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Moscow, a majestic city like no other. Everything in this city is built to impress. Thus, the streets and boulevards are wide with up to 10 lanes in some cases. The architecture is amazing with a mix of styles from various times with elements that makes you think you are in a fairy tale. A Moscow New Year or just a winter trip to this city will for sure be a memorable one due to the gorgeous decorations!

The Capital of Bling Bling!

Moscow is in this aspect very different from Sweden. The Swedish trend “Lagom” does not exist in this city. On the contrary, the Moscovites dare to stand out, be different and to go all in. The same of course applies to the December and New Year decoration. Having visited many cities during Christmas & New Year, I have never seen something like Moscow. The first year,  I must admit I was a bit shocked. Moscow literally becomes the capital of bling bling. A crazy mix of colors, new innovative creations every year, making the otherwise so dull and grey winter costume shine bright like a diamond!

All in New Year Decoration - Moscow
All in New Year Decoration
New Year in Moscow
This Year’s New Year Creation
The Tunnel of Colors at Moscow
The Tunnel of Colors

The Coziest Moscow Hood: Patriarshi Prudy

I love Moscow this time of the year! It is like exploring a new city. After two months of darkness, it is finally time to get some light and festive feeling into the life again. My favorite area Patriarshi Prudy turns into cosy area full of light and decoration and the pond becomes the place for skating.

A perfect weekend hang out with friends. So, brunch at Uilliams is a great start of the day.  Prosecco and truffle and garlic baked potatoes  followed by their delicious pasta and you do not have to eat much more that day!

Decorations in Patriarshi Prudy
Decorations in Patriarshi Prudy
Uilliams Moscow – One of My Favorite Brunch Places
Uilliams Moscow – One of My Favorite Brunch Places

My Moscow New Year Restaurants  Recommendations…

It is crazy but soon another year will come to an end! We have had an amazing one filled with so many trips and new countries but we have also had some great time at home, in Moscow! I have never celebrated a Moscow New Year but I would really like to do it one day as I am sure a Moscow New Year will be a truly memorable one! Moscow is full of amazing restaurants so why not celebrate a new year while enjoying a delicious dinner and a magic view of this majestic city!

So, what would I do? I would book a table in one of the many rooftop restaurants. See my Moscow New Year restaurant recommendations below.

Take a taxi to Moscow City and enjoy delicious Russian food high among the clouds in the glamorous restaurant Ruski. Here you can also drink vodka in some true Russian Winter conditions in the Ice Bar. For a more international experience and a party vibe head to Sixty for your Moscow New Year.

Ruski View at Moscow
Ruski View

If you prefer true fine dining, White Rabbit is the best choice for a Moscow New Year. You will get seduced both by the delicious food, the tasty wine as well as the amazing ambiance and decor of this famous restaurant!

White Rabbit at Moscow
Quite a view @White Rabbit

So, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! I, we are so happy that you are following us on our journey! We are looking forward to an exciting 2018, full of new acquaintances, trips and experiences and hope that it will be as good as 2017!

In a World of Bling Bling


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