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Best Restaurants in Baku: Top 5 Eats in Azerbaijan’s Capital!

 Azerbaijan has a unique privilege: out of 11 known climates on Earth, the country has 9! That means Azeri cuisine is very rich and full of all kinds of ingredients. You can imagine how amazing it is to visit the best restaurants in Baku! And what makes it even better is the wide variety of places  where to eat in Baku. Want to read more about Baku. Have a look at my post Baku – the Perfect Weekend Escape! Food, city vibes and amazing views, make sure you discover it all when you’re in Baku. For the best tours check out Get Your Guide TOURS IN BAKU HERE. I always use them as they are great and so easy to book online! 1. Chinar – One of the Best Restaurants in Baku  1. Food: 5 2. Drinks: 4 3. Atmosphere: 5 4. Design: 5 5. Service: 4 A trendy Asian fusion…