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Do you want to find a place to relax in a boho chic environment,  learn how to surf, do yoga or just hang out on a wide empty beach? Enjoy delicious Mexican food, stay in a gorgeous boutique hotel with so many things to be discovered around the corner, then Sayulita is a must! I’ve compiled my choices for what to do in Sayulita. Read all about this gem in this Sayulita Travel Guide!

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My Sayulita Travel Guide – The Starting Point

Located just 21 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, you will find Sayulita. As you’ll see on the pics of this Sayulita travel guide, it’s among the prettiest villages I have seen. This colorful, picturesque and vibrant village in Mexico’s Pacific Coast is famous for its steady waves, chill atmosphere and perfect yoga ambiance. “Discovered” by American travelers in the late 60s, Sayulita has turned into a major hub for those who seek unique traveling experiences.

An ideal destination for sports-loving travelers, Sayulita is practically two different places in one. At daytime, the village is chill and laid back; during the night, locals and tourists fill the restaurants and bars and stay up so late it ends up being early! Here’s my all-around takeaway on this lovely West Coast retreat.

Sayulita Travel Guide
Sayulita Beach

Some General Recommendations

– This is a small village, so the first recommendation of this Sayulita travel guide is to avoid peak season crowds. So if you want a more quiet experience, avoid visiting between November and June, which is when Sayulita hosts the most tourists, mostly American and Canadian.

– Due to its small size, you can walk just about everywhere on Sayulita. However, the village has a lot of hills … so, if you’re not interested in the extra exercise and prefer to just focus your energy on the waves, rent a golf cart!

– Although mornings are a sleepy time here, the whole village lights up in the evening. When you’re going out to eat, be sure to book your table in advance, particularly during peak season.

– If you want a quiet experience, book a hotel outside the village. Otherwise, you’ll be hearing party noises well into the night!

– Unlike Tulum, Sayulita is not a place of luxury: do not expect fancy sun beds and beach clubs. This is a place to connect with your inner hippie chic vibe!

Sayulita Travel Guide
Enjoying the beach

 How to Get To Sayulita?

Getting to Sayulita is pretty straightforward. The easiest route is by traveling to nearby Puerto Vallarta by plane; there are numerous direct flights from Mexico City, which is a 1.5-hour flight. The airport also hosts international flights from the U.S. and Canada. Some of the airlines serving Puerto Vallarta include Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, United and Delta Airlines.

Once you’re in Puerto Vallarta, you’re only 50 minutes to 1 hour away from Sayulita! You can either take a taxi at the airport or the commuter bus. The latter option is very cheap but will not work if you’re traveling with a surfboard or a lot of luggage.

If you cross the pedestrian sky bridge over the highway, you’ll find cheaper taxis!

Sayulita Travel Guide
The picturesque village of Sayulita

Living – Where to Stay in Sayulita

There are two main areas in Sayulita: the first is the village center, in the gist of all the action transpiring in town. This side is right by the beach and it’s filled with bars and restaurants. Sayulita travel pro tip: due to the partying scene, this part of town can be a bit loud in the evenings.

The second area is on the border of the village, and it’s much quieter at nights. Even when staying around here, the Sayulita core is only a few minutes’ walk away.

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Petit Hafa Hotel – The Best Hotel in Sayulita

Petit Hafa is a lovely boutique hotel, this small and family-owned place is a treat for the soul. The colorful, vibrant and bohemian design will have you falling in love with in a hurry!

Sayulita Travel Guide
Our hotel room
Sayulita Travel Guide
Love the bright colors

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Playa Escondida – Luxury Stay

Located right in the beach about 10 minutes from Sayulita village, this laid back hotel Playa Escondida offers a fully relaxing and boho chic experience. Playa Escondida has spa treatments, pools, hot tubs, and a nice yoga platform so you can keep up with your practiAirbnb

AirbnB in Sayulita

Our AirBnB, located at Avenida Del Palmar 60, was a cute and relatively big apartment. A few minutes away from downtown, it gave us the first chance to chill in front of the TV with some movies for the first time in a really long time!

There are a lot of really great AirBnB options in Sayulita. You can find amazing places and value for money, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Extra tip: when locating your perfect apartment, make sure they have sun chairs available, as they’re not that common on the actual beach.

Sayulita Travel Guide
The living room and kitchen

Where to Eat in Sayulita

There are many cafés and restaurants in downtown Sayulita, so it’s easy to hang out by the beach with a delicious snack. Come evening, the town is completely different, with restaurants and bars leading the way for a very active nightlife. You’ll see people eating and drinking until the early hours of the morning.

