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One of the most beautiful Greek islands, Santorini is one of the most photographed places on Earth. The best photo spots in Santorini revolve around two colours: white ad blue. The clear sand, the bright Aegean Sea, the houses on the caldera. Come sunset, the entire sky dresses up in pink and orange for a feast of colour, giving the marvellous Santorini Instagram spots a little extra. 

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Oia Santorini at sunset - Quite a sight!
Oia at sunset – Quite a sight!

When travelling to Santorini – and everywhere else – it’s important to be a conscious Insta traveller. Many pictures of the island you see on social media involve trespassing, but there’s plenty of beauty for everyone without stepping into someone’s roof! Respect local life, particularly if visiting in the overcrowded summer.

Keep in mind that the island is lovely year-round, so skip peak season (June to August) for conscious travel. If you visit around May or September, you can still get summer vibes without adding on the overpopulation!

The Oia Ortodox Church!
The Oia Ortodox Church!

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Santorini Instagram Spots in Oia

Oia is well-known as the most popular of all Santorini Instagram spots, and maybe 90% of the pics you’ve seen from the island were taken here. It’s also heavily touristic, with buses arriving every hour during the daytime. To really enjoy the best photo spots in Santorini, I highly recommend waking up early to catch the magical sunrise light. You’ll feel like you have the town to yourself!

Oia at sunrise!
Oia at sunrise!

1. The Colours of the Oia Bell Tower

One of the best photo spots in Santorini, the setting here is downright magical. Depending on where you are, you’ll get a beautiful combination of the Oia caldera, the blue domes and the ocean in the background.

Santorini Instagram spots: oia bell tower
Hello Santorini!

Look in the other direction and you’ll find the ultimate sunrise spot, with the first light reaching the traditional Greek whitewashed houses. The caldera, the stairs, the light – everything is picture-perfect.

Santorini Instagram spots: oia bell tower
The most Instagram friendly background, this was magical

Keep in mind this is a popular spot during the day, so it’s best to visit in the off-hours. There’s even a queue here – we saw it from the hotel and it wasn’t until later we realised it was just tourists trying to get a pic!

2. The Three Blue Domes, a Santorini Classic

Maybe the most famous of Santorini Instagram spots, it’s the ultimate postcard view. When you’re there, the blue domes are even more impressive, as the sunrise and sunset light covers them. You can easily reach this place from the same spot as the Oia Tower above, only turning right at the split road.

Santorini Instagram spots: the blue domes
A Santorini Postcard View!

However, my fave spot was from the other side, including the smaller pink bell towers. The easiest way to get here is walking towards the Oia castle and then taking the next left alley. Perfect morning views!

Santorini Instagram Spots: Oia Blue Domes
Good Morning Beautiful!

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3. Oia Streets in the Morning

Skip the crowds by rising early and get a sense of having the most gorgeous Santorini Instagram spots all to yourself. Get lost in the cute cobblestone labyrinth of picturesque narrow streets, camera on hand!


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4. The Beautiful Greek Orthodox Church of Panagia Platsani

One of the best photo spots in Santorini: the Panagia Platsani Church from the square. Head there in the morning for the best natural light of this white and blue darling!

best photo spots in Santorini: Panagia Platsani Church
White and blue perfection

Small photo tip: Tripods are perfect for getting a picture of yourself which is not a selfie. Invest in one and enjoy beautiful photos!

5. Pink Vibes Below the Castle

Go down the Oia Castle to find a semi-hidden pink area, one of my faves among the best photo spots in Santorini. Perfect for sunset pics!

best photo spots in Santorini:: oia castle
PInk is my favorite color so imagine how happy I was when finding this spot!
best photo spots in Santorini: oia pink castle
Let the camera work. Here sunglasses from @TIJNEyewear

6. The Small & Beautiful Clock Towers

Near Oia Castle, you’ll also find a smalladorable clock towers, offering some prime Santorini Instagram spots. Take a few and then head to the main attraction!

7. Oia Castle for Sunset Snaps

For the sunset, there’s no competition among the best spots in Santorini: heading to the Oia Castle surroundings is a must!

Step a little away from the crowds towards the pink area, and join the fun vibe of people looking at the last lights of the day. From here, you’re surrounded by pink, with the famous Oia windmills behind you. If you’re lucky, you might even get some live music to accompany this beautiful time! 

8. The Perfect Boutique Hotel 

While they aren’t cheap due to the prime location, the top tactic to explore the best photo spots in Santorini is staying in town. I recommend hopping between beautiful boutique hotels during the day and then exploring the city in the evening when day trip tourists have left.

