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Best Hotels in Miami Beach

They say you should save the best for last. And Delano is definitely one of the best hotels in Miami Beach!

Exhausted after a 10 hours flight but with extremely high expectations, we entered the world of Delano. Or to be correct, I was tired. Fredrik was still excited about SAS new cabin interior and having arrived in his favorite country. Now it was my time to get truly excited. Being a boutique and design hotel lover, this was truly something special.

Entering the door, you find a world of eclectic design, a cool mixture of styles and furniture but what captures you after a while is the soul of this hotel. There is someting mysterious that makes you curious. So many sweet spots and places to experience, so many stories untold, in the lobby as well as in the garden.

best hotels in miami beach best hotels in miami beach

Boutique Hotels Miami Beach

The rooms are bright and cute, the pool amazing and the location, yest you can not be in a better spot with the bustling city on one side and the waves and beach on the other.

best hotels in miami beachbest hotels in miami beach

Still, it is the atmosphere and vibe that makes you want to spend time in this little oasis! Why not sip on a mojito sitting in the pool, talk about life or just watch the stars from the hammock or a lounge bed by the pool.

For sure, we did not save the best for last… Delano you got us addicted!

best hotels in miami beachbest hotels in miami beachbest hotels in miami beach

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