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After numerous work trips to the Thai capital, it’s turned into one of my favorite cities, and there are many small luxury hotels in Bangkok. That makes it no surprise that the Akyra Thonglor Bangkok has become my home away from home and a fantastic boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok. Read all about my favorite among small luxury hotels in Bangkok, plus the grand Oriental Residence!

 Small Luxury Hotels in Bangkok

1. Akyra Thonglor Bangkok – My No 1 Bangkok Hotel!

Up until recently, the Akyra Thonglor Bangkok was part of the Japanese hotel chain Pan Pacific. It also happened to be more of a small business hotel than an actual boutique one. By my latest visit, the location had undergone some major changes. Some of these changes included new management, some renovations, and a name change, and it’s now a true  boutique hotel. It is a quiet the oasis: a small boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok with a perfect location, beyond the tourists!

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Akyra Is Best Hotel In Bangkok
Hello Akyra, Hello Bangkok!

Overall Review of Akyra Thonglor Bangkok

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5

2. Room & Other Facilities: 4

3. Food & Drinks : 3

4. Service: 5

5. Location: 5

Design & Boutique Feeling of this Boutique Hotel Thonglor Bangkok 

The design of this boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok, Akyra Thonglor Bangkok, is well thought-out, with a very contemporary approach that matches Bangkok’s vibe and skyline to perfection!

Thailand’s growing hotel chain, Akyra, recently acquired these facilities and turned the building into a boutique experience, as opposed to its previous business-friendly focus.

The stylish lobby at Akyra Thonglor Bangkok
The stylish lobby. Love the luxury vibe!

In all, this place is growing to be a much more interesting experience: a real boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok! The service is excellent and the staff is amiable and eager to help but what I like the most is the peaceful and relaxed vibe. Akyra Thonglor Bangkok is a small hotel which makes it the perfect nest to relax after busy days and long nights out in vibrant Bangkok. 

The rooftop at Akyra Thonglor - A boutique hotel in Bangkok
My favorite spot – The rooftop!

Room & Other Facilities

There’s an exciting focus here on this boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok in creating wide and comfortable spaces. This focus is evident in each of the available rooms, which mostly resemble suites. Aside from the actual bedroom, the rooms also include a kitchenette and living room – during the Pan Pacific management, these were serviced suites.

If you get the chance, stay at one of the rooms with balconies. That way you’ll get the full experience and see why Akyra Thonglor Bangkok is one of my favorite boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok.

The hotel room at Akyra Thonglor Hotel
Love waking up to this view in this cute room!

The bathrooms of Akyra Thonglor Bangkok underwent a massive refurbishing, and they’re now far more luxurious. I particularly loved the marble-focused design and details of this boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok.

Regarding the rest of the facilities, the new management also recently added a cool new lounge, which combines trendy and cozy really well.

Luxury and colorful design at Akyra thonglor Bangkok
Luxury and colorful design!

Still, the jewel of the Akyra Thonglor Bangkok is its rooftop! Although not the highest or biggest one around (it’s on an 11th floor, which is somewhat low for Bangkok standards), it still offers a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline… This is all topped with a gorgeous infinity pool that “falls” into the many Bangkok skyscrapers. A must for any boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok. 

Akyra Thonglor rooftop - one of the best boutique hotels in Bangkok
Could sit here forever… watch the sun rise & Bangkok come to life!

Since this boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok is not that big, the rooftop area is never too crowded. This makes it the perfect spot to chill during the afternoon. There’s only one downside to this magical spot: due to its location, it only receives direct sunlight until about noon, so if you want to get a tan, you better get up early.

The rooftop pool at Akyra Thonglor - a boutique hotel in Bangkok
Hello Bangkok!

Food & Drinks

While the food is adequate, the food at this boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok doesn’t match up to the rich flavors of the famous Thai cuisine. It falls flat in comparison to the great restaurants around.

In short, you can get much better food by stepping out of the Akyra Thonglor Bangkok and walking around the neighborhood. See my Bangkok Restaurant Review for all my favorite Bangkok eateries. 

best hotels in Bangkok
Brunch time at Roast


The staff was sweet and professional, as you would expect from any boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok. It’s very much in tune with the general service-minding Thai experience.

The hotel room at Akyra Thonglor
Can I please stay in bed all day:)!


It’s in the hip and trendy Thonglor neighborhood, which is pretty perfect. Bars, restaurants and great massage joints surround the Akyra Thonglor Bangkok.  My very favorite massage salon is across the street from the hotel. Even better, some of the most delicious eateries I’ve tried in Bangkok, such as Badmotel and Roast, are a walking distance.

