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Mykonos, perhaps the most famous of the Cyclades islands, holds the most enchanting dual charm. It’s both a modern-day beach paradise and a place so ancient it Herodotus wrote about it. According to Greek mythology, a son of Apollo founded the island! Nowadays, Mykonos offers some of the most breathtaking sights throughout the Mediterranean.  In this Mykonos travel guide you will find all you need to know to plan and book your Mykonos trip as well as the best places to stay, eat as well as top things to do in Mykonos!

Mykonos Travel Guide: Top 10 Things to Do in Mykonos!

Due to its unique qualities, the Island of Wind also happens to be a full-blown dream; especially for those who love beach clubs and great design. Local business owners have taken the time to match each place to the natural colors in Mykonos. As you can see on the pictures of this Mykonos travel guide, it’s a very harmonious-looking island!

While the days are relaxing and perfect to soak up the sun and colors; once the night falls, it’s a place of loud music and energetic dancing until morning. This Aegean gem also happens to be a major party town, and you can read more about this on my Mykonos travel guide below or check out some true Mykonos vibes in my Mykonos Vlog, at the end of this post!

The Magic Alleys of Chora - A must in any Mykonos Travel Guide!
The Magic Alleys of Chora!

Mykonos Travel Guide: Good to Know Before You Go!

  1. Where to Stay in Mykonos: As every Mykonos travel guide will tell you, there are two distinct areas in Mykonos: the village and the beaches. Both offer different experiences, and it’s essential to make the choice on which area to stay before arriving! We stayed close to Chora (the village) which I can strongly recommend. This is where you find all evening activities and it is great to be able to walk to it all, while it is easier to arrange transfer to the beach during day time!
  2. Getting Around: The island doesn’t have a lot of taxis available – there are only about 30 throughout Mykonos! Your best options are to either rent a car or a scooter. The hotels can also arrange a private driver while you’re in town, who will probably charge you about €80 for a return ride between the beach and village areas.
  3. When to Go: Mykonos is a significant tourist destination, not just in Greece but across the Mediterranean, and I’d say it’s one of the most beloved summer spots throughout the world. Because of this, and the fact that the island is pretty small, I would strongly recommend to avoid going here in July & August.
  4. Plan Ahead: Given the popularity of Mykonos, make sure to book restaurants and beach clubs well in advance, to avoid disappointments! The same applies to excursions. Get Your Guide offers great tours to discover as much as you can of Mykonos. HAVE A LOOK AT ALL THEIR OFFERS HERE.
Mykonos Travel Guide: Explore the Whitewashed cobblestone streets
The beautiful whitewashed cobblestone streets

Traveling – How to Get to Mykonos?

As a vacation spot for Europeans, the Mykonos airport receives direct flights from a lot of major cities throughout the continent; including big capitals like Madrid, Viena, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Rome. 

As any Mykonos travel guide will tell you, the island’s airport is about 4 kilometers or 10 minutes away from Chora. There are always taxis outside the airport but given the number of travelers and the scarcity of taxis the waiting time can be long. To ensure a smooth arrival, book the transfer in advance. Contact your hote or check out the best options below!


Mykonos Travel Guide: Mykonos from above
Hello Mykonos!

If you’re already in the area, you can also easily reach the island by ferry or catamaran in the Greek mainland. Depending on the type of ship you take, you can arrive from Athens in 3 to 5 hours or from Rafina in 2 to 5 hours. There’s also a lot of sea traffic from the rest of the Cyclades, with constant arrivals from Syros, Andros, Tinos, and Paros, as well as daily boats from Naxos, Ios, Santorini, and Crete.

Living – Where to Stay in Mykonos?

We stayed at the Little Rochari Hotel during our time in Mykonos, and I have nothing but praise for this jewel! While the hotel is small, it’s also very cozy and roomy and focused on giving a truly personal experience, with excellent service and comfortable facilities. The moment we arrived, we felt right at home at this gorgeously designed place, our home for the Mykonos travel guide!

Little Rochari Hotel: The top hotel of our Mykonos Travel Guide
Little Rochari Hotel: Our Mykonos home

This lovely boutique hotel on the western slopes offers a 180-degree view of the town and is just a five-minute walk from Chora. So close but still hidden enough to offer a quiet experience during nights when Mykonos usually lights up to endless partying. It’s the perfect spot to beam in the sunlight and spend a lazy morning hanging around the pool, without a care in the world.

The only downside to the location? The winds, present in every Mykonos travel guide! Mykonos is also known as the Island of Wind, and it can get so breezy that the pools end up having waves, which happens most if you’re facing the sea and in the mountain. For more information beyond this Mykonos travel guide and the full review of our stay at Little Rochari Hotel, have a look at my Full Hotel Review  HERE.  To make a booking CLICK HERE  and find more Mykonos Hotels HERE!

