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 Rome in all its Glory

Rome. Truly a majestic place rife with history and culture. Once home to the Roman Empire and the great gladiators, the Eternal City has undergone a significant shift; and evolved into the prominent commune it is today. A place of great fascination and splendid vistas, Rome offers a great deluge of heritage and extravagance. It’s the city a hub of tourist activity and fervor, and there are endless things to do in Rome. With so many tourist traps, a great Rome travel guide is necessary – and that’s what I’m here for!

On this Rome travel guide, I want to explore the epic experience of the city as a weekend getaway. Touring the city is a daily adventure, providing new insight into the Roman culture; and way of life that differs somewhat from the other countries around the world. A trip through the ancient icons and the ruins left behind offer a glance into a time long forgotten.

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The Gate outside Colosseum
The Gate outside Colosseum

Rome Travel Guide

When in the Italian capital, some Rome travel guide things are a must for every tourist. This includes visiting the iconic sites such as the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain and many more. If possible plan ahead and venture to these locales on the weekdays; as otherwise it makes for a very crowded and rushed experience.

To gain the most out of this Rome travel guide, book landmarks, and restaurants in advance. That way, you’ll taste the delicious varieties of foods, sample the finest wines; and bask in the glorious ambiance and picturesque streets.

Getting to the Eternal City – Things to do in Rome

As every Rome travel guide will tell you, the city has two main airports. Situated in the port Fiumicino, the Leonardo da Vinci Airport receives most of the airway traffic; whether national or international and is better equipped. But for cheaper mode of travel, the military airport of Ciampino allows for budgeted flights. And while the latter is closer to Rome, there are no train facilities to gain; and one has to hail a bus ride that costs about 8 EUR return and takes 40 minutes to get to the destination. The Fiumicino is serviced by the Leonardo Express which takes 12 EUR one way and takes 35 minutes. For those refereeing a taxi, one can be hired for around 60 EUR; and usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the traffic.

The bus and the train rides end at the Rome Central Station; from where a taxi can be hailed to get to whichever hotel one is staying at.

Live in Quaint Luxury – Gens Luxury Suites – Best Hotels in Rome 

Rome offers a large selection of accommodation to make your stay as comfortable and agreeable as can be. Of course the hotel choice hinges on how much one intends to splurge on the vacation and the locations one wishes to visit.

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The modern and bright bathroom with the trendy bathtub and a daily spa package as a gift, is the kind of extras that put a silver lining on your visit.

Our Cosy Bedroom @Gens Luxury Suite
Our Cosy Bedroom @Gens Luxury Suite

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The Best Eateries in Rome – One hip, One Modern,  One Authentic & Some More

Pasta, pizza, gelato & some of best wines in the world, – well Italy is a culinary paradise!

Rome is a big city and if you are after the cosy picturesque hoods you need to know where to search. A walk down Via Dei Coronari is a highly enjoyable one as the street provides a great look of culture with its imperfect lanes and antique shops and houses some of the best places to grab a bite to eat.

Via Dei Coronari
Via Dei Coronari

And the Trastevere, considered to be a favorite neighborhood in Rome offers a dazzling view of the Tiber river and boasts some great places to eat as well and a perfect evening atmosphere!

A beautiful street in Trastevere area
A beautiful street in Trastevere area

Etabli – The Hip & Trendy One

Some of the best restaurants are on the street surrounding  Via Dei Coronari such as the Etabli . This popular restaurant offers a blend of the sophistication and innovation. With a cocktail bar as well as a coffee bar, the restaurant serves as a café and a restaurant with a hip,  warm and cozy environment. Serving food which is a great mix of traditional and international, the dishes focus on creations of cheese and fish and meat that are accompanied by great wine to make the experience richer.

IL Corallo – The Local Authentic One

Another local establishment that gives the tourist the true essence of Rome is the Il Corallo. A family owned business, it is one of the best eateries in the locale and showcases great simplicity and has great pizza and wine and a busy  and energetic atmosphere.

Il Corallo Rome
A true Italian Experience

Osteria Fernanda – The Modern One 

Some more eateries to explore can be found near the west of Tiber, in the Trastevere area. The Osteria Fernanda is one such place that can be difficult to locate if one is new to the city, but once found, it is a gem. A highly mordern and sophisticated set-up and design, the restaurant flaunts some of the most magnificently creative and original dishes in a special cooking-in affair, at a considerably reasonable price. If you are a foodie, this is a must visit!

Angrypig Biretta e Porchetta – Italian Fast Food at its Best

The Vatican Museum is just magnificent but after a couple of hours in this huge place, you need some food. If you are up for some delicious Italian fast food, the Angrypig Biretta e Porchetta is the place you are looking for. Here you will get the best porchetta paninis in the city. A small but cozy place with the friendliest and nicest owners. A true authentic experience!

Lovely Owner of Angrypig
Lovely Owner of Angrypig

Crispy Organic – The Healthy Break

A small restaurant in the locale of the Spanish Steps, the Crispy Organic sells healthy and organic food such as salads and wraps that can serve as a quick lunch or be packed away for take away. A perfect break from all delicious Italian food!

Bar del Fico – The Popular Late Nighter

The bar is a good place to hang out after a busy day and to sip on drinks while enjoying a nice and companionable evening. A cozy and eclectic place with an open kitchen to watch as the food is prepared, the Bar del Fico is  one of the most popular bars in the hood and a  great place to end the evening.

Salotto 42 – The Stylish Cocktail Expert

A very stylish and trendy cocktail bar located right behind the Pantheon, the Salotto 42 is well known for its assortment of drinks that are known to be some of the best in Rome and the view gives a sophisticated touch to your evening!

