiful, and definitely deserve their place among the Instagram spots Madrid. 

best photo spots in madrid: One of the arches at Plaza De Oriente
One of many gorgeous photo spots in in Madrid at Plaza de Oriente. Adore the light!

1. Gorgeous Crystal Palace – The No 1 Instagram Spot in Madrid!

A late 19th-century marvel built in glass and iron, the Crystal Palace is undoubtedly one of the best photo spots in Madrid. A conservatory located inside the city’s most famous park, Parque Retiro, its broad windows offer a unique perspective. Whether you’re outside looking in or vice versa, you’ll get nothing but incredible snaps. The mix of the futuristic structure and its surrounding nature is incomparable within the city and beyond.

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Instagram spots in Madrid: Crystal Palace
Such a gorgeous place…
Instagram spots in Madrid: Crystal Palace
Can I be the queen in this castle?
the crystal palace is one of the best photo spots madrid
As beautiful from the outside…

2. Relaxing Parque Retiro

The park where the Crystal Palace is located, Retiro, has many of the ultimate Instagram spots in Madrid. With its many lakes and broad green spaces, it’s a respite from the chaotic city. Here, you’ll be surrounded by a wide variety of trees, as you breathe the freshest air in town. And, of course, the nature and imposing buildings inside are a joy for any photographer. Some of the best photo spots in Madrid await here! 

The Retiro Park is huge so a great way to explore it is by bike or Segway. Check out this cool TOUR!

retiro park in madrid is one of the best instagram spots madrid
After the Crystal Palace visit, make sure to check out this beautiful park

3. Vibrant Plaza Mayor

Chances are that Plaza Mayor is where you’ll make your first stop among the best photo spots in Madrid. So much of the local life transpires in its surroundings, from people working downtown to flocks of tourists. A broad square with the classic Spaniard touch.  Its arches are perfect Instagram spots in Madrid.

plaza mayor in madrid - one of the best photo spots in Madrid
Maybe the first, but not the last out of the best photo spots in Madrid

4. Regal Palacio Real & Plaza de Oriente

Is there anything more regal than the actual residence of a king? The Palacio Real is the official residence to the King of Spain, even if the current one doesn’t inhabit it. It’s still one of the best Instagram spots Madrid! The gigantic palace is a humbling structure, as are the perfectly trimmed trees near it.

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Regal Palacio Real in Madrid - one of the best photo spots in Madrid
The Grand Palace

Plaza de Oriente is at the foot of one of the palace’s façades, separating it from theaters and other local landmarks. Look through your camera for the best photo spots Madrid.

instagram spots Madrid: Plaza de Oriente
Magic lightening on my way to Plaza de Oriente
the best instagram spots in madrid, Plaza de Oriente is one of them
Such a beautiful setting with Monumento a Felipe IV in the background!
instagram spots madrid. Carousel at Plaza de oriente
Time for some fun!

5. Glistening Sights at Parque Particular Vistas de la Almudena

At the small hill nearby, you’ll find one of the best Instagram spots Madrid: the Vistas de la Almudena private park. From here, you’ll get unique views to the grand cathedral and its museum – high time for truly unique snaps of the local landmarks.

Vistas de la Almudena private park in madrid
The best angle of the museum if you ask me! A perfect instagram spot!
 Parque Particular Vistas de la Almudena in Madrid
And a snap with me. How pretty isn’t this background?

6. Imposing Catedral de la Almudena

The most important church in the city, the Almudena Cathedral is one of the best photo spots Madrid. A sight to behold, the beautiful clear-colored front can be the perfect backdrop for exquisit pics. Whether you’re right in the façade or photographing it from a distance, the look will always be impressive.

best photo spots in madrid, this view over Catedral de la Almudena
Impressive yeah?
Madrid Instagram spots: A purple house in Madrid
Opposite the cathedral, I found this purple beauty!

7. Antique Templo de Debod

What sets this apart from other Instagram spots Madrid is that it far predates the city. Madrid is a fairly modern capital for European standards, dating back to the 16th century. Meanwhile, the Templo de Debod is from the 2nd century BC, and first erected in Egypt. Now surrounded by a small pond in honor of the Great Nile, it’s been a Madrid staple since the late 20th century. It’s also one of the most unique spots in town to take some pics!

