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Tasmania a well-kept secret. A small island south of Australia, an unexploited gem. This is where we found a piece of heaven, a truly unique place offering an experience so needed in today’s busy society. Serenity in the most gorgeous Tasmanian setting. This is the Eagles Nest Retreat a gem among retreats in Tasmania and if you ask me, one of the best places to stay in Tasmania.

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Eagle Nest retreat - the best among retreats in Tasmania
Good Morning Beautiful

A Gem Among Retreats in Tasmania – A Place Like No Other

After a one hour drive from Launceston, we passed through Sheffield. A cute little town named the town of murals. Google maps told us to take right to find this star among retreats in Tasmania and in front of us was the impressive Mount Roland all surrounded by green hills. A breathtaking landscape reminding us once again about the beauty you can find in this world.

So peaceful, so quiet and so stunning. I found myself smiling and when Fredrik looked at me and asked – should we really turn here – I got even more confident that what we were going to experience here was something truly special. A fantastic choice among places to stay in Tasmania.

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An evening at Eagles Nest - one of the best places to stay in Tasmania
Just pure magic and serenity!

A Place Where Dreams Come True

After a couple of minutes on the narrow road between endless fields, we found Nest II, one of few retreats in Tasmania. Our home to be for the two coming nights. The sight was just breathtaking. An architectural wonder in the middle of the beautiful Tasmanian countryside. Just in front of Mount Roland and a small lake and surrounded by rolling hills. No other house in sight.

We just looked at each other and our smiles got even wider. What a dream place…This must be the most magic one among retreats in Tasmania. Exactly what we needed after a tough travel schedule the last weeks, feeling truly happy about our choice when it comes to places to stay in Tasmania.

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The Eagles Nest Retreat Tasmania - Nest II - Our Home To Be!
The Eagles Nest Retreat – Nest II – Our Home To Be!

The Story Behind

It turned out that this was not only our dream but the entire concept for the Eagles Nest Retreat is born out of a dream. The dream of the founder Des Brown and his wife and expanded and evolving through their daughter and her husband.. A vision to build the best among retreats in Tasmania. The first single unit luxury retreat on this beautiful island, all to make the magic of this place accessible. A place to breath and rewind in today’s busy society. In a luxury setting and with a strong sustainability philosophy. In this gem among places to stay in Tasmania creativity has no limit in terms of architecture and reusing old existing things. What about having an outdoor bath in a big milk tank and old fallen trees as decoration in the courtyard?

One nest has now become three based on dreams of the younger family generations and talking to Des, I quickly realized that the dream does not end here…

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Nest III at Eagles Nest retreat - one of the best retreats in Tasmania
We made a visit to the Nest III too – the Nest for family joy!

Nest II A True Gem Among Places to Stay in Tasmania – The World Inside, Tasmania Outside

Entering our new home, my first reaction was WOW!!! Behind the wall in the hallway, we were met by a big open kitchen and living room with the most stunning view over the lake and Mount Roland. The nest in itself is shaped to resemble the Mount Roland outside. All to become one with its surroundings! Well, if you are looking for retreats in Tasmania or places to stay in Tasmania, you have to check this gem out!

the view from Nest II - Eagles Nest Retreat Tasmania
That kind of view that makes you WOW!

Starting to explore this place, we quickly realized that every piece in here had a story to tell. Every part has been chosen by such care and passion, being inspired by different parts of the world travelled by the owners, Stuart and Sheree Kent. Designed and decorated by these seasoned travelers, they bring the best of their experiences into this unique property. A dream for any traveler and any of the retreats in Tasmania.

Sleep & Indulge with Asian Vibes

Nest II has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and a reading loft. It took some time to get a full grip of our new favorite among retreats in Tasmania. I loved the Asian bedroom with huge windows, decorated in red and with a big bathtub in the back and a shower with bamboo details.

Enjoying the Asian vibe & view at Eagles Nest Retreat Tasmania
Enjoying the Asian vibe & view!

