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Even though I loved every minute of our 81 Day Vacay, I must admit that it was great to be back in our lovely Moscow apartment, unpack the suit cases and meet all friends and colleagues again. At least for a week or two! Then the restlessness slowly but surely started to take over…  If you’re wondering about what to see in Stockholm then look no further. Not to mention my take on the best hotels in Stockholm as well as the best restaurants in Stockholm.

Luckily, I did not have to wait too long until it was time for take off. This time the destination was my old home town – my beautiful Stockholm!

Haymarket – A new favorite when searching what to see in Stockholm!

One of the best things with living abroad is that you get the opportunity to be a tourist in your own town and try out the best hotels in Stockholm like Haymarket by Scandic. This design oasis made it to my top 3 list the minute I entered its grand entrance. The truly thought through and extraordinary design, the vibrant atmosphere and vibe quickly transfer you back in time to the glamorous parts of the 1920s.

Haymarket by Scandic

The well planned lobby, the restaurants and the bar make Haymarket so much more than a hotel. It is an experience, a meeting place where you can work in the upper floor area or in the huge cosy couches next to the bar, enjoy healthy food at Greta’s or a tasty dinner at the American and European fusion brasserie, Paul’s. And why not end the day with a delicious drink or two in the sophisticated and popular bar, The Americain! All of them are definitely considered some of the best restaurants in Stockholm too.

I did it all! 6 months since I was here last time, there were so many friends to meet, 3 new babies to admire and a couple of business meetings to be held. So it was just to adapt the place to the situation and enjoy every meeting, every drink and every tasty meal.

Lovely days but also a bit sad as you get reminded of how much you miss all your Stockholm friends!

best hotels in stockholmbest hotels in stockholmbest hotels in stockholmbest hotels in stockholm

The rooms are deigned in the same inspiring and cool design – 1920 meets 2020! I love the rosé details in the bathroom and the huge tile painting in the shower!

Would highly recommend to go for a large or extra large room and ask for a room high up. The standard rooms are tiny and the sound proofing is not top noch! The breakfast buffet is great but during the most popular hours it is a bit messy in the restaurant. So either you wake up early or take a well deserved sleep in morning! I went for the later…

The Old Favorites

I did not stay in the 1920s the full time. I also managed to visit some of my favorite restaurants and bars. Breakfast at Riche, AW at Bouquerian, birthday dinner for my Jenny at Miss Voon, drinks at Sturehof and Nosh & Chow and finally a Sunday afternoon at Nybrogatan 38 as well as some shopping in Mood. These are just some more of the best restaurants in Stockholm.

Well, I must admit, the days in Stockholm were quite productive:)!

Nybrogatan 38Nybrogatan 38Nybrogatan 38Nybrogatan 38

A beautiful Day – A Magic City!

Saturday Stockholm decided to make me even more home sick and show itself from its best sides. Days like these, it is hard to imaging a more beautiful city!

Stockholm CityStockholm City
Stockholm CityStockholm CityStockholm City

Lidingö – The Perfect End!

Silence and peaceful nature is a rarity when living in a huge city like Moscow.

Thus, some time with the “Waldens” in peaceful and scenic Lidingö was the perfect end. Nothing is better than to hang out with friends like this in their cosy house, discussing old memories and future ideas.

And when you meet little Frank that now has become 2 years old you realize that time truly flies…

Moscow natureMoscow natureMoscow nature Moscow nature

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