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The Endless Possibilities of Sydney Hotels!

The largest city of Oceania has a lot to offer, with plenty of charming Sydney hotels to choose from. This vibrant Australian city has so much to offer, and where to stay in Sydney became a challenge. Sydney offers so many incredible options for design and boutique hotel lovers! When deciding where to stay in Sydney, all you have to do is pick your favorite area and price level. There are options of Sydney hotels for every budget and taste. Read more about our lovely lodging by the Tasman Sea, the Harbour Rocks Hotel!

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Me a sunny day in sydney with the Harbour bridge and opera house in the background

Hello Sydney! What a lovely welcome!

The Harbour Rocks Hotel: The Overall Experience

The Harbour Rocks Hotel is part of the MGallery hotels by Sofitel and having stayed with some of them the last months, I must say I love this concept of unique design hotels, all with a different story to tell. The star among Sydney hotels, the Harbour Rocks was not an exception.  A true boutique star among. Sydney hotels. Being nestled in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sydney, it has a fantastic mix of a strong historical heritage and contemporary design elements, all with a very cozy and homey feel! Add to that the perfect location and great service and I can easily claim that this is a gem among Sydney hotels! Read my full review below.

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  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Room & Other Facilities: 4
  3. Food & Drinks: 3 (the restaurant was under rebuilding)
  4. Service: 4
  5. Location: 5
this is the lounge room at the harbour rocks hotel, if you are planning where to stay in sydney i can recommend this place.
How cozy does this lounge area look? A cup of coffee and a book for a break.

Design & Boutique Feeling: 

Harbour Rocks might be one of the biggest design stars among Sydney hotels! As soon as you reach the door, you feel the love and care behind this place. The castle-like façade is the first point of wonder, and it just gets better!

are you planning where to stay in sydney, this is a review of the harbour rocks hotel
This place has a rough and industrial design but with a lot of cozy lights

The entrance, with wooden flooring, feels like walking into a ship, with its big steel door. Once you’re in, the sense of coziness is overwhelming, with a lobby that feels like an old library. The carefully curated brick walls are from another time, as are the cozy carpets and steel stairs. In brown and dark colors, you feel like you’re entering a Boston Victorian home but still you are in a gem among Sydney hotels.

lounge at the harbour rocks hotel, one of all sydney hotels
If you’re looking through Sydney hotels I can highly recommend this one.

If the design is a deciding factor when you’re choosing where to stay in Sydney, Harbour Rocks Hotel is perfect for you. Although palatial-like, this place feels like a small boutique hotel, mixing a little industrial and rough design. I also fell in love with the earthy palette from the get-go!

Room & Other Facilities

When we were choosing where to stay in Sydney, we went for the Heritage Superior Room. I can recommend it! Following the outside design, the room was also beautiful and cozy. Its design was super cool, with brick walls painted in dark grey, with touches of orange and yellow.

our room at the harbour rocks hotel, one of all hotels in sydney
We got the most comfortable and cozy room

The room was generally really comfortable and set a high standard for us on Sydney hotels. We had two big windows and a cozy bed, with lovely and hipster-modern furniture. Boutique hotels can often have tiny rooms, but it wasn’t the case here, as it was spacious and relatively big. 

the bathroom at the harbour rocks hotel, one of the sydney hotels i can recommend
Classic white bathroom

The downside? The bathroom was unimpressive, in a standard white design with some minor more upscale details. But except for this we loved our Heritage room!

Food & Drinks

If what you’re looking for when choosing hotels is fine dining, this might not be it. When we stayed here,  the hotel’s main restaurant was getting redone so we never tried the food. However, there was an okay continental breakfast at the lobby. There is also a small cozy bar at the hotel – Eric’s bar. 

Crepes for breakfast!
Crepes for breakfast!

However, the best food are just to be found around the corner of this gem among Sydney hotels. First of all, the Harbor Rocks hotel has its in-house crepes place. Creperie Suzette, next door though part of the complex, was lovely. The food was delicious and the ambiance, lovely. This French-inspired place combined well with the hotel’s darker palette, though more beige. It’s also very Instagrammable, which might tilt your scales of where to stay in Sydney!

Creperie Suzette - the cute place next door to the Harbour Rocks hotel - a gem among Sydney hotels
Creperie Suzette – the cute place next door!

The Rocks is a bustling area full of restaurants so you will not have any problem finding places to eat. We had a fantastic dinner at The Pony Dining The Rocks. A hip eatery with delicious food and wine and  chill night at the Endeavour Tap Rooms. A bit more upscale pub with good tapas and relaxed vibe. For more restaurants in the Rocks check out the top 10 list of Cultural trip here.

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The service here was great: amiable, friendly and professional. We expect nothing less of Sydney hotels, as Aussies are very welcoming people. Whichever place you choose where to stay in Sydney, you will feel the staff cares in Sydney hotels! However, I missed a bit of the personal touch to get a full score here.

An iconic Sydney photo point, the Harbour bridge, just 10 minutes walk from the hotel!
An iconic Sydney photo point, just 10 minutes walk from the hotel!


One of the highlights of this gem among Sydney hotels! This heritage building is on The Rocks, a very hip and trendy area in Sydney. It’s nestled on the edge of the Harbour and surrounded by the Harbour Bridge and the iconic Sydney Opera House. A unique mix of old and new, it’s a little hipster heaven!

The rocks from the famous Harbour bridge side!
The rocks from the famous Harbour bridge side!

The Rocks is a super cool area and perfect for those trying to find where to stay in Sydney hotels. It’s full of beautiful Victorian buildings, plus boutiques selling everything from local design to organic food. The Rocks neighborhood is cool, trendy and full of cute restaurants and great pubs to enjoy the local nightlife. Plus, the Harbour Rocks Hotel is a walking distance from all major Sydney attractions. Not a bad location at all for Sydney hotels! If here during the weekend, do not miss the weekend market with lovely local design and a lovely food truck market!

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