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Byron Bay Hotels: A Dream for Any Boutique Hotel Lover

A chill surfer town with deep boho-chic vibes, Byron Bay gave us exactly what we needed: rest! This Hamptons-like spot in northeastern Australia is a little piece of paradise, and the Byron Bay hotels show it. With plenty of options of cute small boutique hotels and AirBnBs, there are plenty of places to stay in Byron Bay.

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Byron Bay Hotels – Places to Stay in Byron Bay

This Aussie beachside town is home to backpackers from all over the world, but that doesn’t mean it neglects luxury-focused travelers. You’ll find lots of low-cost alternatives, yes, but the places to stay in Byron Bay are very varied. Here, we stayed at three lovely places: The Bower, Byron Springs and Temple Retreat. Each of them was great and very special in its way!

Keep in mind that Byron Bay hotels don’t include big chains, as the town is more about the small and personal vibe. If you want the big hotel experience, I’d recommend spending a few days on the Gold Coast instead. Now, let’s talk about places to stay in Byron Bay!

While you’ll see my favourites below, you can find many more Byron Bay lodgings at Booking.com!. Check out this Byron Bay: Sea Kayak Tour with Dolphins & Turtles!

A byron bay mural
Gotta love Byron Bay Style!

The Bower – A Design Gem Among Byron Bay Hotels

Overall Experience

The first of our Byron Bay hotels and places to stay in Byron Bay, The Bower, gave us the calm we craved. Our days here were lovely: delicious breakfast at The General Store, then lazy afternoons at the pool, and later cozy nights in our charming room.

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Room & Other Facilities: 4
  3. Food & Drinks: N/A
  4. Service: 3
  5. Location: 4
A lush setting of this little Byron Paradise - the bower Byron bay
A lush setting of this little Byron Paradise!

Design & Boutique Feeling

The local vibe heavily inspired the design of this small boutique hotel and gem among Byron Bay hotels. The palette in beige, grey, and blue was an extra tinge of relaxation in the all-around very contemporary and luxurious design. It’s fascinating how they elevated the motel concept to a boutique feeling place! The pool area was nice, with comfy sunbeds in the sun and the shade.

The reception at the Bower - one of the best byron bay hotels
Weclome to the Bower!

Rooms & Other Facilities

The rooms are very cozy with a mix of Scandinavian and boho-chic design.  Loved the comfy bed and the bathroom, modern and fresh. It’s all very well-planned, and three people can comfortably stay in a single room.

Sweet dreams in our boho chic and comfy bed
Sweet dreams in our boho chic and comfy bed
The room at the Bower hotel - one of my favorite places to stay in Byron bay
How stylish and cozy isn’t this room. Bring your friend as two beds

For other facilities, the Bower has a small reception with a parking space outside each room but my favorite spot was for sure the pool making it one of the best among Byron Bay hotels.

one of the places to stay in byron bay is the bower, that offers this lovely pool area
We definitely spent some time in these sun beds.

Food & Drinks 

Unlike most Byron Bay hotels and places to stay in Byron, the Bower doesn’t offer food, but it is right next to one of my favorite breakfast and lunch places, The General Store Byron Bay. Read all about this and my other favorite Byron Brekkie spot in my Byron Foodie Guide.
For a fun outing of food and drinks, check out this Byron Bay: Full-Day Brewery and Distillery Tour with Lunch!

Rustic design…


The only relative downside of this design gem among Byron Bay hotels was the service: while it was okay, it lacked the personal touch I need from a boutique hotel.  That aside, it’s still one of the best Byron Bay hotels! One great thing was that they offer bicycles at the hotel, and I strongly recommend riding towards Tallow Beach, between 5 and 10 minutes away.


Right outside the busy town, The Bower was a great intro to the coolest places to stay in Byron Bay. One of the things we loved is how it was near everything but far enough to be quiet. The perfect mix – only there can be a bit of traffic on the street outside as with many Byron Bay hotels.

Tallow Beach in Byron Bay
A private beach? Head out to Tallow Beach, just 10 minutes away from the Bower!

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Byron Springs – A Chic Home Among Byron Bay Hotels

Overall Experience 

The second we entered Byron Springs, we know we were in one of the loveliest places to stay in Byron Bay. This guest house will make you feel at home on the spot, with its unique personal touch and divine service, chic design, stylish rooms and a lovely lounge and terrace to hang out on!

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Room & Other Facilities: 4
  3. Food & Drinks: 3 (only breakfast is served)
  4. Service: 5
  5. Location: 3
The pool at Byron springs - one of many places to stay in Byron Bay
Welcome to paradise! A day by the pool or by the beach just a 10 min walk away! All up to you…

Design & Boutique Feeling

A chic option among places to stay in Byron Bay, this guest house was just renovated, and it shows. The Byron Springs common areas are top-notch, with a beautiful wooden deck, a lovely pool, a coy lounge area, and a sweet terrace. All in really cool design that’s also very inviting, in beige and white.