Decorated with inspiration from Japan and the rest of Asia like tea mugs and trays and art on the wall. Loved that the bedroom and bathroom was open and part of one room. All with the wonderful view! I can not imagine any better choice for places to stay in Tasmania. You truly get the best of two worlds here, in this world of retreats in Tasmania.

The asian rom at one of the best places to stay in Tasmania - The Eagles Nest Retreat
Loved the two in one design! All with a view!

Get Swept Away by African Rhythms 

However, it was the African bedroom in the other wing of this gem of retreats in Tasmania that became our sleeping room for this stay. Decorated in warm natural colors, with an in room bathtub and an outdoor shower, this room felt so exotic but at the same time offered pure harmony. As in the Asian room, the bedroom and bathroom was open and in the same room and not to forget… A gorgeous view. Being a boutique hotel lover, this creativity and personal touch for sure makes it one of the best places to stay in Tasmania and a memorable experience.

African room at one of the best retreats in Tasmania - The Eagles Nest Retreat
African room – Wild and Free!
The bathtub in the african room in Eagels Nest Retreat Tasmania
A spa and bath in every room

Enjoy the Middle Eastern Tones

On the loft, I found another favorite space of mine. The Middle Eastern inspired room was a perfect spot for reading or just admiring the view from another perspective, one level up in this favorite of mine among retreats in Tasmania.

Just loved this reading spot on the loft of Eagles Nest Retreat Tasmania
Just loved this reading spot on the loft!

Pure Magic For Your Body, Mind & Soul 

Well, life at this magic place among retreats in Tasmania was good or rather perfect. Early mornings with a gorgeous sunrise.

Early Bird Sunrise at the Eagles Nest Retreat Tasmania
Early Bird Sunrise!

Breakfast in bed or outside on our cute courtyard. Can you find a more magic nest among places to stay in Tasmania?

Breakt fast in bed with a lovely view at Eagles Nest Retreat Tasmania
Breakfast in bed with a lovely view!
Breatkfast outside at one of the best retreats in Tasmania - The Eagles Nest
Or outside … or both:)!

Reading, reflecting, enjoying the view.

one of the best places to stay in Tasmania - The Eagles Nest Reterat
Time for reflection!

A long bath with Asian vibes. Days like these… just made it one of our favorite places to stay in Tasmania.

A wonderful bath all in red at Eagles Nest Retreat Tasmania
A wonderful bath all in red!

Evenings we spent cooking and barbecuing. Something that you truly appreciate after one month traveling. Dinner & wine with a magic view and some fantastic evening hours before sunset.

Dinner time and home cooked food! Sooo good at one of the best retreats in Tasmania - The Eagles Nest
Dinner time and home cooked food! Sooo good!

The light, the serenity, the sound of nature. Of course I had to try out an evening bath. A truly amazing experience making the Eagles Nest Retreat one of the best retreats in Tasmania as well as places to stay in Tasmania.

Outdoor spa at Eagles Nest Retreat Tasmania
Outdoor spa – Just love it!

Sleeping Below the Stars

When darkness had fallen and we turned off the light, we got another WOW experience. A sky full of stars in your bedroom, or at least it felt like they were in our bedroom. I have never seen a sky and stars like this and the huge windows made them feel so close. A totally different experience from the northern part of the world.

Looking for places to stay in Tasmania or retreats in Tasmania, this is a true paradise, perfect for your body, soul and mind. A unique experience in all aspects.  If you want even more, they also offer yoga and massage on the spot and given the feedback in the guest book, the dream chef concept seemed to be a great one.

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A magic evening at Eagles Nest Retreat Tasmania
A place where dreams come true!

We left our Nest as two new persons, totally relaxed and full of energy. This retreat in Tasmania was pure magic! An unforgettable experience, a dream coming true!

Have a look at our Eagles Nest video below!

I hope you got some inspiration for your upcoming vacation and search for retreats in Tasmania and places to stay in Tasmania. Would you also like to get swept away by the beauty of Tasmania while enjoying the luxury of one of the Nests? Then visit the Eagles Nest Retreat website.

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