Experience local food further by visiting the nearby big city of Puerto Vallarta!

There’s a pretty wide selection of food in Sayulita, and you can find delicious street tacos as well as fancier options. Here are some of our favorites!

Sayulita Travel Guide
One of Many Cute Streets of Sayulita

La Rústica – The Best Restaurant in Sayulita

La Rústica is the restaurant we kept coming back to, again and again! An Italian place with a cool design that serves both as a restaurant and as a bar, this is a great spot to find tasty pizzas and pasta, and even have a few Sangrias, all in a rustic and modern setting with great service!

Sayulita Travel Guide
One of my favourite restaurants – La Rustica

El Itacate – Street Food at its Best

El Itacate is a street restaurant downtown, this taco joint is a dream for those who strive to find super authentic and delicious Mexican food. Their large sample plates are amazing, with a lot of different flavors for you to share and experiment with the local cuisine. You just sit back with a Corona and enjoy the ride.

Sayulita Travel Guide
El Itacate – Best tacos in town

Burrito Revolution –  Heaven for Burrito Lovers

Located right next to El Itacate, don’t let this eatery’s name fool you: there are many other options besides the beloved burrito wrap. If you’re a hardcore carnivore, Burrito Revolution should be heaven for you, with its wide meat options. However, if you’re on a vegetarian diet, don’t fret: the veggie options are also fantastic!

La Terrazola – The Beach Hang Out

La Terrazola is a simple restaurant with a very laid-back vibe, this spot has three advantages above all others: location, location, and location! Right at the beach, it’s a sweet spot to chill with sand in your toes after a long day!

Sayulita Travel Guide
La Terrazola

What to Do in Sayulita

1. Beach Life: Chill & Relax

 The Sayulita travel guide experience is all about nature and relaxation: when visiting this little Pacific gem, leave all your worries behind. Relax by the beach, explore the surroundings, play in the waves! The highly touristic beach below the village can be really overcrowded and it’s not that pretty. However, if you just walk for 10 to 15 minutes, the most beautiful side of the ocean will open up to you!

Sayulita Travel Guide
The lovely beach

2. Yoga & Mindfulness

Thanks to its dreamy tropical location and strong connection to the sea, Sayulita is not only the perfect place to surf – it’s also amazing for yoga lovers! Travelers looking for an experience that’ll bring them closer to nature will be happy in Sayulita, with its simple and effective yoga shalas and great instructors!

Two places stole my heart for this Sayulita travel guide:

Paraíso Yoga

When I was visiting Sayulita, many of my mornings began with a relaxing yoga session in this open-air spot. The vibe and design of this place directly put you into the yoga mood and helps you find your inner harmony! The place has multiple instructors with different practice styles. There are courses available for varying levels of expertise. Paraíso Yoga also offers Pilates, private sessions and even massages!

Sayulita Travel Guide
Paraiso yoga

Moon Shala

Moon Shala is located at the heart of Sayulita, as part of the small Aurinko Bungalows hotel complex, this shala might be a bit different than what exercise-focused yogis are used to: it’s far more focused on the spiritual side of this Eastern practice. In fact, it’s where I tried my first ever meditation class! 

3. Shopping, Shopping & Shopping

There are plenty of little boutiques and markets in the city center, perfect to take home a small piece of art from Sayulita. The local designer shops are fantastic and all filled with romantic and bohemian fashion and jewelry.

Sayulita Travel Guide
One of many cute boutiques

4. Surfing & SUP

If you want to explore the area, an excursion in Punta Mita, a nearby village beloved by visitors, is a good choice.

Surfing is an essential part of any Sayulita travel guide! This town has held a special place in surfers’ hearts for decades, and local businesses are well aware of it. You can find numerous surfboard and gear renting shops in the Sayulita and Punta Mita areas.

Sayulita Travel Guide
The early bird…

Standup paddle boarding! If you’re looking for a new perspective on riding waves, the guys at Stand Up Sayulita will gear you up for the ride. They also offer an awesome excursion and adventure tour and we had a lovely private tour with them!

There are different options for aquatic sports aficionados, from fishing trips to diving and even whale watching.

Sayulita is a place that will stay in your heart for a long time, a place I could easily go back to over and over again! We hope you enjoy this colorful little gem as much as we did!

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