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One of the most glam cities in the world and home to the mecca of film, L.A. has so much to offer. Incredible art, lovely views, and iconic movie locations, Los Angeles Instagram spots are downright dreamy. Generally speaking, this is a huge city full of wonder, and the top Los Angeles photo spots prove it. Fall in love with this thriving town containing a little bit of everything and a lot of pop culture. As a rule, it’s best to always have your camera with you here!

Los Angeles photo spots: street art
Make sure to bring your camera and let’s go explore Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Instagram Spots from Above: Griffiths Observatory!

L.A. is located within a valley, and as such, it’s a very hilly city with lots of viewpoints. As a result, hiking is one of the preferred activities of Angelenos! The highest points in town offer some of the coolest Los Angeles Instagram spots, particularly at the Griffith Observatory. The inside is lovely enough, but outside you’ll find some of the best Los Angeles photo spots. Incidentally, this is also where a famous scene from La La Land takes place! 

Los Angeles Instagram spots: view from above
The best place for a magical LA sunset!

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1. Say Hello to the Hollywood Sign

Perhaps the most iconic landmark out of all Los Angeles photo spots, no trip to LA is complete without the Hollywood sign as background. For me, the best place to see it is going up the Griffith Observatory, which will take you about 30 minutes. Be there early to avoid the crowds!

Los Angeles Instagram spots: the hollywood sign
Is visiting the Hollywood Sign on your bucket list?
Los Angeles Instagram spots: the hollywood sign
It was on mine… check!

Find the perfect combination of exercise and stunning views with this Griffith Park Experience & Hollywood Hills Hike!

2. L.A. from Above

Once you’re up there, take in the splendour of seeing the great town glistening below. Take in one of the best sights among Los Angeles Instagram spots and get some irreplaceable pics. Get particularly astonishing snaps by heading there during sunrise or sunset.

Los Angeles Instagram spots: los angeles from above
A perfect place to watch the view over Los Angeles

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The Famous & Glamorous Los Angeles Photo Spots

L.A. is home to Hollywood, the mythical mecca of filmmaking, set to endless movies. Accordingly, iconic movie locations are everywhere, and they’re some of the top Los Angeles Instagram spots. Besides, as home to the stars, there are so many places of traditional and contemporary luxury in town! 

Head to the places below for a glimpse of how the stars have lived since the days of classic Hollywood. In short, fall in love with the glamorous Los Angeles photo spots!


3. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane on the Beverly Hills Sign

Fans of Beverly Hills 90210 can’t miss seeing the Beverly Hills sign up close! Park near the Beverly Gardens Park and prepare for one of the most famous Los Angeles photo spots. Beyond the sign, you’ll find lots of little details that will throw you back to TV watching!

Los Angeles Instagram spots: beverly hills sign
Beverly Hills Sign, check!

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4. Shop Your Heart Out at Rodeo Drive

Feel a little like Julia Roberts by heading to Rodeo Drive for some window shopping. Here, you’ll find all the premium brands, offering fantastic Los Angeles Instagram spots. Up your game by walking a mile in Pretty Woman’s shoes.

Los Angeles Instagram spots: rodeo drive
Oh la la here we are! If you like me are a Pretty Woman fan this is a must!
Los Angeles Instagram spots: rodeo drive shopping
Stay outside or do a Julia and go in shopping big time?

When in L.A., shopping is a must! Check out this Palm Springs Day Tour and Outlet Shopping from Los Angeles!  Another idea on how to treat yourself is to get a new smartphone with latest camera for those perfect LA snaps.


5. Live It Up at the Beverly Hills Hotel

A Sunset Boulevard staple, the Beverly Hills Hotel has been synonymous with Tinsel Town glamour for many decades. Besides being one of the top Los Angeles photo spots, it’s also among the best-known hotels in the world. It’s also the basis for the famous 70s song Hotel California!

Los Angeles photo spots: beverly hills hotel
The place to be!
Los Angeles photo spots: beverly hills hotel
Lots of pink – totally in my taste!

Go to this local staple to get a glimpse of how celebs live, with all the luxury it entails. Have lunch here to get access to the pool area and take some fun snaps living your best life.

beverly hills hotel los angeles
The cutest little garden!
Beverly hills hotel
Feeling like a true celeb!

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Los Angeles Instagram Spots Around Melrose Avenue

For another close encounter with 90’s television, Melrose Avenue is a must. In this case, Melrose Place was my absolutely favourite show! As such, it was a joy to walk around the same places as the characters, enjoying these prime Los Angeles photo spots. 

