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Prague is well-regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and even the world. With a history dating back thousands of years, breathtaking architecture and beautiful river spots, the Prague Instagram spots are many. The entire city is old and regal, with endless narrow streets and breathtaking corners. And, as you can imagine, Prague off the beaten path is even more gorgeous!’

Prague Instagram Spots
Camera, check! Let’s find all the beautiful instagram spots in Prague

Czechs have created several (and somewhat confusing) distinctions for Prague’s neighbourhoods, but there’s an easier way to understand the city: on one side of the river or the other! In the city centre, also known as Prague 1, you’ll find the most iconic Prague Instagram spots – and also the crowds. Cross the famous Charles Bridge and you’ll reach Mala Strana or Lesser Town, just as beautiful and hosting Prague Castle. This is by far my favourite area, full of adorable little streets, breathtaking buildings and cosy restaurants. Aside from the touristic Castle, it’s also much less crowded here.

Prague off the beaten path: art nouveau
Prague is a true gem with beautiful destinations, here’s the beautiful Art Nouveau street

Prague is a growingly popular destination, and it’s important to be a conscious traveller when there. Enjoy the city best when offseason, and always respect locals’ way of life when taking pictures. Go to busy landmarks early in the morning, and find your way into the gems of Prague off the beaten path!

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Prague Instagram Spots at Old Town & Surroundings

Most people seeking the ultimate Prague Instagram spots will find themselves at Old Town, and with good reason. It’s such an adorable city centre! I love the pyramid of streets here, small shops and restaurants and lovely architecture. You can still get a Prague off the beaten path experience here by stepping slightly away from major streets, where beauties await with far fewer people around them!

Prague Instagram Spots: The Old Town Square
Hello beauty! If you want to enjoy the Old Town Square like this, wake up early!

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The Landmarks

Before seeing Prague off the beaten path, it’s essential to start with the basics: the most iconic places!

1. Early Rise to Old Town Square 

Hardly a piece of Prague off the beaten path, this is one of the most popular spots in town – and with good reason. Super cute square, lined with stunning architecture, with many soft-coloured buildings. Take the best snaps of this Instagrammable square by heading there around sunrise. Old Town in the morning is an unbeatable experience, as you get all the loveliest places to yourself with the best lighting. I can’t recommend it enough!

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2. The Legendary Astronomical Clock

Mounted on the southern wall of Old Town Hall (right in the Old Town Square), you’ll find the astronomical clock, well-regarded as one of the prime Prague Instagram spots. A medieval landmark, it was first installed in the early days of the 15th century. As such, it’s the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest clock still operating!

A beautiful and colourful machine, it’s one of the most important landmarks in the city. Despite being over 600 years old, it somehow looks almost futuristic, with its bright colours and golden details. Legend has it that, if the clock is neglected and stops functioning properly, the entire city will suffer and will only be saved by a boy born on New Year’s night.

Be that as it may, it’s now a meeting point for visitors – it was almost funny how crowds would gather around it when it rang. My favourite time to photograph it was early in the morning!

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3. The Majestic Charles Bridge

Arguably the most famous of all Prague Instagram spots, this is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Lined by the famous 30 statues, here you’ll get 360-degree views of the city. That said, it’s an extremely popular place, so it’s essential to head here early. I’d never seen that many people in one spot, with tourists in two lines to take photographs during the day!

Prague off the beaten path: charles bridge
Waking up early to catch the quietness here

Wake up early for this: it’s well worth it. The sunrise here is enchanting, and seeing the sun coming up over the bridge tower is unforgettable. Even early, you’ll find crowds – but the bridge enough to fit everyone.

Sunrise over Charles bridge - one of the best instagram spots in Prague
A memorable sunrise moment!
prague instagram spots: charles bridge
The other side & sunset time. Still gorgeous!

For a slightly more Prague off the beaten path experience, take pictures around the bridge as well. Some favourite spots: the square in front of the bridge tower (Old Town side), the actual tower, and the angle towards the Prague Castle on the Mala Strana side. And don’t forget to take pics with the baroque statues lined up on the bridge!

prague instagram spots Charles bridge
The obligatory photo with the statues

Prague is so pecturesque that you will grab your smartphone over and over again. Make sure to take your fully charged powerbank to keep your battery alive till the end of the day.


