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Moscow is a city like no other and a must visit for all travel lovers. This city can at first sight seem a bit frightening. The buildings and roads are huge, the traffic jams never ending and the Russians are not known for their smiling faces. But once you start to explore, you will find a treasure full of beautiful architecture, historical sites and museums, art, parks and nature, shopping and top class restaurants.You just need to know how to approach Moscow, what to do & what not to do, where to go and where not to go!

Read all about my Life in Moscow and adventures in Russia below


Our Moscow Life Story!

Our Moscow life! Living in Moscow has been an experience we will never forget! Well, my four weeks’ vacation in Sweden did not start the way I expected. Instead of being on the West Coast having a fantastic time with two of my best friends, I am stuck…

Radisson Royal – The Best Luxury Hotel in Moscow

Moscow luxury hotels capture the grandeur of Russia’s capital. And there’s no place that screams Russian luxury like the Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow, a gem from Stalinist architecture! Among the Seven Sister skyscrapers, the Radisson stands literally and metaphorically above all other Moscow luxury hotels. Commissioned by Josef Stalin…