Mykonos Travel Guide: Days by the pool at Little Rochari Hotel
Days by the Pool!
The View from our Balcony

 Top 10 Things to do in Mykonos! 

1. Eat & Drink Your Evenings & Nights Away!

You’ll find the best restaurants in Mykonos around the village, but there’s a bit for everyone all around! As an iconic southern Europe destination, the cuisine is mostly focused on Mediterranean flavors in general and Greek gastronomy in particular. You can find everything from cheap street gyros to auteur menus in the more upscale eateries in the island.

Here are some of our favorite bars and restaurants in the island! For more information beyond this Mykonos travel guide, see the full RESTAURANT REVIEW POST .

Mykonos Romance!
Mykonos Romance!

1. Interni – The Stylish SeaFood Heaven!

Interni is one of our personal favorites, a seafood-focused restaurant, offers an eclectic menu that features a lot of flavors beyond the classic Mediterranean diet, with interesting choices like South American ceviche. The design is adorable and trendy, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. The ambiance here really takes the cake in this Mykonos travel guide!

Interni restaurant Mykonos - The no 1 restaurant in our Mykonos Travel guide
Love the ambiance at Interni

2. Hakkasan Ling Ling – An Asian Luxury Experience

Hakkasan Ling Ling, which opened in the spring of 2017 and is part of the growing British-Chinese chain, offers an upscale Asian dining experience. Keeping up with the high standards of the original London restaurant, there’s a lot of love behind the design of this place. However, there’s a slightly unpleasant lack of personal touch here. When we faced an issue with our meal, the staff wasn’t the most gracious of this Mykonos travel guide.

Hakkasan Ling Ling
Wonderful design based on Asian inspiration!

3. Nice n Easy – Local Food with a View

Nice n Easy is all about traditional local food: all the ingredients are from Mykonos or the nearby islands. The food policy makes the flavors match what they were when Green forefathers first created these meals, long before additives. Just a few steps away from the beach and next to the iconic windmills, Nice n Easy offers the chance to enjoy an excellent meal while listening to the relaxing sounds of the sea. The service and atmosphere are fantastic, too, one of the best of this Mykonos travel guide!

Dinner by the sea at Nice & Easy in Mykonos - a picture perfect spot among the most instagram worthy places in Mykonos
Best table at Nice N Easy in Mykonos with my BFF @swedishyogagirl!
Nice N Easy restaurant Mykonos
Nice N Easy… just as the name indicates

4. The Little Venice Bars & Restaurants

Little Venice is a gorgeous place, not only for the beautiful buildings and narrow streets but also for its sunset bars! This is the perfect place to start the evening or end a long day. With a cocktail by the sea watching one of the breathtaking Mykonos sunsets!

Mykonos Travel Guide The bars at Little Venice
Perfect Way to end a lovely day or start a long night!

5. 180° Sunset Bar – The Spot for an Unforgettable Evening!

This bar stands above other local ones: it’s a 15-minute walk up the mountain! This location makes it a great place to bask in the beautiful Mykonos sunsets. Once the night falls, the 180° Sunset Bar becomes one of the top dancing spots of this Mykonos travel guide!

Mykonos Travel Guide: Mykonos by Night what a Sight!
Mykonos by Night what a Sight!

2. Beach Clubs All Day Long…

If there’s one thing that probably brought you to this Mykonos travel guide, it’s probably the beach. For decades, this lovely little island has hosted millions of sun-loving tourists, who come here yearning for the Aegean blues. Considering the entirety of the local tourism focused on its sandy coast, of course, the beach clubs are fantastic! Check out my top 4 ones below!

1. Scorpios – The Popular Boho Chic Paradise

Scorpios, my favorite Mykonos beach club, this beautifully designed place is an architectural homage to the ancient Grecian agora. That look gives the whole thing a truly impressive and unique touch, harmoniously colliding with the natural setting. It has a lot of different areas for you to decide what you want your day to be like, and the food is great. This boho-chic dream offers activities throughout the day and night, and it’s a must-visit on this Mykonos travel guide!

2. Kalua – The Relaxed Paraga Spot

The design atKalua, though more traditional, is a breath of fresh air on this Mykonos travel guide. Located in popular sun spot Paraga Beach, the location of this club gives it an edge over other places in Mykonos; it’s a bit more shielded from the island’s famous winds, so it’s a great place to spend stormier days. Besides the killer ambiance, the personal service and the great food; Kalua offers a sweet party scene once the night falls!

3. Sant Anna – A Luxury Oasis

Santanna is right next to Kalua, and is another Mykonos travel guide gem.  The design of this place is breathtaking, and it features a more ambitious concept: it’s full of pools and artificial islands that can offer the most personal experience during your stay. However, be warned: some of the VIP areas can be a little snobby! Still, the service is fantastic, and the food is also delicious, so you really can’t go wrong here.