4. The Streets of Old Town

Those of you who follow my travels know by now that one of my favourite things is exploring the streets. The Czech capital was no exception, and I loved seeing Old Prague off the beaten path. The city’s old streets are so beautiful, particularly in the mornings, as shops open and you see Prague waking up!

prague instagram spots: old town
The popular street market!

There’s no better way to get to know a city than walking its paths at length – which is what makes this 3-Hour Walking Tour in Prague’s Historical Center so great!

5. A Break at Insta-Friendly Bistro Monk 

On a small street just off the Old Town Square, you’ll find Bistro Monk. An adorable café that easily counts as one of the coolest Prague Instagram spots, it’s a design cutie. Mixing rustic stone walls with splashes of pink and turquoise, you almost feel full without even taking a bite.

prague instagram spots: bistro monk
I wouldn’t mind sitting here a hot summer day

Luckily, the food is also very tasty, with great breakfast and brunch options, including healthy and vegetarian ones. On warm days, you can also head to their outdoor patio for some people-watching.

The staff was lovely and welcoming, with a truly personal touch!


Old Prague Off the Beaten Path

Once you’ve covered the most iconic Prague Instagram spots, it’s time to delve into the lesser-known parts downtown.

6. A Riverside Walk for the Senses

Start your journey into Prague off the beaten path by following the riverside boardwalk. The further you walk, the fewer people you’ll find – with many beautiful photo spots along the way!

prague instagram spots: riverside walk
Charle’s Bridge from the boardwalk!
prague instagram spots: riverside boardwalk
There’s so many photogenic spots along the boardwalk

See the river from another perspective on this 2-Hour Lunch Cruise on the Vltava River!

7. A Cultural Landmark: the National Theatre

A 19th-century beauty of impressive and grandiose architecture, the National Theatre is one of the essential Prague Instagram spots. The alma mater to world-famous Czech opera, it’s an incredible place inside and out. Get the best façade pics by walking over the bridge towards the small Zofin Palace island!

Prague off the beaten path: national theatre
Walking by the National Theatre

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8. The Gorgeous Art Nouveau Houses

Once you’ve covered the theatre, you’ll see that the riverside is lined with pastel-coloured houses. Between these splashes of colours and the pretty bridges, your camera will be screaming for you to use it!

Prague off the beaten path: art nouveau
Art Nouveau requires a lot of space in your camera, be ready!

A cute Prague off the beaten path area, this street, and backdrop are lovely, and there are barely any tourists.

9. The Rotating Sculpture of Franz Kafka’s Head

If you’re into modern and contemporary art, this sculpture will be one of your favourite Prague Instagram spots. A very cool piece in which the Bohemian author’s face changes shapes every second! Walk here from the Zofin Palace to get a feel of local life.

Prague off the beaten path: franz kafkas head
Such a cool and unique piece of art

Enjoy the thriving contemporary art scene with this fantastic 3-Hour Alternative Walking Tour

10. Spice Up Your Hotel Collection at Nyx 

As you can imagine, a big part of my Prague off the beaten path experience revolved around boutique hotels. As it turns out, the city is full of fantastic ones! 

Prague off the beaten path: nyx hotel
One of my favorite boutique hotels in Prague: Nyx Hotel

With its cool fashion and artsy vibe, Nyx Hotel is my favourite Old Town design accommodation. Part of a chain I love, the Leonardo hotels, it’s a bright and beautiful place built for creative types in mind. With colourful common spaces and sober and luxurious rooms, it’s a hub for an artistic lifestyle!

Prague off the beaten path: nyx hotel
Looks cozy? It was!

Read about my favourite Prague hotels, including Nyx, here. You can also directly book your stay HERE!

11. Enjoy the City, Spin & Have Fun!

Perhaps the best Prague Instagram spots in the city centre aren’t the ones I recommend, but the ones you discover. This is such a beautiful city and it deserves your camera’s full attention. Play around behind the lens and fall in love with the endless little details. The area around Nyx has a lot of shopping streets, but if you dig further, side streets will make you fall in love. 

prague instagram spots
How gorgeous isn’t this building? Perfect for a snap!
Prague off the beaten path: prague city
Perfect match for me and my sis!

