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Let’s start with the fact that Moscow is not a world known shopping capital, right? To me it’s more of an advantage as a) you won’t have crazy crowds around in the shopping malls and b) there is a high chance you will get something truly special and unique no one  else back home has (yes, I’m talking Russian designers!).

shopping in Moscow: biking
Shopping malls… Here I come!

Moscow is a huge megapolis with over 15 millions inhabitants, rich history, beautiful architecture and very special vibe. If you are first timer here I highly recommend to check My guide with 18 absolute must-dos but if you’ve been here quite a few times then I have my Moscow beyond the crowds guide.

shopping in Moscow: watching the view
Don’t forget to explore beyond the shopping malls, Moscow is so beautiful!

If you are into history, museums and art Moscow is your city. I bet Russians are one of the most museum loving nation. Wherever they travel first thing on the plan is museums so you can imagine how rich Moscow museum life is. I recommend GET YOUR GUIDE as a one stop destination for best museum tours and other unique Moscow experiences.

shopping in Moscow and visiting museum
What’s the first destination for you in Moscow, the shopping mall or a museum?

Now, last thing before we jump into my Moscow shopping malls insider confessions, let’s talk visa as this could be a tricky one. Use easy iVisa form below to check how to get Russian visa.

3 Unique Moscow Shopping Malls – A Must Visit For All

Moscovites love shopping even more than they love museums:). After decades of Cold War and empty shelves they truly enjoy process of shopping, appreciate beautiful things and see appearance and style as an important part of self awareness. I’m sure at some point you will find yourself looking at young beautiful very well dressed girls and boys especially if you go to one of the hipster Moscow restaurants or cozy breakfast places or stunning Moscow rooftops And I know exactly where those things are to be found. Have your credit card ready!

shopping in Moscow at night
After all the shopping I’m ending the night out and just watching the city lights.

Marvelous GUM – An Iconic Moscow Store

GUM is abbreviation for Main Department Store and it has quite a history as it was first open in XIX century and was the  largest passage in Europe at that time. GUM reminds me of a famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan with its glass ceiling and monumental interior. Today it’s not just a Moscow shopping mall where you can buy almost everything. First of all it’s closest to Kremlin store and one of the symbols of Moscow. GUM is also a beautiful place for photo sessions with outstanding seasonal decorations.

It has a legendary cinema with heavy red velvet curtains and some movies run in English and 4$ historical WC worth visiting as it was recreated according to XIX designs with super luxury vanity, showers and beyond. Besides it has a nice grocery store Gastronome No 1 where you might want to stop by and get some traditional Russian food like chocolates, buckwheat, cranberries covered in sugar, honey, rye bread and caviar of course.

A little shopping break

Speaking of shopping itself GUM is a home of luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Dior, Hermes etc. You can find full list HERE  meaning you can expect top service and somewhat attractive prices especially if you visiting during Sale periods.  Don’t forget about Tax Free. Enjoy your stroll through lines, floors and bridges. Finish your GUM visit by having coffee with a Red Square view at BOSCO CAFE.

Every year around December the big GUM ice skating rink and Christmas fair are set right on the Red Square next to the best shopping mall in Moscow. If you are visiting in winter this is an absolute must do!

best shopping mall in Moscow: GUM ice skating rink
This is one of the reasons to visit Moscow in December!
best shopping mall in Moscow: GUM christmas
In Moscow, the decorations are all in!

Stylish TSUM – Luxury Department Store

To the right side of Bolshoi Theatre you easily can spot remarkable gothic facade. Please meet Moscow TSUM. It was founded by two Scottish gentlemen back in 1908 and today it is still the biggest department store in Eastern Europe. Navigation is pretty easy, first floor – beauty and accessories, second floor – men’s , third floor – women’s, fourth floor – kids and fifth floor – home. Here you can also find the one and only Moscow Apple Store. TSUM is extremely popular among tourists thanks to the ‘European prices’ campaign with all prices matching Milan and Paris plus Tax Free. 

best shopping mall in Moscow: TSUM
I LOVE the decoration with the red ribbon, how cute!

TSUM is really big with over 1500 brands on 70 000 square meters so if you are short on time and want to make the best out of it check the interactive MAP before your visit.  Or feel free to address shop assistants as most of them speak English and even Chinese.

best shopping mall in Moscow: TSUM
Here you’ll have to plan out the stores you want to visit as this place is huge!
best shopping mall in Moscow: TSUM
Luxury, luxury, luxury

Hipster Tsvetnoy – The Best Of European Brands

TSVETNOY is my favorite shopping spot in Moscow full of hipster vibe and creative mood. If unique things, street style and edgy clothing is your thing you will love it here too. And you can expect probably the best selection of local designers in town!

best shopping mall in Moscow: Tsvetnoy
Next stop – Tsvetnoy

Underground floor has an exhibition space and home goods. First floor is beauty. On the second floor you can find more sporty and streetwear concepts while on my favorite third floor you have trendy European brands like Maje, Sandro, All Saints etc and great selection of Russian brands.

best shopping mall in Moscow: Tsvetnoy mall
Hip & Trendy and full of inspiration!

Forth floor is more of a designer space with  top quality pieces from both well known and new designers. Fifth floor used to be organic food market and recently was converted into fancy food court plus bunch of restaurants coming soon on the sixth floor.

