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Fall is here and has been her for a couple of months and this year the Moscow fall has been extra beautiful! I am so happy that we managed to get out one of our last weekends in Moscow to do a fall photo shoot of the beautiful Moscow fall. Below are my favorite spots for the best Moscow photography!

My Top 5 Moscow Fall Photo Shoot Spots!

Living close Gorky Park and the city center of Moscow, the good news is that you have some amazing fall photo shoot spots more or less outside your door!  The first four Moscow fall spots below you will reach by foot.  This fall photo shoot can easily be  done in 2 hours or so! For number 5 you will have to walk 20 minutes along the Moscow river.  If tired of walking grab a taxi or take the beautiful metro! Common for all are that they will boost your Moscow photography and fall photo shoot and add an amazing Moscow fall vibe to it!

Beautiful Moscow Fall Skyline
Moscow a city of contrasts!

1. Christ the Savior Cathedral – A Must For Any Moscow Photography!

Just 5 minutes from where we live – or rather lived – you will find Christ the Savior Cathedral. It is a must for Moscow photography collection and is as beautiful all year around. A perfect spot to get a more majestic feel to Moscow fall and your fall photo shoot!

Me in front of the majestic Christ the Savior Cathedral, Moscow during our fall photo shoot
Fall Happiness with the beauty in the background!

This time we tried some new spots for this fall photo shoot.  A couple of new angles and its golden domes shined bright like never before. A perfect match to the lovely colors of fall. A true Moscow photography gem!

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Me in the stairs in front of Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow fall
So many photo spots around this beauty!

2. The Patriarshiy Most Bridge – A Must for any Photographer!

One of the best photo spots for your Moscow photography collection is the Patriarshiy Most. Not sure how many times we passed this bridge during our Moscow evening walks and during the weekends on our way to Gorky park. But never did  get tired of the view from here. This day for the Moscow fall photo shoot we also explored it from below and it gave a bit of a cool and industrial touch to it.

Me under one of many Moscow bridge - A must Moscow photography spot
Under the bridge…

However, the best photo spots also for a fall photo shoot are to be found from the bridge itself. The best view of the cathedral to your Moscow photography collection. From the middle of the bridge you can also get magic photos with Kreml or Red October and Peter the great statue in the background!

Me with the Kreml in the background - A must for any Moscow photography
From above – a cold Moscow day!

3. Gorky Park – The No 1 Spot for Our Moscow Fall Photo Shoot!

Gorky park showed us a spectacle of colors this Sunday. I do not think it has ever been more beautiful. Wake up early and you will have this huge Moscow oasis almost for yourself. Moscow fall should be seen in Gorky Park, a must stop for any Moscow photography!

We spend a lot of time here for our fall photo shoot and the good thing is that you will not have to walk far. Find a spot with the beautiful fall colors in the background and start creating some great content for your Moscow fall  and Moscow photography collection!

Me in Gorky par a beautiful Moscow Fall day
Surrounded by Moscow Fall Beauty!

Have fun among the leaves – a fun twist to our Moscow fall photo shoot!

When Magic Happens… 

How beautiful isn’t this Gorky Park alley with Peter the great statue in the horizon. @fredjonss is really improving his photography skills!

A Gorky Park Post Card from our fall photo shoot
A Gorky Park Post Card

But it is almost as beautiful from the other way around! These colors are just amazing!!! Have a stroll or just sit down and relax and let your camera man do the work:)!

Gorky Park a beautiful fall day
Almost as beautiful from the other side!

Gorky park is huge and the one that searches will find. This little building, located between the Moscow river and the Gorky Park entrance, is a perfect Moscow fall  photo shoot spot. The fall setting makes it shine even brighter. A perfect addition for the ones interested in Moscow photography!

A cute building in Gorky park a Moscow Fall day! Perfect for any Moscow photography!
A Picture Perfect Spot!

4. Red October – A Hipster Addition to your Moscow Photograpy!

This area you will find in many of my Moscow posts. Red October, the small party island and hipster spot, located in the middle of the long Moscow river.

Here you will find some of my favorite weekend hang outs like Strelka. This is also where you will find a lot of colorful street art and some of them are perfect for a cool Moscow fall photo shoot.

Street Art Heaven in Red October, Moscow!
Street Art Heaven in Red October!

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5. Basil Cathedral – A Must In Any Moscow Photography Collection

The most famous and probably the most photographed landmark in Moscow – the Basil Cathedral. This colorful Aladdin look alike beauty is picture perfect in itself but gets even more beautiful when dressed in the colors of fall. A Moscow photography must and a great addition to your Moscow fall photo shoot!

The Basil Cathedral - More beautiful than ever in the colors of fall!
The Basil Cathedral – More beautiful than ever in the colors of fall!

Given that it is one of the most visited places in Moscow you better be up early. An insider tips. One of the best angle of the cathedral you will find from the road between the river and the cathedral at the backside.  A spot that is usually less crowded too than the front at the red square! A Moscow photography gem!

Enjoying the view of the Moscow river from the Red October side!
Enjoying the view of the Moscow river from the Red October side!

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  1. Wow! You have been making Moscow look so magical on Instagram, I had to come and check out your blog post to get some more inspiration for when I finally make it to Russia. Fingers crossed that happens next year.

    Thanks for sharing.

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      oh thank you, yes i hope you have a chance to go there, it’s beautiful 🙂

    • Linda Reply

      Thanks a million dear! Moscow is a very beautiful city!! And thanks for the love about my jumper! My fall favorite!

    • Linda Reply

      I can highly recommend it, theres so much to see 🙂 You wont regret it

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