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Rio Travel Guide: 10 Things to Do in Rio for an Unforgettable Trip!

Once the capital of Brazil and still its most famous city, Rio de Janeiro is the ultimate beach destination. Its large Atlantic coast includes one of the best-known beaches in the world: Ipanema. But dipping your toe in the ocean is only one of many things to do in Rio! In this Rio travel guide you will hotels, restaurants, and the most amazing activities. This vibrant city is known for many things, like its wild nightlife and carnival. The vibe is colorful, the people are pleasant and beautiful… there are so many faces to this city. Every Rio travel guide will say it’s a city of contrasts, and that’s as accurate as it gets. You can easily become entranced with Rio de Janeiro’s beachy lifestyle, but favelas are always around the corner. These slums are so big, they’re actually cities within the city, with wildly different living conditions. Touristic Rio…