5 Russian Fashion Brands You Need To Know

Let me take you through the top new Russian brands and designers everyone is talking about. All of them you can find in Tsevtnoy.


This russian fashion brand was created in Ekaterinburg by twin sisters Irina and Marina Golomazdiny in 2014. Today it’s one of fastest growing fashion business in Russia with 1 MIO Instagram followers, 24 shops and huge plans for western market. 

What to shop? 12 storeez is all about good quality + elegant basics. Here you can shop great wardrobe basics that you will wear for few seasons. They are launching new collection every month by the way.

best shopping mall in Moscow: Tsvetnoy 12 storeez
Need to stock up on your basic clothes? 12 Storeez is the place to go

Iamstudio is another young and successful middle-up Instagram born russian clothing brand.

What to shop? Here you find perfect coats, pants, shirts and dresses that compliment everyone and look on one hand effortless and casual but has a dash of a designer touch to it.


Alena Akhmadullina is one of the top Russian designers, she started in 2001 with her ready to wear upscale collections presented on Paris fashion weeks. She launched new middle price end  brand Akhmadullina Dreams in 2017 with more affordable yet stunning pieces.

What to shop? Alena’s signature looks are romantic and dreamy. Get yourself something with her unique prints created from hand drawings.

best shopping mall in Moscow: Tsvetnoy Akhmadullina dreams
Affordable and amazing pieces, very appreciated

Gate 31 is minimalistic women’s clothing brand from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

What to shop? Modern classics. Clean and sleek forms, functional designs and minimalistic basic pieces.

best shopping mall in Moscow: Gate31
If you have a more minimalistic fashion taste, then head over to Gate31

Portal is another super cool Russian shoe brand. Created by Porta 9 team who also owns multi brand footwear stores. 

What to shop? Here you can find basic and timeless models together with trendy and edgy designs. Mainly they do real leather but sometimes there is also a textile or eco leather options.

shopping in Moscow: Portal shoes
You know what they say, a woman can’t have too many shoes… or?

Tretyakovsky Proyezd – Spend Like A Russian

Let’s get back to the city center and luxury shopping. Small pathway from Nikolskaya street to Lubyanka is full of premium brands boutiques and considered to be one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. Some tell that TRETYAKOVSKY is home for Moscow luxury shopping since 1870. Today you have here Chopard, Brioni, Giorgio Armani, Chloe, Celine and others.

Shopping in Moscow: Tretyakovsky Proyezd
This is like the shopping mall heaven
best shopping mall in Moscow: Tretyakovsky Proyezd Celine
Who wouldn’t wanna go and have a look at all the handbags at Celine?

You can start your Moscow shopping journey in GUM then take Nikolskaya and Tretyakovsky proyezd. When you exit the medieval looking gate of Tretyakovsky proyezd you will face Bolshoi theater and TSUM nearby. 

Patriarchy Ponds – Another Hipster Area

This area is something special! One of my favorite spots in town. I like to call it a bohemian oasis in a big city because it attracts young moscovites and expats who love to hang out here at stylish restaurants, stroll by the pond and check small cozy shops. A very special place to shop in Moscow!

Here you have a couple of decent russian brands shops like BRUSNIKA with their knitwear, WONDER WANDER with a great selection of both casual and festive options and MY DEAR PETRA for delicate lingerie.  I truly believe those small russian fashion stars will bring you a pleasant surprise.

Patriarchy Ponds Biking
Take the bike and go from store to store and enjoy the vibe
Patriarchy Ponds view

Don’t know about you but I love perfumes and whenever I’m in the area I alway visit MOLECULE to check their great collection of selective and niche perfumes. Next stop would be DIPTIQUE for their outstanding scented candles. One spot I also highly recommend is Coco Cafe a pop-up project by Chanel, a fun and very special place full of Coco’s spirit.

It is also worth checking great restaurants in the area. Read my blogpost with the selection of Top 10 Hipster Moscow Restaurants Where Only Locals Hang Out 

Shopping in Moscow: Patriarchy Ponds stores
Sunny weather and good stores, couldn’t be more happy!

Arts And Crafts – A Piece of Russia To Take With You

Russian folk art is fascinating and something I’ve never seen before. Definately a must-do when shopping in Moscow. There are countless styles but you might be interested in the four most popular ones. Khokhloma with red and yellow-gold deco on black. Gzhel which looks like Dutch delft pottery with whites and blues. Zhostovo trays made of metal covered in black paint with beautiful flowers ornament in the center and Pavlovo Posad shawls of all sizes and colours made of silk, cotton or wool with traditional ornaments and tassels. No need to mention Matryoshka doll, because you will see lots of different sizes, styles and types so the the choice might be a struggle. 

Shopping in Moscow: Izmaylovo Flea Market
Izmaylovo Flea Market

The main place for this stuff is IZMAYLOVO FLEA MARKET located in cute colorful Izmaylovo Kremlin. But keep in mind this flea market operates during weekends.

Shopping in Moscow: Izmaylovo Flea Market
Wanna bring home a souvenir, make sure to go here on the weekend

If you are planning to go to Gorky Park or Muzeon you can stop by and outdoor art gallery VERNISSAGE ON KRYMSKAYA EMBANKMENT. Here you can get acquainted with the works of contemporary artists, talk to the them personally and buy the paintings. 

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