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Sydney, our first encounter with the world down under. So far away but still we felt so at home. The nature, the closeness to the water, the design, the lifestyle. All felt a bit like in Sweden but with a much warmer, sunnier and relaxed twist. Sydney turned out to be such photogenic city and we could hardly put our camera down. So this time I will show you my favorite Sydney Instagram spots and the best photo spots in Sydney! I hope you enjoy Sydney’s top photography spots!

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Sydney Instagram spots: Bondi beach sydney

Sydney, let’s go! Time show off your beauty! Get your camera ready!

1. The Opera House – The Clear No 1 among Sydney’s top photography spots  

When looking for the best photo spots in Sydney and the best Sydney Instagram spots, the first that comes to your mind is probably the Opera House. It is for sure one of Sydney’s top photography spots !

The Sydney Opera house from the Harbor bridge side - one of Sydney's top photography spots
Hello Sydney! The Opera house from the Harbor bridge side

Located just next to the busy Circular Quays there are many ways and angels to capture this beauty. My favorite Sydney Opera House photo was from the Harbor Bridge side to see this beauty from a distance.  Head to the other side and shoot some photos from stairs in front. Just wake up early as this is one of the most popular Sydney Instagram spots and probably the number one among Sydney’s top photography spots.

Sydney Instagram spots: The Sydney Opera House
A closer look at the opera house from the stairs in front. Luckily without any people

If you like my boyfriend, Fredrik, are into night photography, bring your tripod and capture this masterpiece also by night!

Sydney Instagram spots: The Sydney opera house by night
The most beautiful sight at night!

Why not learn more about the history and stories behind this beauty in a one hour tour? BOOK IT HERE! 

If you are up for a more fancy experience I would strongly recommend the VIP TOUR with the West Side Story and dinner. An unforgettable evening!

2. The Grounds Alexandria – One of the Cutest Sydney Instagram Spots

If you like hip eateries with good food and Instagram worthy design, then you have to head out to The Grounds in Alexandria. A short ride from downtown but it is for sure worth it if you are after the best Sydney Instagram Spots.

This entire place is built to be Instagram perfect with a beautifully designed café, colorful cute stands selling various things, flower shops and last but not least the famous fountain. One of Sydney’s top photography spots ? Well,  it all depends on what you like to capture!

Maybe the most pretty among Sydney Instagram spots @the Grounds in Alexandria
Maybe the most pretty Sydney Instagram spot @the Grounds

Make sure to come early, meaning 8 am if you want some Sydney photos without the crowd. This place will for sure add some color to your collection of best photo spots in Sydney and the food is truly delicious & healthy! Perfect spot for brekkie and lunch!

Sydney Instagram spots: Fruit time @ the Grounds Alexandria. A pathway full of these cute stands!
Fruit time @ the Grounds Alexandria. A pathway full of these cute stands!

Thank you @love.christina.xo for taking me here! If you have not checked out her Instagram account yet, you have to do it. She is one of the most inspirational Australian Instagramer and has lots of amazing photos from some of the best photo spots in Sydney and my favorite Sydney Instagram spots!

For more incredible and truly local experiences, why not book this tour of Local Markets, Food, Art and Charming Neighbourhoods?

Sydney Instagram spots: A pumpkin stand at the grounds in Alexandria Sydney
Finally got my pumpkin shot:)!

3. The Harbor Bridge – A Giant among the Best Photo Spots in Sydney

The harbor bridge is a giant. Built in steel and carrying both cars, trains and pedestrians, it is a key landmark of Sydney. Walk over to the Opera House side and capture some epic Sydney photos to your collection of the best photo spots in Sydney. Also a perfect Sydney Instagram spot.

If you are a bit more daring you can also climb this bridge and I am sure the views from the top are just majestic and so will the photos be. Probably the no 1 among Sydney’s top photography spots if you like city view photos! Are you ready for the climb? THEN BOOK IT HERE!

The harbour bridge in Sydney - one of sydney's top photography spots
How beautiful you are from a distance, from the opera house side!

4. The Rocks – A Historical Spot where the Past and Present Collide!

We stayed in the Rocks area and this turned out to be a perfect choice. Not only due to its location close to all Sydney attractions but also due to the vibe, the hip eateries, the artisan street market and the soul and history you could feel in this place.

The huge brick buildings are heaven for your Sydney pictures. This is also the place to capture some street photos to your collection of the best photo spots in Sydney and Sydney’s top photography spots.

Check out this 90-minute walking tour of The Rocks!

The Hip & Historical Rocks area from the famous Harbor Bridge!
A picture perfect spot of the hip & historical rocks area and a piece of the Famous Harbour Bridge.

Opposite to our boutique hotel, THE HARBOUR ROCKS HOTEL,  I found this cute pink house. Isn’t it adorable? Being a pink lover this for sure one of my favorite photos in my Sydney Instagram spots collection  and the collection of best photo spots in Sydney.

