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There are endless places to visit in Madrid that will appear on every travel guide. But what about those little gems, hidden from the crowds? The little corners in charming neighborhoods, where you can find cute boutiques & stores as well as the best restaurants in Salamanca and the best restaurants in La Latina Madrid.

Madrid is one of the best-known capitals of western Europe, with so much to offer. It’s a city perfect to imbue yourself in culture, try out flavors and party the night away. It’s one of the most metropolitan places in western Europe, with a significant influx of people from everywhere.

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A beautiful purple house in Madrid
Colorful Madrid – Full of Cozy Corners!

The main parts of Madrid can be crowded. During the hotter months the city’s full of tourists, which can get a little tiresome. So, once you’ve done the mandatory visits, like El Prado Museum, it’s time to get to know the town and the cozy hoods beyond the crowds.

The hidden little gems were what made me fall in love with the Spanish capital. I love neighborhoods frequented by young and hip people, full of personality so La Latina, Malasaña, Justicia and Salamanca, all quickly became my favorite places to visit in Madrid! The best restaurants in Salamanca and the best restaurants in La Latina are also among the best restaurants you will find in Madrid.

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Me outside a pharmacy in Malasena in Madrid - a favorite among places to visit in Madrid
Enjoying the cool vibe in Malasena!

La Latina – The colorful Area with the Best Tapas & Cava

Visually, this neighborhood is stunning: the streets are full of vivid colors and beautiful houses. Cava Baja, one of the main roads, has lovely fabrics hanging over the streets, giving it a unique touch. You’ll want to take a snap before heading to the best restaurants in La Latina Madrid!

Colorful La Latina neigborhood with the best restaurants in La Latina Madrid
Colors, tapas & cava – fell in love with La Latina!

Besides the highly Instagrammable look, I loved the feel here. It’s a vibrant hood, and the best restaurants in La Latina Madrid offer fantastic tapas! Generally speaking, Madrid is the place for tapas, but here the experience is even better.

Be sure to visit La Taberna de Don Armando for a beautiful experience of tapas and cava. The food presentation is really thought-out here, for a somewhat fancier tapas experience. The service is amazingly friendly, and the actual restaurant is pretty cute, decorated in aqua and turquoise hues. For sure one of the best restaurants in La Latina Madrid. 

After getting a belly full of tapas and enjoying the best restaurants in La Latina Madrid –  time to explore! The best way to feel the pulse of a city is by walking in its lesser-known neighborhoods. Get lost in the streets to get the vibe. My favorite part was walking down to the flower garden next to the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande. 

A beautiful oasis next to the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande - one of my favorite places to visit in Madrid
A beautiful oasis next to the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande

If you get the chance, visit La Latina on a Sunday and see the famous El Rastro Market. It’s the city’s most famous flea market, and one of the unmissable places to visit in Madrid, including the best restaurants in La Latina Madrid!

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Malasaña – The Area for Hipsters & Vintage Lovers

Malasaña holds a special spot in my heart as one of my favorite places to visit in Madrid. For quite some time, it has been a beloved hangout of hipsters and design lovers. There’s a boho-chic feel here, with its narrow and shabby streets that are always full of color. When you walk around, you’ll find cafés and bars, but it’s an artists’ hangout through and through.

The hip streets of Malasena in Madrid
The streets of Malasena!

The most common establishments are vintage shops, art studios, and cute boutiques. The streets of Malasaña are also full of murals! You’ll find some of the most iconic pieces of Madrid urban art here.

Me in front of a colorful wall in malasena in Madrid
Street art heaven!

Malasaña can take up a whole day of your visit to Madrid. You can come by in the afternoon and feel the art of the neighborhood. Go crazy taking Instagram snaps of this artsy neighborhood… and then, it’s party time! Stay out all night in Malasaña and hang out with the hippest people living and visiting Madrid.

Vintage Shops everywhere in the Malasena area in Madrid
Vintage Shops everywhere!

When you feel you’ve had enough for one night, walk down Calle de San Vicente Ferrer. End your lovely evening a Plaza Del Dos de Mayo, where the live music will ease your mind and soul. Dance the last remains of stress away alongside locals!

Justicia – The Boutique Chic Area Among Places to Visit in Madrid

A somewhat trendier version of the main parts of Malasaña, Justicia shares a lot of its charm. It’s also an area full of picturesque streets – only they’re lined up with upscale shops. Justicia’s boutiques, interiors, cozy stores, and beauty salons make it among my favorite places to visit in Madrid. Calle del Almirante and its surroundings are particularly interesting for design lovers!

Cozy Justicia neigborhood in Madrid - a favorite among places to visit in Madrid
Cozy Justicia neigborhood in Madrid

This neighborhood in the center of the city has its own very particular flair, and I love every second of it. Justicia’s all about design. It’s also where you’ll find the Mercado de San Antón, a much more exciting market than touristic San Miguel. They have a cool rooftop up there that’s perfect to chill in the afternoon.

Food Market Time at Mercado San Anton in Madrid
Food Market Time!

My favorite boutique hotel in Madrid, Only You Hotel, is right here in Justicia. A design gem, its self-defined as “urban luxury,” and that’s just what it delivers. This oasis is a visual marvel and deserves a visit even if you’re not staying here. Have brunch on their outdoor patio, a bigger meal at their restaurant or some drinks at the bar. Or drop by to check out the luxurious décor!

For traditional shopping, Calle de Furrencarrel should turn into one of your favorite places to visit in Madrid. You’ll find plenty of mass brands here as well as some local design shops, still a bit more quite than the main touristic parts. 

A cute store in Malasena area in Madrid
Too many cute stores!!!


Salamanca – The luxury fashionista hood

The Salamanca neighborhood in Madrid is a shopping hub. Shopping centers abound, with traditional luxury brands and more “exotic” ones like Scandinavian Other Stories & COS plus the best restaurants in Salamanca.

The pace is indeed different than in the rest of Madrid. Salamanca is far more peaceful than hectic Madrid. The streets are wider, the area much more polished, giving a luxury feel. Some of the best restaurants in Salamanca are also among the top rated in town!

Salamanca - the fashionista area in Madrid
Salamanca – the fashionista area!

One of the best restaurants in Salamanca is Streetxo, by famous chef David Muñoz. Located on the rooftop of El Corte Inglés for men. It doesn’t do white dining but rather fun times. The cuisine is focused on Asian street food, mixing flavors I never would’ve imagined. The chefs serve you at the bar, surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere and lovely, colorful design. Streetxo is a great spot for lunch, but it’s also the “it” place in own, so expect a queue. Still, you can’t miss the place atop the best restaurants in Salamanca!

A Madrid Day Beyond the Crowds 

For a one-day tour, there are three areas to explore that are next to each other. You can start your morning around the small boutiques in Justicia, then head to Plaza de Colon. Afterward, go to Salamanca and enjoy some high-end shopping. Then, it’s time for an afternoon in Malasaña! For an energy-boosting coffee break, head to cute café Mama Framboise for a French romantic experience.

Me outside an carousel in Madrid!
Madrid – Oh how I fell in love with you!

Hope you will enjoy these 4  places to visit in Madrid beyond the crowds as well as the best restaurants in Salamanca and the best restaurants in La Latina Madrid.

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