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Less visited than the capitals of western European countries, Ukraine’s big metropolis can certainly hold its own among the greatest. An old and proud city dating back to the 5th century, Kiev has seen a lot. One of the most ancient towns in the region, it has presided over many States and seeing centuries worth of turmoil. Hundreds of years later, the remains are astonishing, with many interesting places Kiev to entrance visitors from everywhere. History is everywhere in this great metropolis, and the Kiev Instagram spots are proof of its rich cultural heritage!

Kiev is a city of contrasts, modern yet profoundly anchored in history. Despite a population of over 3 million people, Kiev feels a little like a small city, and one exciting to discover. With its many landmarks and interesting places Kiev, it’s the perfect city to spend a long weekend with friends or a loved one.

Kiev Instagram spots: saint sophia cathedral
This view at inside the St Sophia Bell Tower

Remember to be a mindful traveller when taking snaps of the top Kiev Instagram spots. Unlike most western European capitals, Kiev isn’t packed with tourists, so it’s easier to move around. Still, there are a lot of people making their lives in the city, and it’s important to be conscious of them by not being slow in the middle of busy streets and the like. For the best experience, go sightseeing in the early hours: you’ll catch the most amazing morning colours and you won’t be in the middle of everything!

I’ve organised this ide so that there are two relatively close spots followed by a nearby restaurant. Visiting landmarks and taking part in local café culture seems like the perfect way to experience Kiev. 

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1. Karaite Kenesa, Among the Top Kiev Instagram Spots

There are so many fascinating interesting places Kiev, but I think there’s no better place to start than Karaite Kenesa. An architectural marvel finished in the early years of the 20th century, it was originally a synagogue yet had a turbulent history. Over the years, it was defiled by Nazis, hosted Catholic services and is now a famous concert hall. These days, it offers seemingly endless photo spots for visitors to become entranced and take pics!

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2. The Ancient Golden Gate

One of those ancient remains of the city’s many centuries, the Golden Gate dates back to the 11th century. Back then, Kiev was the heavily fortified capital of a regional federation called Kievan Rus’. The arch was rebuilt entirely during the Soviet years, and what makes it one of the prime Instagram spots is its mix of epochs. Perfect for somewhat harsh photos, as its architecture has a bit of a brutal feel to it.

Kiev Instagram spots: golden gate
Let the history speak

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3. The Cake, a Sweet Hotspot

Without a doubt, one of the top Kiev Instagram spots – and a wonderland for those with a sweet tooth! Not far from the Golden Gate, The Cake is the perfect pit stop for a quick coffee, pastry, and cute pics. Gorgeously modern with its festive colours, details in neon and bright industrial décor, it’s a joy to be here. The food isn’t only delicious but also beautifully plated – like an Instagram story waiting to happen!

Kiev Instagram spots: the cake
Cure the sweet tooth at The Cake

4. St. Sophia Tower, One of the Most Interesting Places Kiev

The complex of the Saint Sophia Cathedral is one of the most interesting places Kiev. An 11th-century gem, it was Ukraine’s first UNESCO Heritage Site. The cathedral’s bell tower in light turquoise and white lace-like detailing is one of the most beautiful constructions in town. Go up the stairs to see the bells up close and get a unique view of the cathedral and the city.

Kiev Instagram spots: saint sophia cathedral
One of my favorite places, the Saint Sophia Cathedral
Kiev Instagram spots: saint sophia cathedral
A true masterpiece

Quick photo tip: if you want your smartphone photo and video be perfectly stabilized try one of those devices!

5. Views of Past Architecture at Sophia Square

A spacious square before the cathedral, it’s one of the most magical Kiev Instagram spots. Surrounded by colourful buildings from centuries past, it makes for a perfect photo op. Walk around and find the right place for your pics with a little touch of old-timey romance!

Kiev Instagram spots: sophia square
The Sophia Square
interesting places Kiev: sophia square
Perfect for photos, especially during the non-crowded hours

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6. Bright & Creative ONE LOVE Coffee

A hub for freelancers, ONE LOVE is a fantastic place to hang out after seeing interesting places Kiev. An espresso bar dedicated to incredible specialty coffee, its location comes as a bit of a surprise: it stands atop an art museum! 

interesting places Kiev: one love
ONE LOVE, wow this place!
interesting places Kiev: one love food
Instagram worthy food, for sure

Still, once you enter, it makes sense: this bright place full of life just screams artistry. Natural light floats everywhere, exponentiated by the white décor. Great creative minds come here to work and brainstorm, and there’s a distinct air of fancy coworking space. 

Come for the coffee and stay for the cute photo ops.

