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Summer Vacation Style with @Swedishyogagirl

Fashion time again and this time about the best summer outfits and the perfect summer vacation style.  The first guest post on the blog from the fashionista that inspires me the most in terms of fashion, design and beauty. My best friend Jenny and the Instagram yoga expert @swedishyogagirl! Jenny is working within the beauty industry but  has a huge passion for yoga and fashion.  We met five years ago and has since travel the world and have had so much fun together. Enjoy all inspiration below! Want to check out my other Travel In Style Posts? Then click here!

Party at Mykonos with my best friend
Jenny & I on one of our trips to Mykonos!

The Must Have Summer Vacation Style

Time to plan your vacation for this fall or winter or just want to continue enjoying this summer? Then I have six must have summer vacation style outfits that you need to pack or continue to use the rest of the summer. Perfect  to be a fashionista on the beach, in the city, for a dinner or an evening out.

One of the best things with summer is the sun and warmer temperatures  that comes with it. That means airy and soft clothes, lighter and more natural fabrics, transparency, looser fit that makes your body feel free, more bare skin and shoes that make your feet breathe. I try to put my black wardrobe on the side and instead bring out some color. It feels less scary in summer☺ and on the upside your skin will get that extra glow and you will for sure stand out in a crowd as you should!

Outfit no 1: The Summer Vacation Style For The Cityista

For days in the city just strolling around I always tend to go back to a pair of jeans shorts or skirt and a white loose top. Fabrics that let your body breathe but you still feel a bit dressed. And to jeans, you can match whatever color, I like white though, since I think it’s a wonderful color in summertime (I tend to go more black in fall…). And to dress it up a bit more, put on some stylish sandals, a classic bag and a pair of big show-off sunnies. 

Must have outfit for summer in the cities. Simple but chic!
Skirt from @otherstories, underwear from @samsosamso, top from @Hm and sunnies from @ralphlauren

The photos above are taken in Puro Beach in Palma de Mallorca, one of our favorite Summer destinations. Read all my Palma de Mallorca here!

Outfit no 2: For Lazy Days at the Beach 

For your summer vacation style for the beach, you definitely need a light and transparent slip-on, preferably in white to enhance your tan and to match any color you want to add. Love this sheer crocheted tunic that I bought in Tulum last year. Works well with just a bikini under or with a pair of jeans shorts, you don’t need anything else, and the best, it does not ever have a wrinkle?. Check out my Tulum Travel Guide here!

must have summer outfits for the best summer vacation style on the beach
Crocheted tunic is something special

Outfit no 3: For the Stylish Paradista

Another piece that is a must have for the summer vacation style  for the  beach is the wrap kimono.  This one from @andotherstories in a coral color that really makes you stand out and make your sun kissed skin shine even brighter. You don’t need much else. Its easy to pack, takes no space, not too hot but still a bit dressed. It works to dress down with bikini and flip flops on the beach and for a lazy lunch, but also to dress up with a pair of open heels and then you just wrap it tighter and put on a lovely bra in lace to show off. 

Dreaming about strolling down the beach of Mykonos like Jenny? Read all about this gem here!

Outfit no 4: For A Chic Dinner Out

Dinner time! I have a lot of tops with spaghetti straps in my closet, for sure I like those the best. They are light and airy, shows a bit of skin, leaves room for a big necklace or earrings or in this case – a big wavy hair. They are also so easy to dress up and down, works both with a pair of jeans, shorts or like this, to an evening skirt in light chiffon with a high slit. A must among my favorite summer outfits.

Many of my skirts are black, so it makes it easy to add color on top to increase the summer feeling. To this outfit I also chose glittery open sandals to shine extra bright for dinner with my best friend @lindavoltaire

Summer Outfit for a dinner out in the city, for a perfect summer vacation style
Skirt from @hunky-dory, top from @otherstoires and shoes bought in Marbella from @lolacruz

Outfit no 5:  For a Glamorous Cocktail Night 

Wrap skirts and dresses as well as flounce has really been a trend this summer. Love it! Gives that extra twist to your outfit, shows off your curves and flows nicely when you walk. Also the top can be quite simple since the skirt is the highlight. These pieces also manages to be packed in a bag without showing, the flounces hides the wrinkles and the black top hangs itself out. So no iron needed and another must among the summer outfits. 

Must have outfit for a glamourous night out
Skirt from @hm and top from @otherstories

Outfit no 6: For the Stylish All Night Girl!

What about the hot evenings and summer parties? What should be your summer vacation style? My favorite summer outfits for evenings are for sure a dress. Preferably  in a stand out color, since, lets be honest, bright colors do look best to tanned skin. I prefer it not too tight but with some twist so its still feel special. This magic piece is from @samsosamso and on my feet I wore something neat and simple with gold straps and the same for the bag. The dress speaks for itself! A classy dress with a low back is definitely one of my must have summer outfits.


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