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Long time no hear but here comes an update from our Moscow Life and this time from a cold and sunny winter weekend!

Russian winter is something special for sure. Long, cold and dark. Unfortunately, not so inspirational, a time of the year you rather spend inside than outside.

A Sunny Surprise in our Moscow Life

Imagine the happiness when we  woke up to a clear blue sky  for our long women’s day weekend.  After weeks of  -20 degrees, -10 and sun all of a sudden felt like a dream.  Grey Moscow turned into a winter wonderland and Moscow river has never looked prettier!

Moscow River – Prettier than Ever!
Moscow River – Prettier than Ever!
What a View! - Gorky Park
What a View!

Weekends like this, I feel very privileged. Not only are we living close to one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Moscow but it also only takes 20 minutes to walk to Gorky Park, a place that days like this transforms into a true winter wonderland!

Our Neighbor – Christ the Savior Cathedral!
Our Neighbor – Christ the Savior Cathedral!
Winter Wonderland in Gorky!
Winter Wonderland in Gorky!

Things to do in Moscow – Skating in Gorky Park!

So what to do a day like this? Go skating in Gorky Park like true Moscovites!

Moscow is a vibrant city and the freezing cold does not stop the activity. During the winter, squares and ponds transform into skating rinks and even though skating at Red Square might be a memorable experience, the one in Gorky Park is for sure my favorite.

Most of the things in Moscow are big and built to impress and so is the skating system in Gorky. Yes, a system it is. The beautiful fountain behind the entrance and the connecting paths turn into a land on ice surrounded by bridges, restaurants and cafes. The perfect place to spend some hours in the sun!

Things to do in Moscow – Skating in Gorky Park!
Finally Sun in the Face!

So… time to put the skates on and off we go! One, two, three stumbling steps… OMG I thought I would be good at this but apparently 30 years  without skating had made my body forget the right moves, the right balance. Luckily, there were many cozy resting places where I could enjoy the sun, while watching Fredrik showing off!

Check it all out  in our new Moscow Life Episode below or in our Youtube Channel!

Moscow by Night

We ended the weekend with a long evening walk. Moscow is for sure a sight by night!

Red October Moscow by Night
Red October by Night
A Beauty also by Night
The Famous One – Kreml
The Famous One – Kreml

A magic winter weekend in Moscow…. Now there is only one thing left and that is spring!

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