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Finally it happened! Spring arrived in Moscow and as always it more or less came over a night! But I am not complaining.

The winter in Moscow has been almost  unbearable. So dark, so cold and so long! The feeling when you put your winter boots in the wardrobe and take out your rosé gold sneakers… pure happiness!

All of a sudden you want to leave the nest, the cozy apartment, and go out to explore the new vibrant life that is waiting outside. Moscow transformed from a grey and beige city into a colorful and warm one in a couple of hours and  all of a sudden you could see some smile on the usually so burly faces.

Spring Feeling in Moscow

Moscow Dressed in Spring

We found cute photo spots everywhere a long the streets we have walked  so many times before. The effect of the sun and 15 degrees is just amazing!

Such a Pretty Wall
Can I Move in into this Pink Beauty?

The Sunny “Ponds”

The streests of Patriarshi pond – our favorite area in Moscow – quickly got filled with people enjoying the sun. The pond is slowly but surely melting and the restaurants quickly got filled with sun dwellers like us.

Days like this you do not want to get in, slowly but surely filling up the D vitamin gap that the dark winter has created.

Enjoying Life!

What can be a better way to end a sunny day than with a  lovely dinner at Twins, one of my favorite restaurants in Patriarshi, with our dear friends Olga & Fred.

Dinner Time with @olgaringquist
Cozy Twins

When Red Square Turns into Insta Heaven

In Moscow everything is possible and decoration in all styles is one of the things that Moscow knows how to do .

In the East the cherry tree blossoms in full and if you do not have  real ones, why not create some of your own? Still I must say, I loved these fake pink  blossoms. Red square and its surroundings have never been so instagramable before!

Cherry Blossom Moscow Style
Could not Resist this Beauty

With spring comes a new mood, new expectations and best of all, in two weeks it is time for vacation and some traveling again! Hope spring has arrived also to you! Lots of love from Moscow!

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  1. OMG your photos are incredible! I absolutely love your blog, definitely going to follow along! I love those blossoms, they’re gorgeous! Nikki

  2. Moscow is such a beautiful place to go on a tour i really love the photos of the environment, the hotel and it dishes, i would love to make a visit to Moscow.

    • Linda Reply

      You should definitely make a trip to Moscow dear! But rather in the summer than winter

  3. If spring always looks this beautiful, I’d definitely want to experience spring too. Getting to experience the vibrant outdoor and that yummy dinner is just amazing. I also love how the cherry tree blossoms into a very beautiful feature… those pink flowers are intriguing no doubt!

  4. It must be such a joy after hard long months with lots of snow!! I’m glad you’re enjoying and really love your white blouse!

    • Linda Reply

      Thank you dear! Have to make the most of beautiful days like this 🙂

  5. i am speechless. the pictures are so beautiful. what a lovely destination. thank you for sharing your words. i hope to visit there one day

  6. Oh wow your photos are incredible! What a beautiful place to go and those colours are all so pretty too! Love it!

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