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My 2 Favorite Boutique Hotels in Havana!

Before the Revolution, Cuba was a paradise of luxury and gambling – in fact, Las Vegas is modeled after Havana. Most of the early 20th century best hotels in Havana, which made Cuba into a party island, are now gone. These days, a boutique hotel Havana means once-great lodgings refurbished after the fall of the Soviet Union. Some other luxury accommodations have repurposed aristocracy mansions from the ’30s. Read more about them in my Havana hotel review!  Best Hotels in Havana The quality of local lodgings is subpar, so, review in advance. One great way to experience Cuba is staying at a family home, or Casa Particular. We didn’t go for this option in Havana, but had a great time this way in Vinales. A fantastic way to experience the local Cuban life but make sure to use trustable agencies here so you find a good place for your stay.…