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Top 7 Trendy Restaurants in Sydney!

The most populous and cosmopolitan city in Australia, Sydney has something to offer in every arena. It’s fun, exciting, it has an enviable cultural offering – and its foodie scene is one of the most vibrant in the world. Trendy restaurants Sydney of all sorts abound all over the city, and with just a bit of research, anyone can find something to fit their taste. Much is talked about Melbourne’s foodie scene but the cool places to eat in Sydney have so much to offer! Stylish eateries are everywhere, with international flavours, Aussie steakhouses and so much more. There’s also an interesting focus on design, with an endless number of fun concepts. More and more, you’ll find vegetarian and vegan options, much like in Sweden. As is the rule in Australia, the service in Sydney restaurants is outstanding, very professional and friendly.  For even more amazing flavours in Sydney, check…