Although Melrose is very close to the famous Sunset Strip, the vibe here is much more relaxed, and there’s a true dedication to vintage here. Design and thrift shops abound here, and I fully recommend getting lost in this area. In comparison to the rest of hectic downtown LA, Melrose is a little slower – just make sure you have good walking shoes!


6. The Colourful Street Art

Creativity thrives in LA, and fantastic street art is easy to find. Walk a little off the beaten track to find hidden Los Angeles Instagram spots; side streets contain such amazing murals and pieces!

Los Angeles photo spots: pink wall
I can’t make a Los Angeles photo spots post without the famous pink Pall Smith wall

street art in los angeles
And on the opposite side there are more colorful artsy vibes!

On Melrose Avenue stands one of the most iconic Los Angeles photo spots: the Paul Smith storefront. Don’t miss the chance for a pink-filled pic!

See more of the thriving local culture on this Downtown Los Angeles: Food, Arts and Culture Walking Tour!

7. Connect to Your Inner Hipster at Palihouse Hotel

Located right on Melrose Avenue, the Palihouse Hotel is in the gist of everything. A lovely boutique hotel, it has some of my fave Los Angeles Instagram spots, mixing old and new designs. Generally speaking, this is hipster heaven: a trendy place with well-crafted design, there’s real thought behind every piece. Take some casual snaps in the beautifully decorated common areas or sitting at your room’s cute design desk!

Los Angeles photo spots: palihouse hotel
A little break at the Palihouse Hotel


Los Angeles photo spots: palihouse hotel
Vintage Feeling…

Read more about the Palihouse on my hotel review. And if you already fell in love with it, you can book your stay HERE!

Los Angeles Photo Spots to Enjoy the Venice Vibe

Los Angeles is so large that each neighbourhood is basically its own city full of personality. Out of all the L.A. hoods, my favourite is Venice, which is conversely the chillest! Offering some of the best Los Angeles Instagram spots, Venice Beach is a beachy and boho darling. Go to this artistic area and enjoy an atmosphere like nowhere else, as you’re surrounded by interesting places and people. As a rule, never go around Venice without your camera: you might miss incredible Los Angeles photo spots! 

Los Angeles Instagram spots: rose hotel beach
Hello Venice – A Different Side of Los Angeles!

8. Get Funky at the Boardwalk

Officially called the Ocean Front Walk, this is the heart and soul of Venice. For instance, this is where you’ll find the most exotic shops and entertainment, and the area feels like a fair. Walk or bike across this carnival of colour and enjoy one of the coolest Los Angeles photo spots. This area is super eclectic, lined with hip restaurants, flea markets, drugs, and skateboarders practicing tricks. In summary, watch out and have your camera ready!

Los Angeles photo spots: boardwalk venice
A day at the beach and taking a trip down the boardwalk

Venice is one of the birthplaces of surfing! Give it a try with this 2-hour Group Surfing Lesson!

9. Salute the Beautiful Beach

The beach is an essential part of Venice’s life, so much so that it’s one of the birthplaces of surfer culture. As such, it offers perfect Los Angeles photo spots to enjoy the sun and face the Pacific!

Los Angeles Instagram spots: the beach
Enjoying every minute

For the most part, you’ll see locals hanging out in the sun or practicing with their boards. Whether you’re looking to try your luck with the waves or just wiggle your toes in the sand, there are endless photo ops. The classic lifeguard booths, the wild Pacific as background – just the elements of a perfect pic.

Los Angeles Instagram spots: venice beach
The iconic lifeguard tower – a must photo spot!
Los Angeles Instagram spots: venice beach
Pure happiness!

10. The Obligatory Pic on a Bike

In Venice, bicycles are the preferred medium of transportation – usually, most residents bike everywhere. As such, to document your stay, a picture on a cute bike is almost a necessity. Find a vintage or colourful one for an even cuter effect!

biking around venice beach
Just loved the long board walk here – you can go all the way to Santa Monica!
Los Angeles Instagram spots: biking in venice

Ride around like a local with this Santa Monica and Venice 3-Hour Electric Bike Tour!

11. The Stunning Sunsets

As the day comes to an end, go to the beach and catch the sun going down. There’s a special charm to coastal towns, and Venice is no different. One of the coolest Los Angeles Instagram spots? The ocean during sundown, as the sky fills with colour. Coupled with the wind pushing the palm trees, you’ve got yourself a postcard of a picture!

Los Angeles Instagram spots: sunset
The most gorgeous moment of the day!
Los Angeles Instagram spots: sunset
Could watch this forever!

