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Amsterdam is one of the preferred European destinations for travellers from all over the world, and it’s no wonder! The Netherlands capital is beautiful year-round, and you can always enjoy the top Instagram spots Amsterdam. With its beautiful tulip shops, canals, and pretty buildings, it’s a very photogenic city. That’s why I’ve prepared a list of the best photo spots in Amsterdam!

instagram spots Amsterdam
Hey Amsterdam I love your style!

I’m always a big proponent of travelling consciously, respecting each place we visit. That means heading there in the lower seasons and being sure to not stand in the way of regular local life. Thus, you will find a lot of my secret Instagram spots in Amsterdam in this post but I have also included some of the classic ones further down!

Instagram spots Amsterdam: canal
Amsterdam Canals – A must Instagram Spot when in the capital of Netherlands.

One way to travel sustainably to Amsterdam is by exploring beyond the usual landmarks – you can learn more on my travel guide. You can also book sustainable hotels using the map below (here are my faves) and choose restaurants focused on local produce (you’ll find some here!). If photography is your jam, you can read about my favourite Instagrammable cafés in Amsterdam!

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Instagram Spots Amsterdam in the Hippest Areas

Let’s start our trip down the best photo spots in Amsterdam with its trendiest areas- Get a feel of the real city by going beyond the touristic path and you’ll find a fun and cosy capital. Jordaan, the surrounding canal area and De Pijp offer some of the coolest Instagram spots Amsterdam!


1. Picture-Perfect Jordaan

The Jordaan neighbourhood is an authentically postcard-like place full of canals and gingerbread houses. If you want to go beyond the classic Damrak view, this will be one of your favourite Instagram spots Amsterdam. In fact, this might be the most photogenic area in town!

Instagram spots Amsterdam: jordaan
Swing it, just swing it. There are enough photo genic bridges for everyone!


There are enough bridges and narrow streets here to allow you to always find a non-crowded place to take snaps. Don’t miss out on the Nine Streets, just a block away from Jordan,  which are full of picturesque boutiques and cafés.

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2. Canal House – A Modern Take on Duch Tradition

Canal House does not just offer some of the best photo spots in Amsterdam, it’s also one  of my favourite hotels in town. Built on a ttraditional canal home, it’s a great mix of modern design and Amsterdammer tradition. Even if you don’t stay here, stop for a cocktail in the lobby bar and take some smashing pics!

Instagram spots Amsterdam: canal house
The Canal House backyard! So pretty and picture perfect!

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3. Pluk – The Perfect Stop among the Canals

When you’re getting to know Jordaan, make it a point to stop at Pluk. Besides being a lovely café and lifestyle shop, it’s easily among the best photo spots in Amsterdam.

Instagram spots Amsterdam: pluk
Probably the most insta-worthy café in town!
best photo spots in Amsterdam: pluk
Love the interior and style here!

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4. The Dylan & Its Quiet Luxury

The Dylan is one of those perfect Instagram spots Amsterdam located in Nine Little Streets. Have some afternoon drinks at their welcoming yard and enjoy the outside on a nice day! 

best photo spots in Amsterdam: the dylan
Such a cozy and luxury gem!
best photo spots in Amsterdam: the dylan
Inner yard in typical Amsterdam style!

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5. Fun & Eclectic Pulitzer Hotel

When it comes to Instagram spots Amsterdam in hotels, few come close to the Pulitzer. Its edgy and eclectic interior makes a perfect backdrop, for sure… but you might fall in love with its exteriors. Don’t miss its small garden with rattan swings!

best photo spots in Amsterdam: pulitzer hotel
Swings are always a good idea!

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6. Artsy and Vibrant De Pijp

After Jordaan, De Pijp offers another hip area to find some of the best photo spots in Amsterdam. Its artsy vibe is intoxicating, with fun murals, Insta-friendly cafés and a very Dutch look of canals, Sarphatipark, and more. There’s so much to discover here!

best photo spots in Amsterdam: de pijp
An area off the beaten paths full of photo ops!
best photo spots in Amsterdam: de pijp
Interior design shops in every corner – oh I love it!

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7. Sir Albert – A Creative & Funky Hotspot

You’ll know you’re in one of the coolest Instagram spots Amsterdam the second you catch the façade of the Sir Albert. With its outside vertical garden, you can only expect lovely things inside. Very traditional yet funky, I loved their picture-perfect poppy flowers wall and the library area!