Instagram spots Madrid: Gorgeous Templo de Debod
Perfect time at the end of the day for some photos
best photo spots madrid: Templo de Debod
Visit just before sunrise for the perfect light and a great spectacle!

This is not only one of the best photo spots in Madrid, but also one of the best places to enjoy a magical sunset. As it is a big area people gather here, having picnics, playing guitar and just enjoying life. For a good spot, make sure to be in time!

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The best photo spots madrid: Sunset at Templo de Debod
The best view point of the sunset is at the end of the park. The view here is magical!

Instagram Spots in Madrid:  Madrid Neighborhoods

As a big, metropolitan city, Madrid is one of those places that changes widely from neighborhood to neighborhood. Each district has its own distinct personality, and there are plenty of best photo spots Madrid in each. Prepare your camera and start exploring the Madrid different districts!

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8. Colorful Main Street of La Latina

One of the oldest districts in Madrid, La Latina offers some of the top Instagram spots in Madrid. The main street is one of my favorite places in town, thanks to its beautiful colors. When we were there, it had an extra metropolitan layer with lots of flags everywhere, a perfect photo op! 

colorful streets in La Latina madrid
When you need to spice up your feed with some colors, this is the place to go
La Latina, colorful streets in madrid
Colorful houses and street art makes La Latina a true photo gem!

9. Oasis with a View by San Francisco el Grande Basilica

The basilica itself is one of the best photo spots in Madrid, with its impressive build and its paintings by masters like Francisco Goya. Still, my favorite place to take snaps was outside, right next to the church. Here lies a unique oasis where you can take exquisite pictures of this 18th-century place of worship. Don’t miss the chance for a brand new photo perspective. And from the end of the park you will have a great view of the horisont.

San Francisco el Grande Basilica in Madrid
Outside of the church you can find this unique Oasis

10. Streets of Malasaña

Malasaña is one of the hippest areas in town, so you can imagine its Instagram spots Madrid potential. There’s always something going on in this trendy area, with lots of cute little places that are just waiting for you and your camera. Cafés, restaurants, and vintage shops always full of students, you can take many slice-of-life snaps here.

vintage shop in Madrid
Lets make a stop at a vintage shop

Loved to explore this area. Just strolling down the streets, checking all cool vintage shops, having lunch and coffee at some of the many cafés!

the streets of Malasaña madrid
The streets of Malasaña, we could stroll around here for a few hours
Malasaña streets are one of the best photo spots in madrid
Take a note, “Instagram spots in Madrid” – Malasaña” check

11. Murals of Malasaña

Malasaña hosts some of the most photographed walls in the entire Spanish capital! The best photo spots in Madrid for urban art lovers are around here. The neighborhood’s official image stems from street art: the turquoise wall with funky eyes on the Tienda Tom Pai façade. The walls in this neighborhood are always camera-ready! 

Street art in Malasana in Madrid
So much color everywhere!

12. Shops & Streets of Justicia

Right in the center of town, Justicia offers some of the ultimate Instagram spots in Madrid. From its luxurious shops to its old buildings, there’s a chic aesthetic here that looks wonderful on snaps. For a different approach, head to Chueca, an area inside the neighborhood that has served as Madrid’s gay district since the 90s. The Chueca square is a splash of color, with cute umbrellas above that make for lovely pictures. 

art and colors around Justicia in Madrid
Shabby chic where street art and luxury boutiques gives this area a unique character!
shopping in Justicia in Madrid
Whilst you’re looking for the best photo spots in Madrid, why not take a little shopping break?

13. Endless Flavors of Mercado San Anton

Foodies and addicts to exotic plating will find the best photo spots Madrid at the San Anton Market. This is a much more authentic option to the very touristic San Miguel. Here you will find lots of delicious food and food stands and on the top there is a cool rooftop. Perfect for lazy afternoons! 

mercado an anton have nice colors and surroundings
Pink flowers and pink walls, of course I had to grab my camera.

14. Posh Streets of Salamanca

Salamanca is one of the most upscale areas in the city, with luxurious Instagram spots in Madrid. Built in the late 19th century for Spanish aristocracy, the buildings of this neighborhood will leave you breathless. The wide constructions in French style and imposing façades will keep you and your camera quite busy!