When the sun is down, the party begins at this Night Cruise in Marina del Rey with Dinner!

Los Angeles Instagram Spots at Abbot Kinney & Surroundings

Abbot Kinney is the centre of all happenings in Venice, and therefore home to some prime Los Angeles Instagram spots. So many of the coolest local activities occur around Abbot Kinney, and you’ll find everything from cute shops to art galleries. In brief, get that camera rolling and enjoy hip and artsy Los Angeles photo spots!

12. Hip Abbot Kinney

Abbot Kinney Boulevard has a very distinct personality, and it’s lined up with hip and artsy spots. Spend a whole day window shopping around the lovely boutiques here, taking advantage of one of the coolest Los Angeles photo spots.

Los Angeles Instagram spots: abbot kinney
So cool and a nice backdrop for a photo

Cycle from West Hollywood to Venice on this LA in a Day Bike Adventure!

13. The Insta-Perfect Cafés and Restaurants

There are lots of delicious and super photogenic places to pause for coffee in Venice. The Butcher’s Daughter is one of my favourite Los Angeles Instagram spots, in particular, due to its striking design. A Hamptons-inspired café, it perfectly reflects Venice’s chill vibe, with its details in clear-coloured wood, its pastels, and its lush plants. They offer a vegetarian menu that changes daily for the freshest ingredients, and they have breakfast, brunch and even dinner.

Boho vibes in los angeles
The Butcher’s Daughter – My absolute favorite brunch place!

Similarly, you’ll find Kreation Organic Kafe & Juicery across the street, which specialises in delicious and all-natural smoothies. For dinner, my fave was The Tasting Kitchen, an industrially-decorated cute with fantastic food and cocktails.

tasting kitchen restaurant venice beach
The Tasting Kitchen – A hip gem with great food!

However, if you’re craving Italian, Gjelina is the place to go for a romantic candlelit dinner at the backyard. In addition to it, another great Italian is Barrique, perfect for a late and quiet dinner.

Get to know the local food culture on this Original Farmers Market Food and History Tour!

14. The Subdued Minimalism of The Rose Hotel

Our home during our Venice stay, The Rose Hotel is easily among the most interesting Los Angeles photo spots. Once a brothel, it has been a boutique hotel for quite some time now, and its décor is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. Soft with splashes of colour, there are plenty of cute photo ops here!

 the rose hotel venice beach
The cutest hotel in Venice! Loved this hip place!

Read more about The Rose Hotel on my review. You can also book your stay HERE!

15. Cosy Mornings at The Rose Café

The Rose Café is a Venice Beach staple, and one of the cutest Los Angeles Instagram spots. This place has been standing for over 40 years, and it’s easy to see why. In the first place, the atmosphere here is one-of-a-kind, and so is the décor. Bright and cute, there’s a truly relaxed approach here. The outdoor terrace is a great place for breakfast or brunch!

interior of  the rose cafe venice beach
Loving the interior here
interior of the rose cafe venice beach
Romantic and Artsy!

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Unmissable Photo Spots in Santa Monica

If Venice is L.A.’s artsy and hip area, Santa Monica is the luxurious neighbour. Although located right next to Venice Beach, the vibe is entirely different – and so is the offer of Los Angeles Instagram spots. Here, you’ll find some of the most iconic Los Angeles photo spots, surrounded in this total air of luxury. Opulent hotels and stores coupled with lovely views of the Pacific are at the core of gorgeous Santa Monica. In summary, an unmissable promenade!


16. The Classic Pier & Beach View

The Santa Monica Pier is one of the most recognizable Los Angeles Instagram spots. Along with Muscle Beach, this area forms a very popular attraction, although a little too touristy for my taste. However, it’s definitely worth taking pics here! 


santa monica pier from a distance
Welcome to Santa Monica Pier!
Santa Monica HOuses
Would love to move into the pink and purple one! Which one is your favorite?

Find the right angle showcasing the vast Pacific blue and the famous Ferris wheel and snap away.

Fall in love with the sights of this California Coastline Helicopter Tour

17. A Parentheses of Elegance Viceroy Hotel

Have breakfast or lunch at the Viceroy Santa Monica Hotel and enjoy the luxury. This boutique hotel is among my favourite Los Angeles photo spots because of its cosy yet deluxe touch. A place of classic luxury, I love the broad spaces in black and white here. Soak up those Santa Monica vibes!

viceroy hotel los angeles
The luxurious Viceroy Hotel

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