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My Favorite Boutique Hotel in Baku!

While we usually do some boutique hotel “shopping” during our trips, it wasn’t the case in the Azeri capital. Still, we got a glimpse of the best hotels in Baku through one major accommodation in the city. Our boutique hotel in Baku, the Intourist Hotel Baku, was so much more than we expected! We went for a chain hotel instead of a boutique hotel in Baku, and were pleasantly surprised by the service and experience. Enjoy my Intourist Hote Bakul review below! You want to read more about my Baku experience – have a look at my Baku – The Perfect Weekend Escape post! All i think about when i arrive at the airport is that i want to be at the hotel as soon as possible. IF YOU’RE LIKE ME THEN BOOK THIS PRIVATE TRANSFER TO YOUR HOTEL. Get Your Guide also offers a lot of good tours if…