4. Nammos – Design & Luxury Overload

Although perhaps the most beautifully designed Mykonos beach club, we were disappointed here. As it happens with much of the island during the high season, the place is really crowded, but the facilities aren’t well thought-out. It can get challenging to just walk around the sunbeds, comfy as they may be – and the music doesn’t fit the mood and can be much too loud. Lastly, the service is inferior and almost rude, perhaps the less impressive of this Mykonos travel guide.

Still, it’s among the most beautiful places on this Mykonos travel guide, with numerous beach clubs, suites, boutiques, and restaurants.

3. Get Lost in the Alleys of Beautiful Chora

For a more in-depth encounter with this Mykonos travel guide, the island offers some fascinating cultural sites. The main town, Chora, is also the center of the local life, with multiple boutiques and outdoor restaurants.

Mykonos travel guide: Exploring the streets of Chora
Found a friend in the picturesque streets of Chora!

My favorite among things to do in Mykonos is for sure to just get lost in this labyrinth of cobble stoned streets lined with whitewashed cute little houses. Dare to let go and just explore an you will find the most gorgeous squares, backyards and photo spots.

The picturesque streets of Chora Town: Mykonos Travel Guide
The picturesque streets of Chora Town!
A backyard in Chora town in Mykonos
How cute isn’t this backyard?

4. Admire the Iconic Windmills

Maybe the most iconic and postcard-friendly sight here is the windmills, a 16th-century reminder of how the island was once a great producer of wheat and bread. It’s also the most popular place on this Mykonos travel guide for sunset-gazing!

This amazing 2 day trip with an overnight stay lets you discover the most of Mykonos. Visit Windmills, Athens, and so much more. READ MORE ABOUT THE TRIP AND BOOK IT HERE.

The Famous Landmark – Mykonos Windmills!

5. Go Shopping!

If you like shopping, Chora town is the prefect place for you. The streets are lined with cute local boutiques full of souvenirs, adorable local designer shops next to famous designer brands.

Prepare for some Shopping!

6. Explore Picture Perfect Little Venice

In its westernmost side of town is Little Venice, considered the most romantic spot on this Mykonos travel guide. It’s full of beautiful old buildings from the time the Venetians took over. This area also includes Panagia Paraportiani, a church that has stood in the island since the 15th century; as a vivid example of Byzantine architecture.

Pretty Little Venice

If you like a bit more action, CHECK OUT THIS JEEP SAFARI, HOW COOL.

7. Delos: A Travel Back in Time 

Many consider Greece the cradle of western civilization, and the country has many historical gems from past centuries. One of these is Delos, a now-uninhabited island that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site; that’s only a 30-minute boat ride away from Mykonos! Thousands of years ago, this was the most important Panhellenic sanctuary in the world; and it was so important in ancient Greek mythology; that it was said to be the birthplace of Olympian twin gods Artemis and Apollo. We did this MORNING DELOS TOUR and it was a perfect time to go before it got too hot!

8. Explore Mykonos by Foot or Jeep

Want to escape the crowds and beaches? Then a hike with a panorama view is a great alternative. Just head out yourself or book THIS POPULAR HIKE. Prefer exploring the island by car or scooter, then head out for a full day tour to find your own beaches and secluded spots. If you do not want to drive yourself, then check out THIS COOL JEEP TOUR. 

Mykonos from above a must for any Mykonos Travel Guide
Mykonos from above!

9. Enjoy the Breathtaking Mykonos Sunsets – A Must in Any Mykonos Travel Guide!

I am a sunset lover and chaser. In Mykonos you do not have to go far. Everywhere we went the sky turned into the most gorgeous colors. We had a cocktail at the sunset bar in Little Venice, watched it from our hotel balcony, danced on the beach at Scorpios and watched it from above from the 180 Sunset Bar. They all showed us the most magical spectacle!

Mykonos Sunset a must on any Mykonos Travel guide
Mykonos Sunset

10. Party the Greek Way

Once the night falls unto the island, every Mykonos travel guide will recommend to party, party, party! Like fellow Southern European destination Ibiza, Mykonos’ nightlife is famous around the world, and the town is full of music and dancing until the early hours of the morning! But do not worry, there is plenty of room for a great chill dinner and some drinks too!

Mykonos Travel Guide - 180 Sunset Bar in Mykonos
Mykonos never sleeps and we loved to hang out at the 180 Sunset Bar!

Mykonos Travel Guide: The Mykonos Vlog!

Want to see more of Mykonos then get some true Mykonos Travel Guide vibes in My Mykonos Vlog below!

Mykonos Travel Guide: Booking Support & Input 

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