Salamanca area in Madrid - one of the best photo spots madrid
Want to get some luxurious feelings into your feed. Then Salamanca is the place to go!
Instagram spots in Madrid: Plaza de Colon in Madrid
Beautiful Plaza de Colon!
The streets of Salamanca in Madrid
Salamanca holds a luxury vibe!

Hotels Among the Best Photo Spots Madrid

The Spanish capital gets visitors from all over the world and all walks of life, so there are beautiful hotels for any type of guest. As a lover of boutique hotels, my favorite lodging in town also happens to provide plenty of Instagram spots Madrid!

15. Boutique Dreams at Only You Justicia 

If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll know boutique hotels are my passion, even if my standards are high. Only You fulfilled every single one, and it was a 5 out of 5 in every aspect. Not only is it a lodging I recommend thoroughly, it also offers some of the best photo spots Madrid. I couldn’t get enough of the broad spaces, the beautiful tiles of white and blue, and the exquisite décor in every area, public and private. 

only you hotel in madrid is my favorite
You have to go have a look at my hotel review, this hotel is beyond amazing
Only You hotel in Madrid
Loved this luxury lobby!

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Restaurants Among the Cutest Instagram Spots Madrid

As one of the keepers of the world-renowned Mediterranean diet, Spaniards know a lot about food. When combining a love of great flavors with great visual taste, you get restaurants that are also among the best photo spots Madrid. Is there anything better than eating something delicious in a beautiful setting?

For foodies, I can strongly recommend this Tapas Experience Tour!

For more on my favorite restaurants in Madrid, check out my Madrid Restaurant Review here!

Don Armando restaurant in Madrid
Hip Don Armando in La Latina district!

16. Tropical Habanera

What makes Habanera one of the top Instagram spots Madrid is its oasis-like quality. The design mixes two styles of tropical: arabesque and Caribbean. With palm trees, beautiful black and white tiles, and rustic furniture, it’s quite the hideout. Take gorgeous pics of the setting and the exotic Cuban-Spanish fusion dishes!

17. Funky Streetxo 

Streetxo, the “it” restaurant in town by Spanish celebrity chef David Muñoz, is also among the best photo spots Madrid. Its unassuming design will transport you to an Asian night market. Full of strong colors, with a prevalence of reds, you’ll find yourself attached to your camera when visiting. The fact that the food is delicious certainly helps!

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streetxo restaurant in madrid is so unique
I can see why this is the “it” restaurant, this is so unique

18. Views from Círculo de Bellas Artes

Although the Círculo de Bellas Artes is a little touristy for my personal taste, it’s undoubtedly one of the ultimate Instagram spots in Madrid. Up on a 54th floor, it’s perhaps the most famous of all local rooftops. Here, you can find a spectacular view of the entire city, perfect for panoramic pictures. Chill in the sun during the hot months and don’t miss out on the perfect shots from above.

If you like me are a wine lover, check out this great WINE TOUR IN THE MADRID REGION!

overlooking madrid on a rooftop is a very nice instagram spots madrid
One of the best views I’ve seen!
Instagram spots Madrid Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid
An oasis above the bustling city…
Instagram spots Madrid Círculo de Bellas Artes
Found my spot in one of the sunbeds

19. Rustic Cute at Mamá Framboise

When you’re hanging out around Malasaña and Salamanca, take a coffee break at Mamá Framboise. Sure, the cake is very yummy, but it also happens to offer some of the best photo spots Madrid. Inspired by the sweet aesthetic of Parisian cafés, this place looks like a shot from Amélie. The cute rustic tables and the little blimps on the ceiling as decoration all make for wondrous snaps. Let the café guide you through the best pics!

20. Look Out for Hidden Gems!

While you’ll find many Instagram spots Madrid in this guide, the best advice I can give you is to keep your eyes open. This is a beautiful city with a lot to offer, and getting lost in the streets and looking around is a breeze. Particularly in the city center, you’ll find plenty of hidden treasures. Huge and beautiful doors, incredible examples of Spanish architecture, and little details abound. Madrid is always camera-ready, so you should be, too!

 Instagram spots in madrid: Gorgeous door with golden decoration
Found this gorgeous door on my way to Templo De Debod!

Travel with a Silver Lining Beyond Instagram Spots Madrid

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