This view!!!

We chose Caldera Premium Villa, which was one of the best parts of the trip. On the cliffside and with a great pool, it offers a perfect stay – and beautiful views over the caldera and the sea. 

Morning in the Caldera Premium Villas in Oia Santorini
Morning Magic at our privat terrace!

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Best Photo Spots in Santorini in Fira

The capital and biggest city of Santorini, Fira isn’t quite as famous as its neighbour. Still, it still offers some of the best photo spots in Santorini, with its small alleyways lined with boutiques and restaurants. The town is more commercial, with lots of people, from locals to visitors from all over the world. 

Fira, Santorini
Fira’s beautiful caldera view!


Bring your camera in the evening and take some breathtaking snaps of Fira by night!

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9. Fira Caldera at Night

As natural light begins to wane in Fira, you’ll find yourself surrounded by some of the most incredible Santorini Instagram spots. At night, the town creates a spectacle, with the sparkling lights lined up with bars and restaurants, contrasting with the vast Mediterranean. You’ll find plenty of terraces and places to enjoy the view!

10. Fira Sunset

Oia sunsets might be the most famous, but the most breathtaking one we experienced was in Fira. Look at all the sky colours around us!

best photo spots in Santorini: fira sunset
Sunset perfection – no filter needed!

Santorini Instagram Spots All Over the Island

The two major cities on the island take up many of the top Santorini Instagram spots – but as usual, it’s well worth going beyond. Step away from Fira and Oia with your camera and get ready for beautiful snaps!

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11. The Quiet and Off-the-Tracks Pyrgos Village

Just a 15-minute drive away from Fira stands Pyrgos, a cute little town hidden away in the mountains. Quiet and slow, it’s a big contrast with the island’s cities and their fast-pace, tourist-centric life. We didn’t have that much time to explore, but it’s a great place to see the real Greek life up close.

best photo spots in Santorini: pyrgos village
Next stop: The Pyrgos Village. How cute isn’t this corner?

Take snaps of the cute little streets and adorable church – or even of the terrace at cute café Katouni!

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12. Wondrous Island Viewpoint Monastery Prophet Elias

An 18th-century monastery, it’s the highest point in the island, and as such offers some prime Santorini Instagram spots. Drive 10 minutes away from Pyrgos and reach this lovely viewpoint for some unforgettable pics of the island!

santorini view
Just stunning Santorini!
best photo spots in Santorini: monastery view

13. The Black Lava Beach Perissa Beach

A town with cute places and squares, what puts Perissa among my best photo spots in Santorini is its beach. My favourite on the island, the sand is made of black lava with mountains on the back. So full of impressive contrasts!

best photo spots in Santorini: perissa
It felt like we were all alone here, so quiet and peaceful

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14. Relaxing at Caldera View Resort – A Hidden Gem Among Santorini Instagram Spots!

Between Perissa and Red Beach, you’ll find the Caldera View Resort, the perfect place for a break. Enjoy the magical views while you get a couple of drinks or some ice cream. One of the prima Santorini Instagram spots to showcase the vacay lifestyle!

best photo spots in Santorini: caldera view
Great place for a stop

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15. The Magical Red Beach – A Must Santorini Instagram Spot!

The red beach offers another beach experience than the other beaches on Santorini and is for sure a must among Santorini Instagram spots! A beach with huge rocks as the backdrop, here you will get a view of our majestic nature. Reached by foot by a 15 minutes walk or so. The best view points are from the rock opposite the beach. 

best photo spots in Santorini: red beach
Best photo spots in Santorini: The Red Beach of course!

16. Sea and Island Contrasts at Akrotiri Lighthouse 

In one of the corners of the island, you’ll find the Akrotiri Lighthouse, a marvelous viewpoint. What puts this among the best photo spots in Santorini is where it stands, seemingly above all. Find a small hill and get your camera ready to capture beautiful sights overseeing Santorini. As a plus, not many people come here, so you won’t be surrounded by tourists!

best photo spots in Santorini: akrotiri lighthouse
The best place to end the day

17. Road Tripping for Scenic Views 

You’ll find some of the coolest Santorini Instagram spots just going from place to place. Rent a car during your stay and go around the island, letting the wind take you wherever you need to go. You’ll find little corners of blue and white and magical places everywhere.

best photo spots in Santorini: road trip
The best way to discover all the best photo spots in Santorini is by renting a car, and just hit the road!
best photo spots in Santorini: beach view
Happiness! Bye Bye Santorini. Hope to see you soon!

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