Across the Vltava River, you’ll find Mala Strana, also known as the Lesser Quarter. This area is just as beautiful as the city centre, and it hosts landmarks like the famous Prague Castle – yet it’s far less crowded. There are hidden Prague Instagram spots to go around in this beautiful neighbourhood, and you’ll feel like you can go from place to place more quietly. This is also where you’ll find my favourite places in Prague: boutique hotels, fantastic eateries, and everything in between! 

12. The Imposing Prague Castle

The largest coherent castle complex in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, this is one of the most popular local landmarks. First built around 870, its long history has allowed it to grow architecturally during different periods. 

Prague off the beaten path: prague castle
Magic view from the stairs up to the castle

A large composition of palaces and ecclesiastical buildings, what makes this one of the top Prague Instagram spots is its variety. Centuries worth of architecture styles mix in one place, which has housed kings, emperors, and currently the Czech President’s office. Plus, it’s a UNESCO Heritage Site to add to your list!

Prague off the beaten path: the view of prague castle
Sunny days and beautiful views always put a smile on my face

Unfortunately, we couldn’t explore as much as we wanted, since it was hosting the funeral of a famous singer. Still, I fully recommend entering the complex with some spare time to take a lot of snaps! Don’t miss a magical area thanks to this Castle District Segway Tour!

13. Architectural Wonders of Mala Strana

Architecture lovers looking into Prague off the beaten path will love Lesser Town. Get lost and explore to find colourful and gorgeous buildings!

14. The Baroque Beauty of St. Nicholas Church

A Baroque-style church from the early 18th century, St. Nicholas is a favourite gem of Prague off the beaten path. The façade is lovely and offers lovely views of Lesser Town. We didn’t go inside but I hear it’s just as gorgeous!

Prague off the beaten path: st nicholas church
A glimpse of the beautiful St Nicholas Church

See more of the beautiful Lesser Town on this Mala Strana Enchanting Walking Tour!

15. My Favourite Prague Hotel: Waldstein 

As mentioned above, Prague is a city of dreamy boutique hotels – and the Waldstein takes the prize! Located within the walls of a 14th-century building, the interior has been refurbished with the most modern comforts. 

prague instagram spots: hotel waldstein
Gorgeous and also very instagram worthy

This combination of times makes for a unique look, turning into one of my favourite Prague Instagram spots. This place has everything I need in a boutique hotel: a history, a luxurious approach, and fantastic service. Prepare a photoshoot here during your stay!

Read about my favourite Prague hotels, including the Waldstein, here. If you fell in love with it, you can book your stay HERE!

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16. The Picturesque Canals & Bridges Around Kampa Park

Head to Kampa Park, a relatively big green area at Kampa Island, and prepare your camera. This gem of Prague off the beaten path is surrounded by canals and bridges and lined with cute restaurants.

Prague Instagram Spots: Canals Mala Strana
So romantic & picturesque!

We had delicious Italian at Piknik Park, a gorgeous little place with live music and an outdoor terrace by the canals. Could have stayed here forever!

Prague off the beaten path: canals
The beautiful canals

There are many trendy eateries around Mala Strana, and I strongly recommend French star Café Savoy for brunch or dinner!

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17. The Incredible Views of Petrin Tower

Walk up for about 30 minutes to get here, or take the tram to reach this spot quicker. 

Prague Instagram spots: Prague from above from Petrin Tower!
Prague from above – Quiet a sight!

One of the most incredible Prague Instagram spots, its oasis-like place takes you by surprise.  Here, you’ll feel like you’re entering a new world among the clouds, with parks, botanical gardens and an all-around sense of peace.

Prague Instagram spots: Prague from above from Petrin Tower!
The Majestic Prague Castle from another angle!

The Petrin Lookout Tower, famous for its similarity to the Eiffel Tower, stands here. Even if you’re afraid of heights like me, I fully recommend climbing it, as the view is incomparable. So cool to see Prague from such a different perspective!


18. Prague By Night

Pick your favourite spot to see the skyline, be it on the most popular places or around Prague off the beaten path. My recommendation is heading to Charles Bridge, as the views are fantastic. You can also take fantastic sunset pics here!

Prague off the beaten path: night views
Prague, a beauty at day and night
Prague Instagram spots: Prague by night
The castle by night from the Charles Bridge!

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