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Best Photo Spots in Amsterdam for All Things Pink!

If there’s one thing you will learn about me on this blog is my love for pink hues. Lucky for me, there are plenty of pink-friendly Instagram spots Amsterdam! 

I couldn’t help visiting these cute bubblegum café gems. I just had to add them to my list of the best photo spots in Amsterdam.

8. Blond Amsterdam – Bright Barbie-Like Brunch

Marketed as “pink heaven,” that’s just what Blond Amsterdam is. Super girly and fun, it’s got some serious Barbie vibes. Besides being one of the cutest pink Instagram spots Amsterdam, you can have coffee and shop.

best photo spots in Amsterdam: blond amsterdam
Heaven for a pink lover like me!

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9. MaMa Kelly – Old Rose Vintage Gem

What makes MaMa Kelly one of the best photo spots in Amsterdam is its combination of class, art déco and sweet interior. In gold and pink, the vibe is a little like an upscale 50s diner. Some pics here are a must!

best photo spots in Amsterdam: mama kelly
This place is truly something unique from a design perspective!

Enjoy the local nightlife with some Cocktails at Amsterdam’s Icebar.

10. Sticky Fingers – Cute & Sustainable 

Sticky Fingers has it all: a delicious organic menu, and a stylish pink urban café. A little simple and industrial, it’s one of my fave Instagram spots Amsterdam. It’s also on one of my favourite boutique hotels, Conscious Hotel Tire Station!

best photo spots in Amsterdam: sticky fingers
One of my favorites among hip hotels & cafés in Amsterdam!

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Classic Instagram Spots Amsterdam

Now that we’ve covered some off-the-beaten-path locations, it’s time to honour the classic best photo spots in Amsterdam. Here are my favourite popular landmarks in town!

11. The Breathtaking Canals

No list of the best photo spots in Amsterdam is complete without the canals! My favourites are located in Grachtengordel West, as the area isn’t too crowded and the view is among the prettiest in town. Prepare your camera for gingerbread houses along  the canal and cute little bridges. The best route: take the Prinsengracht Street along the canal, camera-ready!

Instagram spots Amsterdam: canals
Wake up early to get the canals to yourself!

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12. See the City from a Boat

Seeing the canals from the water provides an unmissable view, and there are plenty of lovely cruises. Besides, it’s such a romantic photo setting!  

Instagram spots Amsterdam: boat canal
Seeing Amsterdam from the canals – A must when in Amsterdam!


Instagram spots Amsterdam: canal boat
Perfect snaps for your Instagram!

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13. Experience Amsterdam Like a Local: By Bike!

Every one of the perfect Instagram spots Amsterdam has a backdrop of bicycles – they’re everywhere! Immerse yourself in town and move around by bike, just like a true Amsterdammer.

Instagram spots Amsterdam: bike
Bikes, bikes & bikes everywhere in this city!

Get to know the Backstreets and Hidden Gems on this 3-hour bike tour!

14. Culture & a View at Museumplein

Head to Museumplein to visit some of the most popular museums in the city. As a plus, the lovely pond at the center of the square is one of the best photo spots in Amsterdam. Catch lovely Rijksmuseum reflections in the water! And if you’re travelling solo just use a tripod.

Instagram spots Amsterdam: museumplein
Happy Amsterdam Vibes!


If you have an artsy heart, you can’t miss The Art of Play Wondr Experience

15. The Imposing Dam Square Surroundings

The Royal Palace remains one of the most impressive Instagram spots Amsterdam, and it’s right across the street from Dam Square. Who knows? You might even catch a glimpse of a member of the Dutch royal family, as they still use it. When not in use, the building is open to the public.

Instagram spots Amsterdam: dam square

Meet the gorgeous Amsterdam buildings on this Architectural Highlights Walking Tour!

16. The Uniquely Modern Van Gogh Museum

Concrete and glass make up the imposing museum of Vincent Van Gogh’s life and art. Its exterior is one of the best photo spots in Amsterdam due to how different it is from every other local building. Very cool and authentic.

Get to know the life of the most famous Dutch painter with the Footsteps of Van Gogh Tour and Van Gogh Museum tour!

instagram spots Amsterdam: van gogh museum
Let’s get artsy!

