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Playa Del Carmen

What to Do in Playa Del Carmen?

La Playa… it is a crazy place, nothing like Tulum. Here the party never ends… Well, we got warned in advance by people we met in Tulum that our laid back and chill days will be over the minute we arrived in Playa Del Carmen, as we planned to continue on to Cozumel.

And different it was! Being in La Playa during high season, the beaches are crowded, the touristy main street, 5th Avenue, is full of people and party it is – all night long!

Best Resorts in Playa Del Carmen

Someone was turning 36 and this of course had to be celebrated and for party Playa Del Carmen is a perfect place. The birthday boy got breakfast in bead and then we headed to Coralina, the beach club in red. Here we enjoyed the sun, the beach, the great food and wine and danced in the sand together with the young hip people until the sun disappeared in the horizon.

Playa Del Carmen Playa Del Carmen Playa Del CarmenPlaya Del Carmen Playa Del CarmenPlaya Del Carmen


Due to its location, Playa Del Carmen is a perfect place for excursions. At 10 AM, the day after the birthday celebrations, we took the boat to Cozumel to explore this island during a day in our jeep.

But things do not always turn out as planned…

The quite and cosy beach club, Buccanos, that I visited one year ago had now become a prime destination for the cruise ship tourists and was not so quiet anymore… But, we managed to find a sweet spot and had some great hours in the sun. The water around Cozumel is amazing, an intense blue color and a visibility that is comparable to the Maldives. Jenny did her snorkeling premier and under the circumstances it went very well:)! Watch it all in the video below!

Buccanos Cozumel

After lunch our Cozumel trip ended in a tropical storm. Instead of exploring the rest of the island we got a very wet ride back and a bumpy boat ride home. Something we will never forget!

Back to Playa del Carmen

If you search you will find… Luckily in Playa del Carmen we did not have to search for long to find our favorite area and places. Our hotel, Soho Playa, did not only had a great roof top but also the perfect location.

Soho Playa CozumelJust around the corner we found our favorite street, 26th street between 5th and 10th Avenue, where we spent most of our time. Here we did morning yoga at Yoga Company followed by healthy breakfast smoothies at The Pitted Date Vegan Bakery & Cafe.


This small and short street is full of cosy restaurants with great food and cool design. We loved the pizzas and wine at Trattoria Del Centro, the pasta and vibe at the Il Baretto and the delicious sushi and chill atmosphere at Be Playa’s Sushi Bar. And if you want to listen to live music, sitting in a swing by the bar, Luna Blue is the place. Everything you need in one street!

Be Playa’s Sushi Bar CozumelPlaya Del Carmen Cozumel

You can not love all places you see and Playa Del Carmen will not end up in our favorite list. Still we had some good days in this little bustling city!

After almost four amazing weeks in Mexico, we are now off to a totally different world and country, Cuba!

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