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Time for another fashion guest post from @swedishyogagirl! This time regarding the best summer work outfits & summer office looks! Enjoy!

Its so easy to dress for work and office in the fall and spring time, but what about summer. I find it hard to dress professional but still not too hot, too short, too transparent etc☺ So here are my best summer work outfits that will keep you stylish and fresh.

Summer Work Outfits No 1: My Favorite One

Long light skirt and a top, this is for sure my favorite outfit for summer days at work. There are millions of opportunities to mix here but two of my favorites are below!

The first one I have worn a few times this summer.  A light but long red skirt in the trendy pattern of flowers, with a white simple top. You feel dressed but can manage the hot sun. I tend to go for the hair up in a bun during summer, to keep it fresh all day. Skirt and cross-over bag from @otherstories and top from @hm

The second one is a bit more business but still with a summer feel to it! Love the skirt with the flounces from Gestuz and the transparent shirt from @otherstories !

A floral or dotted pattern is definitely something i like to add to my summer office looks.
No summer without some floral or dotted pattern, right?

Summer Office Looks No 2: The Black Favorite

Since my favorite color Is black of course I use that as well in summer, but be aware, black makes it even more hot so stay in the shadow☺. Here is a skirt with flounces from @getuz that are tight on the top but then loosens up below so still quite airy, combined with a very light and soft blouse from @filippak that I just tied in the waist to get a more feminine silhouette.  

Summer Work Outfits No 3: For the Colder Days

Well it is not hot every day during summer, at least not in Sweden. For the slightly colder days I like to wear a pair of jeans and a shirt with a twist. Love the shirt brand @sleekatelier, crispy white to contrast your tan and stay fresh, with that extra flounce detail to make you stand out and just like that – you feel dressed for success☺! Pair it with washed out jeans from @zara

One of my favorite summer office looks dressed in jeans and a cool white shirt
For the colder summer days, a shirt and jeans is always fitting.

Summer Office Looks No 4: The Perfect Summer Dress

All summer trends fit into this dress. The saturated green color, the wrapping in the wait and the flounces – all in one. This dress will highlight your curves in a nice way, you stay cool when its hot (due to the light fabric) and in a dress like this you will feel feminine yet seriously dressed – so fit for office!

Add a tight jeans jacket to go with it when in the evening, it gets a bit more chilly. The jeans jacket by the way, is a real must have, can really be paired with any outfit the whole summer and will follow you into the fall as well. Dress from @samsoesamsoe and jacket from @lee.

Dressed in my green dress on my balcony - one of my favorite summer office looks
My favorite green dress for summer workdays!


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