The cutest of Sydney Instagram spots in the Rocks area in Sydney
Pink vibes is a must for a pink girl like me:)!

5. The Harbour Rocks Hotel – The Hip Industrial Sydney Stay & Gem of Sydney Instagram Spots

Let’s keep on exploring the Rocks area. Here you will not only find the Museum of Contemporary art, full of inspiration and creativity but also one of Sydney’s best boutique hotels – THE HARBOUR ROCKS HOTEL. We stayed here for three nights and really enjoyed this small design gem. A personal feel, a mix of old and new with industrial design mixed with the old features of this building.

The lobby at the Harbour Rocks Hotel, Sydney
Loved the cosy & hip lounge …

Go inside and find another star among Sydney Instagram Spots. Being a boutique hotel lover, I could not put the camera down and this hotel has for sure a place in my collection of Sydney’s top photography spots.

Read all about our stay and this Sydney boutique hotel in my FULL  REVIEW. And if you fell in love with this luxurious gem, you can book your stay HERE!

6. Creperie Suzette – The Cutest Café in The Rocks!

It is  not only in the Grounds you can snap some amazing Sydney Instagram spots photos. Sydney is full of hip eateries and cafes, not only good for your photo collection but also serving delicious food. Organic, locally sourced and the latest health trends, be sure to find them all in Sydney!

Loved our next door Creperie Suzette! Delicious crepes in a cute setting with French vibes!

A tasty brekkie at our neighbor Creperie Suzette in Sydney
A tasty brekkie at our neighbour Creperie Suzette!

7.  Concrete Jungle – An Picture Perfect Hip Eatery among Sydney Instagram Spots!

Another great Insta perfect hip eatery was the Concrete Jungle, located in a cute street in down town with healthy and tasty breakfast! Loved the decor and interior making it one of the best photo spots in Sydney and the food as you can see was delicious too! If you like toast with smashed avocado, healthy smoothies and juices Sydney  has it all covered for you!

Get to know the great restaurants only true Sydney foodies know about in this wonderful Secret Food Tour!

8. The Beautiful Botanical Garden – One of Sydney’s Top Photography Spots!

Sydney is a green city full of parks. We walked all the way from the hip Surry Hills area through Hyde Park down to the edge of the Botanical Garden. A two hours walk full of beautiful sights and surrounded by greenery!

One of many Sydney Instagram spots of Sydney skyline from the botanical garden!
The perfect Sydney Instagram spot of the skyline from the botanical garden!

The Botanical Garden itself is full of Sydney Instagram spots and a must in your collection of the best photo spots in Sydney. Beautiful flowers and greeneries for nature lover and a great view of the skyline are just a few to be mentioned. Loved all of these Sydney’s top photography spots.

A well needed rest at the Botanical Garden in Sydney
A well needed rest at the Botanical Garden!

At Mrs Macquaries Chair you can take some great Sydney Instagram spots shots with the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor bridge in the background. This is also a perfect sunset spot.

Nature lovers will definitely get a kick out of this fun National Park and Aboriginal Explorer Tour + Cruise!

A Sydney shot from the botanical garden of the two landmarks the Sydney opera house and the Harbor bridge
My guy with a magic view from the botanical garden!
The Harbour Bridge Sydney - one of the best photo spots in Sydney
Pure Happiness & Sydney Mood!

9.  Purple Heaven – If You Are Lucky!

If you are lucky, or plan well, you are in Sydney when the Jacarandas trees are blooming (end November/beginning December). Then you will have some magic  purple Sydney pictures to bring home to your collection of the best photo spots in Sydney and your Instagram will blossom! Maybe not ha permanent one of Sydney’s top photography spots but a gorgeous seasonal one or rather ones, as you can find them all over the city!

Purple Heaven in a small street crossing the Oxford St in Sydney
We found a purple wonderland just around the corner from the big Oxford St

10. Manly Beach – Time For some Beach Vibe to your Sydney Instagram Spots Collection!

Sydney has more than 100 beaches – one more thing that makes it a paradise to live in.

We first got our feet in the sand at Manly beach. Only a 30 minutes boat ride and you leave the big city life behind, all to enter a chill beach town where the problems are few. Make sure to add some skyline Sydney pictures from the boat ride to your collection of the best photo spots in Sydney.

A Sydney shot from our boat ride to Many Beach!
A Sydney shot from our boat ride to Many Beach!

Enjoy some time at the beach and take some great beach shots with the surfers in the background. One of the best photo spots in Sydney? Well, I guess it depends if you want some beach vibes in your Sydney Instagram Spots collection. Being a beach lover, this is for sure memories I will return to over and over again!

If you do not want to go to Manly by yourself there are lots of tours here. What about A HALF DAY CRUISE WITH LUNCH?  Or A SNORKELLING TOUR IN MANLY & SHELLY BEACH? Maybe you will snap some photos to your collection of Sydney’s top photography spots this day!