Fatamorgana – The Ice Cream Star

A treat on the streets of Trastevere is a lovely ice cream parlor Fatamorgana which provides amazing desserts and ice cream to die for. This place is popular and when we arrived late in the evening there was a queue far down on the street!

Scouting the Land – The 9 Must Sees – Things to do in Rome

Every Rome travel guide will tell you that preferable mode of transit here is to walk. Walking will allow you to see Rome as the locals see it and to take in as much as possible of the amazing city.  Comfortable walking attire is, therefore, a must!

Known for pizza and pasta, the rich aromas barrel you in the streets and have you salivating to try all the different flavors – hopefully with some help from this Rome travel guide. A glass of the heady wine sets you in the perfect mood to relax and enjoy the surroundings. There are just so many different things to do in Rome!

No. 1 –  The Colosseum

When considering the places to explore, the Colosseum usually tops the list of every Rome travel guide. The giant monolith with its gory history is a titillating sight for many. It’s famous for the battles that took place among the gladiators as they put on a spectacle for the audience. This amphitheater, although in a ruinous state, still calls forth massive crowds that wish to inspect the structure.

Standing within the stone edifice, one almost feels transported back in time when it was used for cruel purposes back during Caesars’ reign. If you are interested in the story and history behind this place, it is highly recommended to join a guided tour, private or shared. You’ll find on every Rome travel guide that you can either book online or get tickets outside the Colosseum.

Me & Colosseum
Me & Colosseum
The Magnificent Colosseum from the inside
The Magnificent Colosseum from the inside

No. 2- The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum (Forum Romanum), another Rome travel guide favorite, includes various government buildings from the ancient times that are now lying in ruins. What used to be one of the most public meeting places with temples and the sort spread across the premises, the forum is now a great tourist site, especially for the historians and. One hour or two among these ruins quickly brings you back in time!

Forum Romanum
Forum Romanum

 No. 3 – The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) is not only one of the most beautiful fountains of the world, but it also holds great cultural significance. It was constructed by a bevy of architects with Nicola Salvi credited as the major architect behind it, and it’s a must on every Rome travel guide!

An interesting fact about the fountain is that it was made from the same material as the grand Colosseum. Writing a Rome travel guide, it’s my duty to inform you of tradition: tourists thrown coins into the fountain, as it is said that doing so ensures returning! If you want some personal time with this fountain, I recommend to go here early morning or weekdays. It’s one of the most crowded places in Rome.

Beautiful Fontana di Trevi
Beautiful Fontana di Trevi

No. 4 – The Altar of the Fatherland

In the midst of the Pizza Venezia is the Altar of the Fatherland (Altare della Patria) which was made to honor the first king Victor Emmanuel of Italy. The structure offers a panoramic vista of the city that it becomes a must in this Rome travel guide.The White Shining Altare della Patria

The White Shining Altare della Patria, one of the most imposing places on this Rome travel guide

No. 5 – The St. Peter’s Basilica & The Vatican

One of the finest works of Renaissance architecture, the church of St. Peter’s Basilica is among the largest churches in the world. It was also designed by some of the biggest architects of the period. Behind the Basilica is the Vatican Museum, a place of immense wonder and creativity, displaying art by some of the biggest names in history. You can easily spend a day here admiring all the beauty in this place, listening to the tremendous stories. You’ll find every Rome travel guide recommends this!

St Peter’s Basilica
St Peter’s Basilica
The Stunning Vatican Museum
The Stunning Vatican Museum

The Basilica & the Vatican Museum are among the most famous landmarks in the city and also one of the most crowded ones, on every Rome travel guide. Make sure to buy skip the line tickets, including the basilica on line or ask your hotel to arrange it as the normal cue is crazily long!

No 6. – The Piazza Navona

One of the central squares in Rome, the Piazza offers a colorful array of activity with Bernini’s Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi as its main attraction. The roads are usually teeming with tourists and the like admiring the view of this Rome travel guide sweetheart. A multitude of café and restaurants adorn the streets with many artists busy at work.

A Morning in Piazza Navona
A Morning in Piazza Navona

No. 7 – The Spanish Steps

With 132 steps in the entire stairway, the Spanish Steps are one of the most popular tourist sites on every Rome travel guide. The steps were built by an obscure architect, Francesco de Sanctis mainly to link the Trinita dei Monti church at the top of the hill with the Spanish square below. It served as a place for miscellaneous artist and poets to gather about and feel inspired. Continue behind the Spanish Steps and find some peaceful quarters, cafés and restaurants. A good break from busy Rome!

Walking down the Spanish Steps
Walking down the Spanish Steps

No 8 – The Pantheon

Thousands of centuries old, the temple of Pantheon is a spectacular building to behold much for its elegance and architectural design. Made as a temple to all gods, any Rome travel guide will tell you the Pantheon is one of the most well-preserved buildings in all of Rome. It’s also quite famous for having the largest unsupported dome in the world and a very beautiful sight at night with all its lights!

Rome travel guide
Famous Pantheon by Night

No. 9 – The River, Tiber 

Being the third longest river in Italy, the Tiber offers beautiful walks and views, and it’s a main focus on every Rome travel guide. Take a walk along one of the many bridges, admire St Peter’s Basilica from a distance or end the night after dinner in Trastevere by an evening walk along the Tiber in light!

Rome travel guide
Tibern & its Bridges

The Eternal City of Rome requires time and patience to be savored and explored to gain the most from the experience. So use this Rome travel guide to plan ahead and see and enjoy a marvelous trip to the extraordinary land!

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