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Looking for a Los Angeles boutique hotel, we fell into the enchanting Palihouse Melrose. Located in one of the most iconic areas of the City of Angels, it was an almost perfect stay. Read all about the best hipster hotel Los Angeles in my review below!

Our Los Angeles Boutique Hotel

Melrose Avenue, one of the best dining and entertainment destinations in the City of Angels, hosts a number of incredible attractions. One of them is Paramount Pictures, one of the oldest film studios in the world and a true gem of the Old Hollywood. Nowadays, the area between the West End through West Hollywood and Hollywood has turned into a major artsy hangout. And that’s exactly where our Los Angeles boutique hotel, Palihouse Melrose, gets its vibe as the best hipster hotel Los Angeles.

Welcome to Hipster Heaven! At the heart of this dynamic L.A. district, this cool Los Angeles boutique hotel is all about design, mixing up old and new. The service is great and you can really feel part of this trendy location when staying at the Palihotel!

Melrose Avenue
Melrose Avenue

Overall Review of the Best Hipster Hotel Los Angeles

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4

2. Room & Other Facilities: 4

3. Food & Drinks: 4

4. Service: 4

5. Location: 4

Design & Boutique Feeling

The Palihouse definitely has the Los Angeles boutique hotel feel down to an art! Focused on a trendy and hipster design, the environment is colorful and well thought-out. It mixes styles to create its own and very characteristic vibe. Palihouse certainly feels like the best hipster hotel Los Angeles!Wonderful design, mix of times

Wonderful design, a mix of times…

Room & Other Facilities

This Los Angeles boutique hotel offers 32 rooms, but since it’s in the middle of a super lively district, it’s really important to check out your room when booking. When you’re booking here, make sure to go for an upstairs room with a terrace, as the standard room faces the avenue, and it’s very noisy at nights.

As far as the actual rooms are concerned, the design is really cool, with colorful walls, just what you’d expect from a Los Angeles boutique hotel. There was a plush sofa and a very, very cosy bed at our room at the best hipster hotel Los Angeles. Downside: the AC is controlled centrally, and the rooms can get a bit hot.

The reception is also very cosy, and there’s even a small yard that’s perfect to hang out at the best hipster hotel Los Angeles!

The cozy bed
The cozy bed

Food & Drinks

While there’s no food served directly at the hotel, the place does have a pretty cool eatery: The Heart and the Hunter. A very hip and popular restaurant, it is located right within the premises.

Much like at the Palihotel, the design is cool and hip, although the cuisine is a bit limited. Still, the menu is pretty interesting, mostly inspired by South American food and serving other international flavors. The restaurant’s terrace is really great for brunch and dinner, one of the highlights of this Los Angeles boutique hotel! Try to make a reservation beforehand: as the restaurant of the best hipster hotel Los Angeles, it’s fairly popular and always full of people.

The Heart & Hunter
The Heart & Hunter


The service of this Los Angeles boutique hotel is friendly and personalized. The staff is really gracious and there’s a real feeling of joy at the front desk of the best hipster hotel Los Angeles. They’re also very supportive regarding reservations and everything you might need to know.


Perfect for those looking to really embrace the Melrose Avenue lifestyle: this Los Angeles boutique hotel is surrounded by a large number of vintage stores, cafés, and restaurants. The Palihotel is also very close to some of the major tourist attractions in the area, particularly The Grove, one of the most iconic shopping malls in Los Angeles. The Farmers Market is also near the best hipster hotel Los Angeles!

The classic LA image in front of a pink wall
The classic LA image in front of a pink wall

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