The lounge at Byron Springs Guest house
Loved the design and interior of the lounge

Rooms & Other Facilities

The rooms at Byron Springs as with many Byron Bay hotels and places to stay in Byron were nice: relatively big, they had with little details of modern art. The colors of these elements popped in the calm white and beige look. While our room was bright and thoroughly modern, there were little details from the previous look that made a difference. However, the sound isolation here isn’t excellent, and I’d advise you to use the complimentary earplugs if you’re a light sleeper.

Byron Springs Guest house, one of the best places to stay in byron bay
Bright & Stylish Room with charming elements from before the renovation kept in place!
The bathroom at byron springs, one of many byron bay hotels
Simplistic but stylish! Perfect for my Scandinavian origin!

Food & Drinks

In the mornings, Byron Springs offers a small but tasty breakfast in the common area. It is up to you if you want to eat at the set table, the lounge area or out on the terrace. This is however the only food served so for lunch and dinner you have to dine out or go for take away.

Chic design at Byron Springs - one of my favorite Byron Bay Hotels
Time for Breakfast


The personal touch is palpable here compared to many other Byron Bay hotels and places to stay in Byron Bay. The fact that the owner lives in the property certainly helps.  That also means the service is top-notch!

The lounge area at byron springs guest house - one of the byron bay hotels
Can I stay here forever, pls:)!


The location is a little farther than most Byron Bay hotels and places to stay in Byron Bay, as it’s not exactly in town, instead a 20-minute bike ride away. Byron Springs doesn’t provide bicycles so if you stay here you either need to rent bikes, a car or use Uber. While it’s a bit away from town, it’s near one of my favorite beaches in the area: Tallow. It’s only a 10-minute walk away, and you’ll feel rewarded the moment you enter: a wide, long and empty beach just for yourself!

Me at Tallow beach - Byron Bay
Tallow Beach – No place I rather be!!

Would you like to stay at Byron Springs. THEN BOOK IT HERE!

The Temple Retreat Studio – A Fab AirBnb Option to Byron Bay Hotels 

Overall Experience 

If you are looking for an Airbnb as an alternative to Byron Bay hotels and places to stay in Byron Bay, then  check outTemple RetreatThey have some really nice options. All in a lovely design and with a great location. We stayed in their Studio and it was one of the loveliest places to stay in Byron Bay. Definite value for money and full privacy. An Airbnb a little outside of town, its beautiful design and cozy interior gave us all we needed!

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Room & Other Facilities: 4
  3. Food & Drinks: N/A
  4. Service: 4
  5. Location: 4
Our Byron style AirBnb!
Our Byron style AirBnb!

Design & Boutique Feeling

There are plenty of AirBnBs in town, but you’ll find they’re about as expensive as Byron Bay hotels. On occasion, they can even be more expensive – which is what makes Temple Retreat so special. This cute little studio, on the back of a bigger house, was a great find. As it often happens in Byron Bay, Temple Retreat has a Hamptons-inspired design, which works marvelously.

The Studio & Other Facilities

Our Studio was a gem regarding décor like many Byron Bay hotels, it’s all white, beige and grey for true earthy vibes. As for the setup, it’s got an open kitchen, a living room and a wall that separates the bedroom. I fell in love with the poster bed – I’ve always wanted one of those! When been traveling for a while, I love to get to stay at an Airbnb for a more homey feeling and some more space!

The romantic bedroom in our Byron Bay studio
The romantic bedroom

The studio offered a small patio with a barbecue that’s perfect to chill at night after a long day.

The only thing we missed at Temple Retreat, this gem among places to stay in Byron Bay, were certain comforts, like a washing machine and a full kitchen with a stove. For a simple stay, it’s fine, but we’d just been on the road, and we really could have used the washing machine. However, there’s a laundry service downtown so that made our lives easier. Still, it was overall pretty amazing.


Our host was accommodating and gracious, always available for advice and smooth service. They also have two bicycles to borrow, which was just perfect for the two of us.

Byron bay Airbnb
Every detail is thought through here…


In a residential area of small homes, between 10 and 15 minutes away from town by bike, it’s quite secluded and private.  Making it one of the best places to stay in Byron if you’re in for a peaceful stay. While a little far, it was great to have some peace for ourselves, and we were near two great breakfast places: The Roadhouse and the General Store.  For my full Byron Foodies Guide check out my Breakfast Post as well as my Restaurant Post!

Another tremendous upside to Temple Retreat? There’s a beautiful yoga studio about 5 minutes away, Bamboo Yoga. Here, I started my day with a lovely practice!

A poster bed in our Byron Bay studio
Always wanted a bed like this:)

If you like luxury and boho-chic boutique hotels, these Byron Bay Hotels and places to stay in Byron Bay are also great.  The Atlantis hotel looked fab and great location but was unfortunately fully booked. We had a lovely rosé lunch Raes on Wategoes and the hotel looked super stylish and luxury. Another fully booked but a boutique places that looked gorges was Bask & Stow.

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