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There are not that many countries in the world that leave a lasting impression on the tourist, and Mongolia certainly belongs in this category, with vast wildernesses that nomadic tribes call home. Why not taking a break to live the nomadic life in Mongolia!

 Due to its over 250 sunny days a year, Mongolia is nicknamed as the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky.” Bordered by China to the south, by Russia to the north, and separated by 37 kilometres from Kazakhstan, this landlocked nation in East Asia is nearly the same size as Alaska. Four times the size of Japan and almost double the size of Eastern Europe. It is the world’s most thinly populated sovereign state, with only around three million inhabitants. About 30% of them nomadic or semi-nomadic. Having been ruled by various nomadic empires, Mongolians learned to survive by migrating from one land to another along with their livestock. Putting up tents where it suits them. Grassy steppe takes up most of the area.

A trip here is a trip like no other, especially if you dare to leave the developed life behind to live the nomandic life in Mongolia for a couple of days!

A True Mongolian Nomad
A True Mongolian Nomad! Image Source: Unsplash

The Trans-Siberian Railway

So how to get here?

You many enter Mongolia through Russia. Just book a berth on Russia’s iconic Trans-Siberian Railway at the town of Ulan-Ude,. With Trans-Siberian holidays that are well planned, you can expect to experience what will be the train trip of a lifetime. The Trans-Siberian Railway links to the Trans-Mongolian Railway.

The train enters Mongolia and passes through Ulaanbaatar before going to China at Erenhot to link with the Chinese railway system. The Trans-Siberian Railway operates all year round. To book a trip through the Trans-Siberian Railway, just head over to websites such as The Trans-Siberian Travel Company.

Why Stop By Ulaanbaatar

You may want to start your exploration of Mongolia through its capital Ulaanbaatar in the Tuul River valley.

Visiting Ulaanbaatar is a wonder in itself. It offers the traveller a treasure trove of amazing experiences, with a population close to 2 million. The city was originally a nomadic Buddhist centre and there you will find Soviet-era buildings, museums in surviving monasteries.

Explore the Genghis Khan Statue Complex, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Terelj National Park, Chinggis Khaan Statue, and even the Gobi Desert stretching across both Mongolia and China. If you would like to experience the sheer beauty of the Mongolian Steppes, book a berth on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Beautiful Mongolia!
Beautiful Mongolia! Image Source: Pixabay

Untamed Wilderness

There is very little arable land in Mongolia. Comprises mainly of grassy steppes, on which the nomadic tribes fought nature to create a sustainable existence, using unrivalled horseman skills and their local wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. They tend their livestock. Packing up their belongings and follow a route that their ancestors carved out thousands of years ago.

Experiencing the Nomadic Life in Mongolia

For a truly memorable experience, make sure to meet some real nomads and even better,  get to stay in their homes.  There are travel agencies in partnership with nomadic families so it is easy to book. You can spend time living with the nomadic tribes and experiencing life from their unique perspective, and with the help of the tour operator, you can plan the perfect schedule that best meets your desires. Witness the making of dairy products, herding of sheep, and milking of cows and mares. Going back to your roots, leaving the stressful modern life behind. Just living the nomadic life in Mongolia!

Pack Plenty of SD Cards

You will want to capture every moment of this special experience. Memories that you can show your friends upon your return. Thus, you might want to invest in a few power banks, to ensure that your devices are primed and ready. Mongolia is a photographer’s paradise that presents unique images every second of the day.  By the time you are back at home, you would likely have a few thousand images and a couple of hundred video clips.

See the World from a New Perspective

There are so many different cultures on our planet, and the nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolian people is like no other.  They have their own music, dance, animalistic beliefs and traditions. Spending time with the nomads will leave a lasting impression upon you.  The experience will be a reminder that the many gadgets and devices we rely on are actually superfluous.

This landlocked country has a unique geography and culture, and if you would like to know more about Mongolia, there are more information online, and once you are ready to make your booking on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the rest is easy.

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Source of featured image: Pixabay


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