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My Favorite Restaurants in Havana!

The Best Places to Eat in Havana While Havana is well-known for its flavors, finding the best restaurants in Havana is no easy feat. It requires research to discover the best places to eat in Havana, finding good food away from tourists. Although historic, you might want to avoid the Ernest Hemingway bars, Floridita and Bodeguita del Medio when looking for the best food in Havana Cuba. Sure, they were the place where the Nobel author had his daiquiris and mojitos, but they’re always full of tourists! We just had a drink at Floridita to get some feel of the vibe and to tick this off our list but you can do without – it’s hardly among the best restaurants in Havana. Here are what I think are the best places to eat in Havana! The Best Restaurants in Havana Casa Miglis 1. Food: 4 2. Drinks: 4 3. Atmosphere: 5…