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8 Reasons for adding Baku to Your Must See Cities!

Even though it’s the largest city in the Caucasus, the Azerbaijan capital isn’t a common tourist destination. On one hand, that means many miss out on the many things to do in Baku. On the other, visitors can be filled with wonder by entering a surprising city like no other, as the best places to visit in Baku aren’t full of tourists. Enjoy this Baku travel guide! The Azeri capital is many things at a time. It’s undoubtedly European, but it also has a long history with the Middle East. It’s an ancient city, but you can also clearly see the modern side of Azerbaijan as an oil-rich country. You can really feel the Russian and Turkish influences here, including the heavy bargaining at the bazars. The best places to visit in Baku reflect this lovely and complex feel. I would definitely recommend to do a little planning before going…