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With its surfer-friendly beaches, the beautiful yoga shalas and its colorful nightlife, Sayulita is a paradise for those who want a relaxing yet vibrant vacation. If you like boutique lodgings, Sayulita Mexico hotels will take your heart! Read all about my choice of the best places to stay in Sayulita below.

This corner of the Mexican Pacific Coast has a lot of character, further infused by the local hotels, which provide a unique and cosy visit. Sayulita is a place to chill by the beach in between surfing sessions, find your inner harmony in one of the many yoga shalas or enjoy margaritas and Mexican food while having the salty ocean wind blowing in your face. Our best places to stay in Sayulita were a boutique hotel and an AirBnB. Here’s the breakdown for one of the best Sayulita Mexico hotels!

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Sayulita town at night

Petit Hotel Hafa – My Favorite Among Sayulita Mexico Hotels


Overall Review

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5

2. Room & Other Facilities: 4

3. Food & Drinks: N/A as no food is served here

4. Service: 4

5. Location: 4

Design & Boutique Feeling At Petit Hotel Hafa

This charming little gem among Sayulita Mexico hotels completely won over our hearts. A family-owned place, the design of this 6-room spot is self-described as “bohemian tropical,” and it very much delivers, with vibrant colors, modern look, focus on details and all-around boho chic feel. Petit Hotel Hafa is decorated with such love, such a personal touch, such feelings for details and mix of colors, styles and fabrics. It is a true heaven for every boutique lover and one of our best places to stay in Sayulita!

The prettiest Mexican design

Rooms & Other Facilities

In keeping with the hotel’s design, the hotel’s rooms are beautiful and spacious, one of the best places to stay in Sayulita. You can learn a little more about each room on their website. With colors like white, red, pink and orange leading the way, the rest of the hotel facilities are cosy and peaceful, and hanging out in the premises feels like spending time at a friend’s house. There is just one BUT and that is the party noise during the evenings. We recommend you to bring your earplugs for a good night sleep at one of the best Sayulita Mexico hotels!

Our little boho chic room

This little gem is very small so it does not offer so many other facilities but the rooftop is amazing, a perfect spot for some afternoon chill after a long day at the beach. If you want to do some yoga on your own there is also space for you to roll out your yoga mat on the platform next to the decorated space.

Sayulita Boutique Hotel
Lovely decor and style at one of the top Sayulita Mexico hotels
Petit Hafa Hotel sayulita

Food & Drinks

Although among the best Sayulita Mexico hotels, Petit Hotel Hafa doesn’t actually have a restaurant. However, there are plenty of breakfast places right outside. The town is pretty small, so basically all restaurants are near the best places to stay in Sayulita.


From minute one, it’s clear this is a family-owned place, as the owners place the utmost care in making their guests feel at home. The owners’ story alone puts this among the best Sayulita Mexico hotels!


Petit Hotel Hafa has a great location only two blocks from the beach in a very pretty street. However, as mentioned above, there’s one downside to one of the best Sayulita Mexico hotels: there’s a pub nearby, so it’s really noisy at nights.

Outside our cute Petit Hotel Hafa

Would you like to stay at Petit Hotel Hafa. THEN BOOK IT HERE!

Our AirBnb (Address: Avenida Del Palmar 60)

Overall Review: Is It One of the Best Places to Stay in Sayulita?

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 3

2. Room & Other Facilities: 3

3. Food & Drinks: N/A 

4. Service: 4

5. Location: 4

Design & Boutique Feeling

Our AirBnb was a really cute apartment with a cool feel to it, even though not among Sayulita Mexico hotels. A rustic, industrial vibe and nice, simple and comfy furniture still gave it a good boutique feeling. After 2 months of traveling and staying in hotels, it was great to check into our own home. We loved being able to cook and have some more space to relax and hang out, wash our clothes, all just a couple of minutes from the beach. That’s what sets AirBnBs apart from other best places to stay in Sayulita.

the sayulita airbnb
The living room and kitchen
sayulita airbnb
Simple and chic

Room & Other Facilities

The apartment is a relatively big, and comfortable enough for two people to stay in, with an open kitchen and living room, a relatively big bedroom and a small bathroom. The setup is pretty modern and it includes all the necessary equipment of the best places to stay in Sayulita. Also, of course, having a kitchenette is always a plus when it comes to feeling at home during your travels. There is also a washing machine outside in the yard, a commodity you won’t usually find in Sayulita Mexico hotels.

sayulita airbnb
Dreaming in blue..

Food & Drinks

As it’s an apartment, you’re on your own regarding food; however, there are a number of breakfast places just outside. One of the town’s best pizza places is steps away, so even better than many Sayulita Mexico hotels.  One of the things that makes this one of the best places to stay in Sayulita is that the pretty little town is just 5-7 min walk away, where you can find great restaurants!



The host was friendly and gracious when welcoming us, for an experience not unlike the best Sayulita Mexico hotels. There is free water, a bottle of wine and sun chairs as well as a mid-board in the apartment. The very great extra service made us feel at home in this gem of the best places to stay in Sayulita!


The location is what makes this one of the best places to stay in Sayulita! It’s outside the busy downtown area, which makes for quiet evenings away from the village noise and partying, falling asleep to the sound of the waves. There are also a number of restaurants nearby, as well as a yoga shala, so a better location than many Sayulita Mexico hotels. The beach is only a 3-minute walk from the apartment, and you can reach the town center after walking for 5 to 7 minutes!

Sayulita Boutique Hotel
One of the best places to stay in Sayulita, 5 min from the new beach
Sayulita beach
The more crowded beach

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      Thanks a lot Robert!!! Sayulita is such a pretty town and this hotel was amazing!

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