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My Iguazu Falls Trip Guide

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the meeting point of the two largest countries in South America, Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazú Falls are among the 7 Natural  Wonders of the World, with good reason: the landscape, the power, it’s all one of a kind. In this Iguazu travel guide, you’ll find the highlights to our incredible Iguazu Falls trip! This is a majestic place composed of a series of different-sized waterfalls, the largest of which is larger than Niagara. Because of its location in the jungle, it’s also a spot to really connect with nature and even feel small at the immensity of the world surrounding us. There are also many fantastic views where you can take some truly breathtaking pictures – and so many things to see in Iguazu. This is very much a destination for those craving a little adventure, and it’s far more rustic than many of…