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Due to its location as a middle point between Scandinavian countries and mainland Europe, Latvia was an important port for centuries, and capital city Riga remains the most important city in the Baltic states. While heavily influenced by historical ties to Sweden, Russia and Germany, Latvia has a unique cultural landscape that persists to this day, which has helped to turn it into one of the fastest-growing countries in Europe. Between its fascinating cities with medieval vibes and natural wonders like forests, parks and hundreds of kilometers of unspoilt Baltic coasts, Latvia is a surprising breath of fresh air from the former Soviet bloc!

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Best Restaurants & Cafés in Riga!

Best Restaurants & Cafés in Riga!

As the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the Baltic region, Riga offers a pretty interesting variety of international foods, and sushi, in particular, is making its wave into the city’s heart! Still, if you’re looking to really get to know how the locals live, there are a…