17. The Lovely Prinseneiland

One of the three Western Islands in the city’s Centrum district, Prinseneiland is just so adorably Dutch. The reason it’s one of my favourite Instagram spots Amsterdam is the lovely brick buildings with red window shutters. The contrast of colours make for fantastic pictures!

Instagram spots Amsterdam: prinseneiland
A classic Amsterdam one!

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Best Photo Spots in Amsterdam for Parks, Flowers & Beyond

The Netherlands are known for their gorgeous fields full of flowers, and the capital is no less full of colour. Some of my favourite Instagram spots Amsterdam are full of nature, between parks, flowers, and more!

18. Boutique Little Flower Shops

Amsterdam is a city of flowers, and you’ll certainly find colourful tulips everywhere. While the most popular place to snap the blooms is the Bloemenmarkt floating market, to be it’s not one of the best photo spots in Amsterdam. The iconic floating market is a little too crowded for my taste!

However, there are hundreds of cute little boutique flower shops everywhere you look. Snap away and make sure to support local vendors by getting some fresh, affordable and gorgeously colourful flowers!

Instagram spots Amsterdam: flower shop
So many cute flower shops here!

Don’t miss the blooming Dutch flower fields with this Keukenhof, Countryside Tour & 1 Attraction tour from Amsterdam!

19. Vondelpark – Amsterdam’s Central Park

There’s no better place to get fresh air in the big city than its beautiful urban parks. Change the scenery to nature and enjoy one of the loveliest Instagram spots Amsterdam with its wide green areas, right in the middle of town. Get some fresh air in your lungs by exploring by foot or bike. You can also stop by the cafés or just have a sweet picnic by the pond and pavilion. 

Instagram spots Amsterdam: vondelpark
A big green oasis in the city!

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20. Conscious Hotel Vondelpark – Green Inspiration

One of the loveliest Conscious Hotels, the Vondelpark location is a great choice for conscious travellers with an eye for design. The entire place is inspired by the nature of the nearby park, making the inside one of the best photo spots in Amsterdam. Cosy and beautiful!

Instagram spots Amsterdam: concious hotel vondelpark
Cozy & Lush!

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My Secret Instagram Spots Amsterdam

My own little secret faves among the best photo spots in Amsterdam. Get your camera ready! By the way why not treat your photo loving soul with a new one? Here is the selection of the best cameras for stunning shots.

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21. Foodhallen – A Fun & Unique Gastronomic Experience

Experience true Amsterdammer foodie culture by stepping into a place of wonder: Foodhallen. Originally, this location served as a train station, but it has been fully renovated into a food hall of international menus. This combination makes it one of the coolest Instagram spots Amsterdam! Have delicious street food in an incredibly modern setting.

Instagram spots Amsterdam: foodhallen
A must visit if like food markets and to get a glimpse of the local life!

See more of the local foodie scene by booking the Secret Food Tours Amsterdam!

22. Hotel De Hallen – Colourful, Modern & Industrial

Right next to Foodhallen stands the Hotel De Hallen, which was a tram depo way back when. Now, it offers one of the most amazing stays in town, besides some of the best photo spots in Amsterdam. Lots of Insta-worthy corners!

hotel de hallen urban interior
At Hotel De Hallen!

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23. Westermoskee – A Unique Perspective from Western Amsterdam

Although fairly new, the Westermoskee is classically built to impress. The breathtaking white columns in this arch passage makes this mosque one of the ultimate Instagram spots Amsterdam. 

Instagram spots Amsterdam: westermoskee
Love you Amsterdam!

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24. Creative Hotel Not Hotel

Hotel Not Hotel is of my favourite hotels in town, which is saying a lot! What puts this among the best photo spots in Amsterdam is its artsy and super hip décor, with a truly eclectic touch. Random items accentuate the common areas. Some include a tram, a van, a secret study behind a bookcase, a Spanish casa, a funky crisis-free zone and an urban crawl’s nest. Each room was decorated by up-and-coming artists, and you can breathe creativity here. A must-visit for all Instagrammers!

best photo spots in Amsterdam: hotel not hotel
This is definitely not something you normally see in hotels
best photo spots in Amsterdam: hotel not hotel
I like it, so creative!

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