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Riga is arguably the most important capital in the Baltic states, and a city with a tumultuous and fascinating history, one that has left an indelible mark in its streets and architecture. Because of all that, any boutique hotel in Riga Old Town is enchanting! We fell in love with the Pullman Hotel Riga, our home in Latvia’s capital. Below you’ll find my review of the Pullman Riga Old Town!

During this visit, we stayed at the boutique-y Pullman Riga Old Town, which is part of a big hotel chain but has the potential to become a pretty interesting location for those who love unique little design lodgings. This is the place we called home during our stay in this beautiful former Soviet State. However, if you’d like to keep your options open, you can browse for your perfect Riga hotel HERE!

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Pullman Riga Old Town

Overall Review of this Boutique Hotel in Riga Old Town

Design & Boutique Feeling: 4

Room & Other Facilities: 4

Food & Drinks: 3

Service: 3

Location: 5

Design & Boutique Feeling

Very beautiful design! The whole look of the Pullman Hotel Riga is very modern, and I’d say even a little daring. Scandinavian-inspired in both design and materials, the décor is simplistic and functional. Still, it adds a few details like more colorful and innovative elements, like the cool armchairs. Loved the inspired graffiti walls all together with charming original details.

It’s also full of space, with many different rooms to hang out in. Here you can even find a cigar room!

The Pullman Hotel Riga is located within a lovely colorful building. Details such as brick walls have been kept from its older days, giving an edge to the different areas.

Pullman Hotel Riga
Enjoying the cool lobby
Boutique Hotel in Riga Old Town
My favorite wall …

Room & Other Facilities

The rooms follow the same modern feel of the rest of the Pullman Hotel Riga, and they’re decorated in an earthy tones palette. The bed was really big and cozy, and super contemporary chairs give the whole room a nice touch. The bathroom is also very hip and modern, with a bathtub and rain shower.

Our hotel room a la Scandinavian style
Our hotel room a la Scandinavian style

As for the rest of the facilities, everything is very current and they have a really interesting variety of hangout areas. I found the Pullman Hotel Riga lobby particularly cool!

Some of my favorite areas were the terrace surrounded by downtown Riga’s old buildings, and a small spa with a cozy little pool, an all-around fantastic place to get a massage after a long day walking in the city! The hotel also has a gym and a very cozy restaurant. 

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Among the rooftops of Riga
Among the rooftops of Riga..
Hide & Seek in the cosy restaurant
Hide & Seek in the cosy restaurant 

Food & Drinks

I give the Pullman Hotel Riga breakfast a solid 4, and I particularly loved the number of healthy alternatives they had, including fresh juices. However, the room service options were pretty limited, and I wasn’t too crazy about the food. I didn’t try the restaurant so I really couldn’t say anything about it.

Lovely breakfast buffé
Lovely breakfast buffé


This is part of the Pullman hotel chain, which is pretty big and has a large presence in different parts of the world, so don’t expect the personal boutique hotel treatment. Unfortunately, we had a very slow check-in at the Pullman Hotel Riga.

Though the staff apologized for this, the service wasn’t necessarily as professional as one would expect, and it’s definitely something that needs to be improved. This was the one downside of our experience at the Pullman Riga Old Town.

Location of the Pullman Hotel Riga

The Pullman Riga Old Town has an absolutely perfect location, right at the heart of the Latvian capital. The place is a walking distance from every major touristic spot in Riga, particularly the Old Town and  Silent Center. A highlight of this boutique hotel in Riga Old Town!

Pullman hotel from the outside
Pullman hotel from the outside
Hotel Review Pullman Hotel Old Riga
Me & the amazing Dome

All in all, the Pullman Hotel Riga is a great and modern design option. This boutique hotel in Riga Old Town will for sure enhance your stay in this picturesque city!

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