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7. Independence Square, Icon Among Kiev Instagram Spots

Kiev’s Independence Square, or Maidan Nezalezhnosti, is one of the biggest and most memorable attractions in town. The city’s central and most important square, it was built to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Ukraine’s rise as an independent nation from the USSR. It hosts an imposing monument, mixing Ukrainian baroque and Empire styles. Cruise around to find the perfect Kiev Instagram spots here!

interesting places Kiev: independence square
Next stop: The Independence Square
independence square kiev ukraine
An important and beautiful place!

8. Vozdvizhenka, a Bright Ghost Town

At the heart of the city, you’ll find one of the most interesting places Kiev: Vozdvizhenka Street. An ode to kitsch, it’s a feast of colour with bright houses lined up… all of them empty. This neighbourhood was planned as a sort of ghetto for millionaires, but a real estate bubble prevented it from happening. Now, people head to Wes Anderson-like beautiful area for pictures!

9. The Trendy & Cosy Lovely Uncle

Colourful, fun and hip, Lovely Uncle is one of my favourite Kiev Instagram spots. A place full of distinct and fun areas, this restaurant is designed to make you feel at ease. You can have lunch, lunch or dinner here, enjoying any of their cute indoor and outdoor spaces. They serve modern European cuisine with a bit of a modern twist. If you come here for brunch, don’t miss the Eggs Benedict. And be sure to still have some battery left on your camera for this picture-ready café!

Lovely Uncle Cafe Kiev
One of my favorite cafés in Kiev
lovely uncle café Kiev
Delicious food!

10. St. Michael Monastery, One of the Most Interesting Places Kiev

Originally founded in the 12th century, St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery has been through a lot. A city icon, it’s a complex built and destroyed time and again over the centuries, most recently during the USSR. It is now the headquarters of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and one of the best Kiev Instagram spots. Get your camera ready for pics of the golden dome with the city landscape and the bright blue sky!

interesting places Kiev: St. Michael's Monastery
Wow, how pretty
interesting places Kiev: St. Michael's Monastery
Capturing the moment

11. Pay Your Respects to the Dnieper River

One of the major rivers of Europe, the Dnieper riverside is one of the most interesting places Kiev. Enjoy the perfect scenery when strolling from the river’s port to Khutorets, camera-ready.

interesting places Kiev: dnieper riverside
If you want to go for a nice walk, Dnieper riverside is the place to go
interesting places Kiev: dnieper riverside
Just taking it all in!

12. Eat by the River at Khutorets 

After a day taking snaps of interesting places Kiev along the Dnieper, Khutorets is the place to relax. This place is legendary among local restaurants, and you won’t be surprised when entering. The menu is traditional (and delicious) Ukrainian food, but it’s the vibe that’ll make you fall in love. Enjoy a romantic dinner by the river and get lost in the flavours and beauty. And then take some snaps of the gorgeous setting; outside, it’s like an upscale lodge in dark woods. A dreamy if somewhat dramatic photo op!

Kiev Instagram spots: khutorets
After walking and exploring Dnieper, time for food at Khutorets
Kiev Instagram spots: khutorets
Such a cozy setting


13. Sublime St. Andrew’s Church

A gorgeous example of Ukrainian Baroque, this 18th-century Orthodox beauty deserves a spot in your camera roll. Imposing and in gorgeous hues of light blue and gold, it’s among the most majestic Kiev Instagram spots. 

Kiev Instagram spots: St andrew's church
Hello fairy tale

14. A Look at Kiev’s Montmartre 

Below the church, you’ll find the picturesque cobblestone streets of Old Kiev. A more commercial neighbourhood than other hip areas, the area is the oldest and most traditional in town. First founded in the 13th century, it’s now the place to find souvenirs to take home from your trip. Mixing centuries-old buildings with the newest glass constructions in the city, it’s quite a magical place. Some even call it Kiev’s Montmartre, which is true in the sense of shopping. Still, it’s certainly one of the most interesting places Kiev!

interesting places Kiev: montmartre
I’ve never seen anything as colorful as Kiev

15. A Fun Goodbye to Kiev Instagram Spots at Pink Freud

Our final stop among Kiev Instagram spots, and what a spot it is. Pink Freud is a super cool bar, so hidden it almost feels like a speakeasy. A fun hideout to have a few drinks, don’t miss some pics at the pink walls on the way to the bar area. This can be the place where you bid farewell to Kiev: toast to the beauty and wonders of Ukraine’s gorgeous capital!

Kiev Instagram spots: pink freud bar
Of course I’m matching the pink vibes here
interesting places Kiev: pink freud

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