One of many Sydney pictures of Manly beach
Hello beach! How I have missed you!

11. Bondi Beach – The Surfers Paradise Full of Sydney Instagram Spots

Bondi, we are finally here!!!

When in Sydney, you have to experience the Bondi vibe.  Everything here,  breathes surfing and beach life. The beach is also the place where you can shoot some really cool Sydney Instagram spots shots and photos to your best photo spots in Sydney collection.

One thing that I would have loved to do but that we never got time for was A TOUR TO THE BLUE MOUNTAINS. Perfect to combine with Manly or Bondi!

The famous Bondi beach in Sydney - one of the best photography spots in Sydney
Bondi you literally took me by storm….

Some snaps with surfers in action is a must. The waves looks so cool… still I prefer the beach! But maybe  time for you to try out the surf yourself? Check out this course with a TWO HOURS SESSION FOR BEGINNERS? Some personal surfer photos to your hollection of Sydney’s top photography spots would  be cool!

Surfer life at Bondi Beach!
Surfer life at Bondi Beach!

12. The Bondi Ice Bergs Pool – An Icon of Sydney Instagram Spots

A photo with the famous Icebergs pool is a must and why not have a swim or a lunch at this iconic spot? No wonder this place is on top of many lists of Sydney’s top photography spots.

The iconic Icebergs Pool at Bondi Beach
The famous one…

13. Bondi Insta Worthy Food & Cafés

Bondi is also full of Sydney Instagram spots in the form of hip eateries and cafes. What about this breakfast at Speedos Café. Called Insta porn…. rightly so or?

For foodies, check out my most popular restaurant review of the Coolest Hipster Restaurants in Moscow!

Instagram porn and breakfast heaven at Speedo Cafe in Bondi
Instagram porn and breakfast heaven at Speedo Cafe in Bondi

14. Boho Chic Bondi Stays & Airbnbs

If you are a boutique and design hotel & Airbnb lover like me, then check in at one of the many boho chic Airbnbs in Bondi and get the camera going! Loved our cute apartment. For sure another of the Sydney Instagram spots with its boho-chic interior. For more beautiful lodgings of all types in Sydney, head to BOOKING.COM!

Our boho chic Airbnb at Bondi Beach Australia
Our boho chic Airbnb…
Our Bondi Beach Airbnb
…with a very cozy bedroom!

15. Bondi to Coogee: First Stop – Tamarama Beach

If in Bondi for more than a day doing the walk along the coastal line to Coogee is a must, or at least to Bronte. The landscape and viewpoints are many and gorgeous. Here you will find some of Sydney’s top photography spots.

One of my favorite photos from our walk to Coegee. Fred dreaming away with Bronte in the background!
One of my favorite photos from our walk to Coogee. Fred dreaming away with Bronte in the background!

White sandy beaches, curly waves and the rough sea, rock formations, the wind in your hair. Perfection for Sydney Instagram spots and your collection of best photo spots in Sydney. The first beach to reach is Tamarama beach. A small but nature perfect one!

A morning shot of the small but gorgeous Tamarama Bech!
A morning shot of the small but gorgeous Tamarama Bech!

Make sure to start early if you want some privacy along this beautiful walk. The walk is said to take 2-3 hours return but plan double as you will stop and take photos every 10 meters or so. There are so many Sydney Instagram spots along the way!

Wild and free at Tamarama beach!
Wild and free at Tamarama beach!

16. Bondi to Coogee: 2nd Stop – Bronte Beach & Pool

Next stop is Bronte. Grab a breakfast at one of the many cute cafés here. A photo stop at the famous rock pool is a must, not only for your Instagram but also for a nice swim!

Sydney Instagram spots: The Bronte rock pool in Sydney
The Bronte Rock Pool – Could stay here forever watching the wild ocean hit the rocks!

Take a photo with the popular Sydney Instagram Spots angle. A photo you will find on many lists of Sydney’s top photography spots. 

Fall even further in love with Sydney’s beautiful beaches on this Bondi Beach Coastal Headland Walk Tour!

The bronte rock pool in Sydney - an epic one among Sydney Instagram spots
Same pool but from another perspective

17.  Beyond Bronte towards Coogee

Continue the walk and be prepared for weather change. We started in sun and ended up in rain. However, still beautiful. Just a bit more dramatic. The graveyard with the perfect location and the many stunning viewpoints will make you stop along the way. Another addition to your Sydney Instagram spots and the best photo spots in Sydney collection.

Up for a tour, the check out this HALF DAY EXCURSION TO BONDI & WATSON BEACH!

Sydney Instagram spots: The view along the walk from Bondi to Coogee
15 minutes later and a totally different view and weather!

Travel with a Silver Lining Beyond Sydney’s Top Photography Spots

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Sydney is a fantastic travel destination. One of my favourite cities in the world but I loved all places we visited in Australia during our 2 months’ travels here.

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