Thonglor is a vibrant area and one you probably wouldn’t visit if you only depended on tourist guides for your trip. The crowd, which is a mix of locals and Japanese expats and tourists. The area surrounding this boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok is young and full of life, constantly hopping between bars and nightclubs.

best hotels in Bangkok
The cool community mall – The Commons

Other cool spots in Thonglor include The Commons, a community hangout/mall that’s filled with cool places to hang out in and shop; the spectacular Marriott Octave rooftop and, if you want to explore rest of Bangkok, the Skytrain is just a 15 min walk away.

Bangkok sunset from the best rooftop for a late afternoon drink - Octave!
Bangkok sunset from the best rooftop for a late afternoon drink – Octave!

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2. The Oriental Residence – A Gem of Small Luxury Hotels in Bangkok

There are plenty of small luxury hotels in Bangkok, and the Akyra Thonglor Bangkok is clearly the closest to my heart. However, it’s not the only prime boutique experience in this thriving Asian capital! The Oriental Residence is another favorite of mine. Maybe not a hotel in the category, boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok, due to its  size with its  145 luxury apartments and location. Still I love the design and personal touch of this, making it a top choice among small luxury hotels in Bangkok.

The lobby of Oriental Residence Bangkok
Loved the design of the lobby!

Entering the lobby you are coming into an interior magazine with a bright and pastel color palette mixed with Asian and even some British touch. This is also a true oasis in bustling Bangkok and the service is spot on. Professional but still with a personal touch .  The rooms are big and with a truly luxurious feel. Loved our huge marble bathroom and the truly cozy bed.

The bed at Oriental Residence Bangkok
Good Morning Bangkok!

The Oriental Residence has also a great gym and a rooftop with a great lounge area and even though not located in my favourite Thonglor area, the location is great. Just 5 minutes walk from the main shopping malls as well as the Lumpini par.

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Room & Other Facilities: 4
  3. Food & Drinks: 3
  4. Service: 5
  5. Location: 4

Read all about my days at Bangkok’s expat palace, the Oriental Residence, in my full HOTEL REVIEW!

The rooftop at Oriental Residence Bangkok
I always find my way to the rooftop….

 Two More Small Luxury Hotels in Bangkok, or?

Well, maybe the following two are not small but they are for sure luxury. I have never stayed at any of them but  I always visit them both when in Bangkok, so see my review below.

3. So Sofitel Bangkok – An Urban Innovative Lifestyle Spot

This is a place I return to every time when in Bangkkok. I love the chill and hip lounge roof top – Hi-So.  Creative drinks, great service and perfect view over Bangkok skyline and the Lumpini park. So Sofitel Bangkok might not be a small luxury hotel but still it is a truly hip and modern place built on the five elements and with a true lifestyle feel. The design is innovative and the atmosphere trendy. Here you will find not only one of my favourite rooftop but also restaurants and tones of inspiration.

The Hi-So Rooftop at So Sofitel Bangkok
A chill & hip Bangkok spot high up in the sky!

As I have not stayed here I can not evaluate the rooms but they look a bit more business like but with some design elements and with the must have Bangkok view. It is for sure not a hotel in the category of boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok but still the location is good close to the Lumpini park, shopping and some of THE BEST ROOFTOPS IN TOWN.

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Room & Other Facilities: NA
  3. Food & Drinks: 4
  4. Service: 4
  5. Location: 4

4. Mandarin Oriental – The Palace for a True Royal Thai Experience

Take me down to the river…. This is where you find the traditional Mandarin Oriental hotel or rather palace. So no, not a small luxury hotel in Bangkok this time either but luxury it is. More than anywhere else.

The river by Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
My favorite oasis in Bangkok

I love coming here for a lunch, dinner or drink by the river. A luxury and peaceful oasis with the river in front. Also a perfect sunset spot, if you want to take a break from the rooftops.

The Mandarin Oriental screams luxury.  Not my type of place as it is a bit too big but still I have to admit, I get impressed every time I enter the Asian inspired lobby. A royal thai experience as its best and tells you a bit of the luxury to be found in this country.

There are many pools, bars and restaurants to be found here and I really like that they built it in different sections to make it more intimate as well as the lush surrounding. Location? Once again not in the category of boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok  but it is located by the river close to many of the temples and Bangkok attractions. Outside this palace is a different world. The contrasts are just huge….

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 3 (the design is gorgeous but still not the hip and trendy that I love)
  2. Room & Other Facilities: NA
  3. Food & Drinks: 4
  4. Service: 4
  5. Location: 4

Booking Support & Input

Bangkok is one of my favourite cities and it almost feels like a second home to me.  My love for boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok and small luxury hotels in Bangkok is incomparable.

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