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Miami Beach Activities

The weather, the beach, the sun, the palm trees and the friendly people – they all make life a bit easier!

Morning walks in the sand,yoga at the beach and in the cozy Green Monkey studio, healthy and organic breakfasts at Juice & Java and Icebox followed by days by the pool. And what can be better than ending the day with some great food at Baoli or Sushi Samba or just having a huge drink to Latino Rythms at Ocean Drive.

Well, our daysin Miami have been fantastic! Before this trip, Fredrik was not a fan of Miami and when I was here last time it literally rained cats and dogs for a full day. But now we are very happy we decided to start our trip here and we have both truly fallen in love with this city!Miami Lifemiami beach activities

miami beach activitiesmiami beach activities

Miami Life

Yes, I have had to work quite some and we have both been jetlagged. Let me put it like this, this time we have been the ones opening the places, not closing them… But what does it matter if you wake up at 5.30 full of energy, and get to watch the sunrise from the hotel room window. And at10 PM when you end your “night out” you can still watch the stars for a couple of minutes before your eyelids become to heavy!

Miami Sunset

Our Miami time has now come to an end and so have the posts with beaches, palm trees and sun, at least for a while!

We have now arrived in Cuzco and I would say that the biggest adventure of this trip is now awaitingus – the Inca Trail! We are both starting to get a bit nervous. It seems likeall the others have prepared for this during a long time with a lot of advanced gears. I still do not have a back pack, my ballerinas are still on and I am actually afraid of heights… but now there is no turning back. Luckily, I will have my Iron Man by my side!


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